Aziz bhatti shaheed hospital


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Aziz bhatti shaheed hospital

  1. 1. Aziz Bhatti Shaheed HospitalIntroduction:The DHQ Hospital Gujrat was established in 1963 and renamed in 1966 as Aziz Bhatti ShaheedDHQ Hospital, Gujrat. It is not only catering to the health care needs of local people, but also ofthe people of neighboring districts and towns such as Bhimber, Mandi Bahauddin andWazirabad. This hospital is also providing routine care services to the prisoners of District Jail,Gujrat. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council have recognized the hospital for house-jobtraining. The hospital currently has the departments of Emergency, ENT, Gynecology, Medicine,Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Surgery, Pediatrics, TB/Chest Cardiology and Urology.Its Target Population is 3 Million and it has bed capacity of 400. Total area of hospital is 27Acres. The availability of Medicines was satisfactory in Emergency. The availability ofMedicines was satisfactory in Emergency Department. Blood Transfusion Services andFunctional Equipment including Oxygen Cylinder with regulator and sucker was also available.Facility of online consultation “Tele Medicine” under the Federal Government Program “HealthNet Tele Medicine” is available in Hospital Gujrat where opportunity of online consultation todiscuss any health problem, was available with Senior Doctors of Mayo Hospital Lahore, Holy
  2. 2. Family Hospital, Rawalpindi and Jinnah Post Graduate Medical College (JPMC), Karachi. Dr.Waqar Un Nisa was performing duties as Focal Person in this unit along with Mr. Zafar IqbalSystem Operator from Federal Information Technology Department. Now this hospital is alsoaffiliated with Nawaz Sharif medical college Gujrat . There is security cameras & availability ofpolice if needed. Students are doing medical practice in different departments here . Quarters arealso given for some doctors and nurses. Internal EnvironmentDepartmentsTotal departments in hospital are round about 22Some are as follows Department of Medicine Department of Surgery Department of Enthalpy Department of Cardiology Department of X Ray or CT Scan Department of Ethnology Department of Anesthesia Department of Gynecology Department of Urology Department of Dermatology Department of T.B Chest Department of Orthopedic Surgery Department of Eye Department of Physiotherapy Department of Dialysis Doctors & ManagementMore than 100 doctors are working in this hospitalDr Ashraf Children SpecialistDr Alam EnthalpyDr Farooq DentistDr Azhar Chaudhary Skin Specialist
  3. 3. Dr Captian Abbas Medical SpecialFirst MS of this hospital Dr M A Qayuum MalikSecond Dr Muhammad Ali KhanThird Naseer Ahmad QureshiFourth Akhtar Aleem HashmiFifth Muhammad Ali KhanCurrent MS Dr Tahir NaveedDeputy Medical Superintendent of this hospital are Dr Safdar Awan and Dr Mehmood ulHassanTotal nurses 98Operation theaters 4Associate professor of surgery Dr Abid BashirAssistant professor of surgery Dr Maqsood ZahidAssociate professor of pathology Dr Shahid AmeenAssistant professor of x ray Dr Muhammad RafiPrincipal medical officer (PMO) Dr Muhammad Nawaz CheemaExecutive district office Dr Khalid Faiz External Environment Task Environment General Environment Task EnvironmentCompetitorsGujrat HospitalCity HospitalDoctor HospitalAyesha Hospital
  4. 4. General EnvironmentCultureAziz Bhatti Hospital is transformed into responsive, participative organizations capable of newpractices that produce improved results in both quality of care and service at reduced costs.Focus on quality management along with changes in clinical practices, as well as the care andsupport processes, are all a part of it.TechnologyMedical technology is constantly changing and affecting hospital activity in various ways.Diseases and related health problems that are untreatable at one point in time can become curablenow. Recent years have witnessed the development of improved methods of diagnostic imaging,new pharmaceuticals and significant advances in surgery.Economical ForcesThere are many reasons why hospitals are facing economical difficulties and considering closingdown. This hospital have no funds provided by Government of Pakistan. This hospital issurviving by self arrangements. Following are major hurdles High cost of hospital resources: updated equipment, training and labor Poor patients Increasing or changing the quality of services provided The End