Your Copy is Your User Experience


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Your Copy is Your User Experience

  1. 1. 1© Modus Associates, LLC www.modusassociates.comYour Copy Is Your User ExperienceSo why are so many brands neglecting theirs?What if you could quickly improve your search rankings, increase userengagement and conversion, and make a positive impact on brand perception– all without redesigning your websites or investing in new technology?You can, today, with better copy.Copy: The overlooked edgeThink about your last major web initiative. Look at the time devoted to design,then look at the time devoted to copy, and note the difference. For mostorganizations, the writing of web content remains an afterthought, even ontheir most mission-critical initiatives. Yet for the majority of visitors to yourwebsites, the copy is the user experience.Your own organization might be guilty if…• You routinely insert “lorem ipsum” text during the design process, then take it on faith that someone will addmeaning later through your CMS.• Your existing copy remains unaltered for years while new technology is deployed and designs are revisedover and over again.• You spend more time talking about your CMS than you do about what’s in it. And you spend more money onit, too.• You outsource copy writing to someone who doesn’t know your organization well, or you hand it off at thelast minute to an unfortunate colleague who already has too much on her plate.The financial consequences of this neglect can be substantial. Pictures might grab people’s attention, but onlycopy can hold it and convert.The business impact of great copyThe business benefits of great copy are well-known:• Improved search rankings. Search engine algorithms may change over time, but message relevanceremains the most effective way to move up the rankings. The shortest path to higher rankings is not an SEOconsultant, therefore, but excellent content.A smart investmentin content cansubstantially impactyour organization’simage, competitiveness,profitability andmarket value.”“”MODUS ASSOCIATES : POINT OF VIEW
  2. 2. 2© Modus Associates, LLC• Increased customer engagement and influence. With the recent proliferation of social channels, blogs, andother new platforms, we have more ways to communicate and less of people’s attention than ever before. In thisenvironment, only superior content has the power to captivate an increasingly distracted and demanding consumer.• Higher conversion rates. No matter how brilliant a website’s design, no matter how elegant its navigation,sooner or later your visitors will decide whether to take action because of something they read.• More positive brand perception. An effective investment in content can substantially impact your organization’simage, competitiveness, profitability and even market value. It’s a wonder so many firms let it slide.How you can improveIf your organization is a copy laggard, here are some measures to consider:First, know your audiences.This is the golden rule of successful communication, yet many organizations know surprisingly little about theneeds and desires of their target audiences.Put it in the plan.Don’t let copy be an afterthought. Build it into your project plans from the beginning, staff for it and makesomeone accountable for it.Put someone in charge.In this age of content, where every organization is a publisher, we all need someone who is responsible forthe quality and consistency of our content. Consider hiring a full-time content editor to lead and manage yourwebsites, social networks, thought leadership, blogs and other forms of engagement. The role of an editor isnot to write all of your web content, but rather to provide strategic direction and ensure quality across theorganization.Put your CMS in perspective.Buying a new content management system won’t solve most of your content challenges, but a greatcontent strategy and content will. And that strategy will help you to buy the right CMS to support it,because you will understand your needs.#1#2#3#4
  3. 3. 3© Modus Associates, LLC www.modusassociates.comStart small and win over the skeptics.When it comes to copy, it’s surprisingly easy to start small and prove ROI. Start with just one page and do somemultivariate testing as an experiment. Share the results and build gradually from there.ConclusionAs business leaders, we are frequently so busy looking for the next big thing that we overlook the easy winsthat are right under our noses. If your web presence is going to hit all the right notes, your copy should be justas well-crafted as your strategy, design and code.About Modus AssociatesModus Associates is a digital innovation consultancy founded to help global brands and visionary start-ups more fully harness thebusiness potential of the digital age, where customers rule, connectivity is everywhere, and creating value for profit and social impact isthe name of the game. Clients include Comcast, NYSE Euronext, Cleveland Clinic, Coldwell Banker, NBC Universal, U.S. Architect of theCapitol and ADP, Inc.Modus Associates37 West 20th Street, Suite 304New York, NY 10011Tel: 212-255-6768Fax: