Driving Sales, Engagement & ROI with Text Messaging


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Driving Sales, Engagement & ROI with Rich Media Mobile Messaging - complete with statistics and case studies that will blow your mind.

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  • Sources: Messaging: 33% of U.S. mobile customers said they preferred their offers by text message over the mobile Web (21%), apps (11%) and voice mail (8%) Source: Consumers Prefer SMS for Mobile Promotions, Mobile Marketing Daily, http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/165346/consumers-prefer-sms-for-mobile-promotions.html?edition=41996  193 billion SMS and MMS (short message service/multimedia message service) messages in a single month. CTIA, U.S. Wireless Quick Facts, Year End Figures (December 2011) (http://www.ctia.org/advocacy/index.cfm/AID/10323 retrieved 07/01/12) Mobile web: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/177598/55-of-cell-users-access-mobile-web.html App: 26% of consumers use a downloaded App once before abandoning it (Source: Localytics 26% of Mobile Application Users are Fickle or Loyal http://www.localytics.com/blog/2011/26percent-of-mobile-app-users-are-either-fickle-or-loyal/) QR Code: More than 75% of US consumers have never used a QR code, http://2d-code.co.uk/qr-code-usage-demographic/ Only 4% of consumers prefer to shop via an app (Source: eMarketer: Browsers Beat Out Apps for M-Commerce http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?id=1008792&R=1008792 January 24, 2012)
  • Source: http://gigaom.com/2011/02/06/best-practices-for-maximizing-mobile-app-revenue/
  • When looking at mobile budget allocation, Charlotte Russe notes it is not expensive to use SMS/MM especially compared to ROI Charlotte Russe chose SMS/MMS because it was the number one tool used by their customers Charlotte Russe uses a mix of SMS and MMS. They see an average of 3x the redemption rate with MMS vs SMS When comparing text marketing and QR codes, Charlotte Russe saw a 10x increase in opt-ins to their SMS/MMS program than QR code scans.
  • Source: http://practicalanalytics.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/omni-channel-retail-analytics-a-big-data-use-case/
  • Driving Sales, Engagement & ROI with Text Messaging

    1. 1. Driving Sales, Engagement & ROI with RichMedia Mobile messagingAugust 9, 11:00 AM PT – 12:00 PM PTMMA Educational Series Sponsored by:
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda•Why is mobile important for retailers?•What goals can be achieved through mobile marketing?•Why should you use MMS and SMS as a core component ofyour mobile marketing?•Charlotte Russe Case Study•5 key takeaways to achieving better results from yourmobile marketing efforts Let everyone know you’re joining in on this webinar! #MMAWeb
    3. 3. Today’s Speakers Let everyone know you’re joining in on this webinar! #MMAWeb
    4. 4. Questions & Answers Questions? You can ask them 3 different ways! -Text WEBINAR + your question to 51515 -Type in the webinar chat box -Tweet using hashtag: #MMAWeb Msg & data rates may apply.
    5. 5. Meet James Citron,CEO & Co-founder of Mogreet3 Fun Facts about James:-Newlywed who used MMS to invite his guests to his wedding andcreated his wedding photo album with photos texted in by guests-Member of MMA Consumer Best Practices Committee & MobileVideo Committee-Sent his 1st text message using an Ericsson R250 in 1997Get in touch! Text JAMES to 21534Msg & data charges may apply Tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    6. 6. Meet Paul Hollowell,Director of Marketing, Charlotte Russe3 Fun Facts about Paul:-Has had the same mobile number since his first mobile phone(even after living in 5 different area codes!)-Texts over 50 times a day, but comes no where near using 250minutes of calls a month-Started working as a Holiday season sales associate at Macy’s,and has been in retail ever since
    7. 7. Retailers’ Integrated Marketing Channel Mix Retail Marketing Touch Points Where do you allocate your marketing budget? Text WEBINAR + your answer to 51515 or tweet #MMAWeb
    8. 8. What Retailers Want In-Store Online Mobile SiteTraffic Traffic/Sales Traffic/Sales Brand EngagementDatabase Growth Social Sharing/BuzzLoyalty Club/CRM App Downloads Cross Promotions Tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    9. 9. Using Mobile Messaging to DriveConsumers through the Purchase Funnel ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars builds brand awareness and drives tune-ins with Mogreet MMS by sending weekly call-to-action messages to their database Charlotte Russe’s “Mystery Date” campaign used interactive MMS programming to drive interaction between fans and brand while driving in-store sales Jack In The Box’s Jumbo Deal campaign drives engagement & in-store sales by delivering MMS coupons to their mobile database FOX’s GLEE integrates Mogreet’s ‘Social Poster’ feature in all messages sent to the mobile subscribers to drive word of mouth advocacy by their most loyal fan base Bloomingdale’s encourages shoppers to text into to sign up for their Loyallist Loyalty rewards club to receive exclusive offers and they can re-message their subscribers based on promotions and offers. Text LOYALLIST to 51515What’s the most important piece? Tweet your to see the campaign! answer to #MMAWeb Msg & data rates may apply.
    10. 10. Mobile Marketing Landscape “33% of U.S. mobile customers said they preferred their offers by text message over the mobile web (21%), apps (11%) and voice mail (8%) ” Mobile Marketing Tactics Messaging •98% of U.S. mobile users can receive (SMS/MMS) Mobile Messaging (SMS/MMS) Web •55% of U.S. mobile users access the mobile web •26% of users have downloaded and used an app 1 time before deleting it •15% of U.S. mobile users have scanned a QR code Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    11. 11. SMS/MMS vs Mobile Marketing Channels Mobile Elements SMS MMS QR Apps Web Audience Reach 98% 98% 51% 51% 51% Able to feature No Yes Yes Yes Yes multimediaAve. clickthrough 3% 10% .5% Varies 3.6% rate (CTR) Requires a No No No Yes Yes downloadNeed Wi-Fi/data to Yes No Yes Yes Yes view rich content Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    12. 12. Why Mobile Messaging? *Source: The Nielsen Company. 2012; **Source: The Nielsen Company, 2011 Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    13. 13. Fundamentals: SMS and MMS Defined SMS See MMS Live! Text GLEE to 94444 Msg & data rates may apply. Video, images, audio, 160 characters of text thousands of text characters – Link to additional content – Link to social sharing, mobile – ~20% of text reserved for web, purchase pages legal copy Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    14. 14. Why Multimedia over Plain TextSMS? A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words Visitors who view product (Dr. James McQuivey, Omnivideo, Jan. videos are 2009) 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer, April 2010) Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text (3M Corporation) 67% of customers value the quality of a product imagemore than the textual descriptions Mobile video messages have or reviews. 300% more engagement (MDG Blog, May 2012) than SMS only campaigns (Mogreet, 2011) Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    15. 15. Wake Up Question! What is the most important success marketing metric for your business? A1: More social media “likes” and responses B1: Growing a database of loyal consumers C1: Brand and consumer engagement D1: Website and offline traffic and sales Example:Let us know what you think and unlock an exclusive Text A1 to 51515mobile tip! Msg & data rates • Tweet your answer with #MMAWeb may apply • Text keyword of your answer to 51515 Msg & data rates may apply. Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    16. 16. 5 Steps of a Successful MMS Campaign Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    17. 17. Ways to Integrate Messaging Campaignsvia Earned, Owned, and Paid Media Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    18. 18. How Charlotte Russe Drives Sales andEngagement with MMS Marketing• Why MMS? • Demographic fit • High engagement rates = high ROI• How MMS fits within the marketing tool kit• Tactical implementation – Promotional strategies – Store personnel adoption Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    19. 19. Case Study: Strategy & Objectivs Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    20. 20. Case Study: Results Key Campaign Takeaways Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    21. 21. Get started with your MMS Marketing today!Here are 5 Things to do and NOT to do: Tweet your Do’s and Don’ts for mobile marketing using #MMAWeb
    22. 22. Looking Ahead: What’s Next in MMS Marketing Increased use of video 3 out of 5 consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase (Invodo) 360 Mobile Integration Retailers are adding mobile sharing tools to websites to drive product sharing, wish lists, in-store and mobile web traffic and purchase Multi-channel data integration to drive sales/re-marketing Today’s shopper expects consistent experiences across retail touch points. Integrated data provides customized programming, driving results (PractialAnalytics) Text WEBINAR + your questions to 51515 or tweet your thoughts using #MMAWeb
    23. 23. Conclusion – Key Takeaways What is the biggest benefit in implementing MMS into a company’s marketing mix? James Citron Mogreet Why should retailers and marketers start their holiday mobile marketing strategies today? Paul Hollowell Charlotte Russe Join the twitter discussion using #MMAWeb
    24. 24. Q&A Questions? You can ask them 3 different ways! -Type into the webinar chat box -Text WEBINAR + your question to 51515 -Tweet using hashtag: #MMAWeb
    25. 25. Learn More•Email Mogreet for a copy of our latest whitepaper and an archive of this presentation:webinar@mogreet.com•Visit us at http://www.Mogreet.com Sign up for the MMA SmartBrief:•Learn more at our blog http://blog.mogreet.com www.smartbrief.com/mma•Download the MMAwhitepaperhttp://www.mmaglobal.com/resources•Get a Free Analysis of Your Mobile Program:Email anthony.ward@mogreet.com•Text MMS to 51515 for an MMS demo Search for partners or get listed at the Msg & data rates may apply Mobile Marketing Industry Directory: www.mobilemarketingindustrydirectory.com
    26. 26. Upcoming Events & Programs• Advertising Week Mobile Summit & Global Expo – New York (Oct 2-3)• The SMARTIES – New York (October 3)• MMA LATAM Forum - Miami (November 28 – 29)• MMA Webinar Series (ongoing)Visit www.mmaglobal.com/events for more details on future events and webinars Planning for 2012, contact Michael Becker at northamerica@mmagobal.com to get involved
    27. 27. Thank you for participating!