15 ways to make money online


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15 ways to make money online

  1. 1. 15 ways to make money online Mohamed Anan Internet Entrepreneur Originally posted in http://valuestartup.com
  2. 2.  How to make money online? Is one of the most asked question in the internet world. Surrounded by a lot of hype, myths and misinformation. This post would illustrate 15 legitimate ways to make money online. After creating your profitable online business idea, choosing the right domain name for your business, building your wordpress website and equipping it with the best wordpress plugins. It‟s time to explore the different online money making strategies. People dream to start an online business for different reasons. Some want to become the next internet millionaire, some want to create passive income to aid in their living by working as an online marketer as a part time job and maybe enjoy the luxury of firing their boss. But everyone is mutually interested in making money! And unfortunately the internet is filled with myths, scams and misinformation that made people think that starting a successful online business and making money online is not for everybody. But this is not true. I am one of countless internet entrepreneurs who are enjoying this luxury and lifestyle. You can too. so I have illustrated 15 different ways to earn money online weather as a full time or a part time job. It‟s NOT a get rich quick scheme, it‟s like everything in life. The more effort and dedication you put it, the merrier the rewards. Trust me. There is no get rich quick program. There is no forex super bot to win lucrative deals for you. There is no perfect product in a perfect market where money is thrown randomly everywhere. Stop dreaming and start working.
  3. 3. Make Money Online By Selling aPhysical Product I remember when I tried selling mobile phones online “lucrative market by the way” The cost was too high. Buying lots of mobile phones in a wholesale price, leasing a warehouse, and shipping products each day to meet the deadlines. It was a nightmare. The profit margins were not that attractive comparing with the kind of effort spent. So being the productivity freak of nature that I am. I researched for a solution! I have found something called Drop-shipping. Basically they are warehouses owners who gets the orders through you and takes the responsibility to deliver the product on time. That was an awesome discovery! But I have gone through dozens of Drop-Shippers till one of them replied and accepted to do business with me. Being a small merchant they thought I was not really worth their time.
  4. 4.  Problem was that the Drop-Shipper was totally reckless! They didn‟t stick to the schedules and always delivered the products late. Sometimes several days late. Sometime a lot of mobile phones delivered with scratches due to improper storing and transportations! So my refund rates went sky high! No matter how much I tried. They never offered a proper explanation! Spent Months suffering till I found the world largest database of authentic and reliable Drop-Shippers. World Wide Brands They saw a need and capitalized on it. They spent years contacting, interviewing, testing and screening wholesalers in countless industries and countries. They made my life and a lot of people lives easier -I talked about that when creating a profitable online business idea, Remember? Hopefully. With a very low fee, their full database will be at your service. Every drop-shipper is authentic, tested and interviewed for you. They are ready to do business and committed to deliver on time and without a scratch. Or they would be removed from the World Wide Brands Database which is bringing them a huge amount of business. If you have a knowledge of a certain product line. Then this profitable online business model is the right choice for you to start making money online. How to Start? Get a proper hosting plan and a free domain name from bluehost Build a wordpress website with Genesis framework to enhance your security -you don‟t want to get hacked. It‟s painful- and SEO. They provide a wide range of beautifully designed themes. You can always add some functionalities or edit the appearance by hiring a cheap and a professional web developer via Odesk Register with World Wide Brands. Brows their categories and choose the wholesaler you like. Everyone is good and tested and want business. Contact them and understand how to send the orders to them. Then request a catalogue. Upload pictures and descriptions to your website, promote it -as we would discuss in the following posts- and start earning.
  5. 5. Make Money Online By Selling aDigital Product Audio learning programs. Books and Ebooks. Ebooks has a 40 Billion Dollars market and it‟s growing rapidly each year. As more people are preferring the comfort of browsing endless numbers of Ebooks, Pay and download them instantly. You can create your own Ebook and sell it. Or you can be an affiliate for an Ebook that you really like to spread the benefit. So, What about software? Clearly. It became an essential part of our lives. From our laptops, smart phones, PCs and even cars! There are software all over the place. The creativity and technology are moving rapidly. Exploring what was impossible in the past. And easing the way to simplify the hardest tasks to be reachable within a click of a button. If you are a programmer. There is no better time for you. Unleash your creativity. Create something never done before, Fill a current need, make people‟s lives easier and more productive Or simply take the best software and make it better. The sky is truly the limit regarding technology. If you are not a programmer and you have a good sense of industry defining software and technology. Be an affiliate! Seriously this is as good as being a programmer. Build a website and a community around a certain software set. Provide useful content, insights and support. How to start? Get the host and the free domain, build a website based on the powerful Genesis framework and it‟s beautiful themes. Choose the software you would like to promote. Sign up for an affiliate account. Get your links and start working.
  6. 6. Make Money Online By Selling YourServices Are you the go to expert in a certain topic? Do you have an above average level of professionalism regarding a certain technology, system or business model? If yes. Then this IS your GOLD. 15 Way s to Make Money Online www.valuestartup.com 2012 Build a website and provide your BEST CONTENT, some case studies and testimonials. And ex customers if applicable. Check my hire me page to get an idea of how to construct yours.
  7. 7. Make Money Online By AffiliateMarketing have mentioned being an affiliate in a couple of points above. It‟s really easy as you don‟t have to go through the hardships of creating an ebook or coding a software or even providing a service. All you have to do is to sell good services and products. Pick a niche, search around and ask for recommendations to narrow your scoop. Choose something and try it out yourself. Become an expert in that subject or software to support your community and whoever buys through your affiliate links. Being a supper affiliate is not easy. It requires work and dedication to build a solid audience base. And some communication skills to recommend each product for them and going deep explaining it‟s worth and benefits. You may consider adding an incentive for whoever buy from your link. You may create a downloadable guide that you send to whoever buy from your affiliate link. Or some tips and tricks to enhance the customer experience. Or some advanced tactics. Or a better way to use a 15 Way s to Make Money Online www.valuestartup.com 2012 feature, a certain hack maybe. And You may add some personal coaching for that service or product. There are many ways to add an incentive. Research your product and think thoroughly how you can add even more value to this already awesome product.
  8. 8. Make Money Online By CPANetworks This is an advanced form of affiliate marketing. Where you send traffic to a landing page to do a certain action. Ex. register for a free trial or get a free sample or simply signing for an email newsletter. The payment per action is low (About 0.2 : 1 USD per action) considering affiliate payments. But it‟s easier. Much easier. Who doesn‟t want a free sample or a free trail of something? People enjoy anything free. So what is really attractive in the CPA business model while it‟s offering such low profits? As I said, it‟s an advanced form of affiliate marketing. When an online marketer is controlling a huge email list and a wide audience in a certain niche. He can send them to the landing page to do the required action and getting paid a decent amount of money. 15 Way s to Make Money Online www.valuestartup.com 2012 There is of-course other ways to drive traffic to the CPA offer. By using Search Engine Ads. Targeting a very specific keyword so people would click on the ad and go to the CPA offer which hopefully would be attractive enough for them to sign up. The problem is that you must have a wide experience of Google Ads. To successfully pick the right keywords to send the right people to the CPA offer. Picking the wrong keyword would cost you a lot of money unless you evaluate the situation and change it to the second keyword in the queue. It‟s the fine art of knowing your niche so well that you know for sure what people type in the search engine when they are looking to BUY. Hence this is why it‟s called “buying keywords” Another difference between CPA networks and Affiliate networks is that CPA networks are much harder to join. Unlike Affiliate networks where you just sign up and write down your info. CPA networks will require you to fill an application, then some will schedule a phone or Skype interview with you to assess your expertise and how can you be an added value to the network. Tackle the CPA world when you are really good in Google Ad and/ or serving a wide audience
  9. 9. Make Money Online By DisplayingAds When mentioning the Ad-Driven online business model people automatically imagine building a website packed with Google Ads Advertising spots. You get paid when your website visitors click on one of the ads. Some niche websites are earning a good income using Google Adsense business model. But I think the effort spent far exceeds the income potential! The maximum amount I‟ve ever heard of was 2000 USD per month/ Website. But this was not an ordinary website. It was none other than Pat Flynn„s famous Security Guard Training which is setting comfortably in the number one spot in Google Search. Even Pat saw the dangers around relying on Google Adsense as the primary source of income. So now he is on a mission to diversify his earnings by building a true authority site. The better alternative for Google Ads business model. Is selling Ads space in your website. Simply build a real powerhouse authority website in your niche. Drive lots of traffic and enjoy a good Alexa Rank. And advertisers would contact you asking for Ad Space. If you want faster results you can always research possible advertisers in your niche and contact them via email. Maybe ask for a meeting or a Skype meeting to further illustrate your value for them.
  10. 10.  If you are in the fitness niche. You can consider supplements companies a very potential advertise. Fitness machines, home training systems, Video training systems, Ebooks, Fat loss products, Healthy Herbs, Healthy Restaurants and Cafes, Personal trainers and Gyms. All of them would be more than happy to listen to you and potentially make some business. But before attempting to contact them. Make sure it‟s a relative niche and write down your website statistics Ex. Unique and recurring visitors, page views, Aexa Rank, Email list … etc to prove that you are the best choice in that niche. Yaro Starak is the best example of the proper usage of this business model -among many- Advertiser fight for a chance to be in his famous blog. By the way Ads takes a huge part in Facebook, LinkedIn and Google business model. Google revenues are by BILLIONS due to his immense popularity. If you have an idea that would engage a big customer base, then the ad driven online business model would be very lucrative way to you to earn money online.
  11. 11. Make Money Online By Developing aUnique Software This is the Era of programmers! and technical minded businessmen who can spot a trend or a need and hire the best programmers to build a unique software to capitalize on this need. Put your creativity to work and build something extraordinary. SEOmoz owns the best SEO platform in the website Majestic SEO built the world most integrated back-link database. Mint owns the first true financial management solution for individuals and corporates.
  12. 12. Make Money Online Selling SmartPhone Applications Smart phones applications specially Iphone and Android are BOOMING! And they will continue to grow for years to come. The App Store is accessible via any smart phone where users can download free and premium applications instantly on their phones. You can brainstorm a unique and interesting idea for that niche. Then post a job at Odesk and the highly proficient programmers would code it for you. 15 Way s to Make Money Online www.valuestartup.com 2012 I will cover this online business model more thoroughly in future posts. But as best practises you should have an interesting, fun and simple idea for this niche market. Post a job in Odesk or Elance and hire a programmer to code it for you. Don‟t offer too much info while posting the job to guard your idea. Generally Programmers don‟t have a good imagination. So be sure to draw on paper how would you like your application to look like. And list the features precisely to properly communicate it with the coder. You generally want to start with a simple application to get used to the market place. You have three business models regarding Selling smart phone applications to earn income online. First you develop a free application and earn a revenue by advertising! Your application would be downloaded much more when it‟s free -people like free stuff remember- So you can get a good advertising revenue from this strategy. Secondly you can develop a premium application and earn passive income online when customers download your application. It‟s not that easy and require some online marketing to spread the message. Thirdly you can use the Free-mium business model and this is one of my favourites. You offer a free version of your application as well as a paid version -or both in the same software and the client can choose which one to run- As people love to try things before buying this could be highly profitable and successful when selling smart phone applications. You can use the Free-mium model differently by offering 14 days -or whatever- trail period. If the customer enjoyed your application he will very likely purchase the premium one.
  13. 13. Make Money Online By WebsiteFlipping As you can see in the image above. People builds website and sell them. Brand new website get sold based on their beauty, functionalities and design. Established website get sold based on their Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Traffic and profitability. If you are a talented web developer! You can build dozens of websites and sell them in flippa. It would be a numbers game. If you are a businessman. You can build a website and grow it for a year or two to reach respectable numbers in ranking and traffic then sell it for a much bigger sum of money.
  14. 14. Make Money Online By DomainFlipping Who said that all the good domain names are taken? Look at mine -ehem hopefully- Seriously if you have the patience to go brainstorm catchy domains names. Then go for it. Buy it and park it. 15 Way s to Make Money Online www.valuestartup.com 2012 There are many domain parking services where you can park your domain then put it in an auction! Who knows maybe you got a winner on your hand.
  15. 15. Make Money Online As a Freelancer How many times I‟ve mentioned using Odesk to outsource your technical and development needs? A lot I think. If you have a technical, graphical, design expertise. Or good at copy-writing, proofreading, translation, photography or a good assistant. I assure you, there is someone searching for you. Sign up for Odesk, Elance or Freelancer. Write down your expertise and upload a portfolio of your work -if available- and keep any eye on the daily offers in the market place. Hundreds of jobs are posted daily in these websites. You can have all the work you need and earn a good living too.
  16. 16. Make Money Online By Selling YourBook Amazon marketplace is the largest and most trusted book store available today. sign up for a free account in Createspace it‟s an amazon service to self publish your book by request. Write your book, sign up for Create space and promote your book in as many channels as possible. Every time a customer purchase your book. An order is sent to Create Space, they will print your book and deliver it to you. Best thing is that they don‟t require exclusivity contract by any kind. So If a big publishing house noticed your book and want to publish it. You can stop your Create Space Account and start working with the publisher right away.
  17. 17. Make Money Online By Webinars Gone are the days of expensive seminars in a fancy hotel. Now you can hold a fully booked webinar where everybody is enjoying the comfort of their homes! Use a good webinar system. A free one but ad driven is Anymeeting So you can set up your webinar for free! Choose a topic, build an authority website and when you reach the desirable level of audience. Announce your Webinar and invite everyone to join. At 17 USD it would be much less than any Seminar available. Make sure to always deliver great content so they would be happy to attend your next webinar.
  18. 18. Make Money Online By TakingSurveys Use with extreme caution. 99% of these programs are nothing but a scam. Every now and then you can find an authentic one. 15 Way s to Make Money Online www.valuestartup.com 2012 Unfortunately the service I always recommended shut down. So do your own research carefully and always ask for official papers and documents.
  19. 19.  That was by far the longest post I‟ve ever written. I was determined to leave nothing on the table. I have listed everything I know on how to make money online. Do you know other ways to make money online that I didn‟t list here? If you enjoyed this post please share and comment. Till next time, -Mohamed