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Single Film Pitch
The Heist

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Single film powerpoint

  1. 1. TAKE<br />Productions<br />My company is named Take Action Productions because it creates a general understanding that are films will be revolved around a narrative of an action genre film.<br />
  2. 2. The genre that I have chosen for my film is action, the codes and conventions of my film are listed under these categories.<br />Props:<br />-Guns<br />-Explosions<br />-Cars<br />-Body Armour<br />(in some films)<br />Setting:<br />-Urban<br />(mostly common, City)<br />Themes:<br />-Danger<br />-Revenge<br />-Terrorism<br />-Espionage<br />-Desperation<br />-Time<br />Characters:<br />-Protagonist<br />-Antagonist<br />-Support<br />-Damsel in distress<br />
  3. 3. Film NarrativeEquilibrium<br />2 cops (detective Phillips and detective Lawrence) profession lies within a secret unit which specializes itself in double agency, when trouble is present e.g. they find out by their Intel that a drug deal is present, these two officers conceal themselves as the villains in order to blend in. They then would bust the criminals and put them behind bars. One cop indulges the cop lifestyle however one of them is eager to get out to live a prosperous life with his wife and new baby he is going to have. The agency is safe and secure.<br />
  4. 4. Film Narrative Disruption and recognition<br />Criminals are planning a large scale plot<br /> The hosts of the large scale operation are introduced. Pentagon Eradication is clearly shown to the audience as the target, the cops find out about this information from there Intel source, a friend (support, David Krumkoltz). They then attend the scene in order to stop the plot.<br />
  5. 5. Film Narrative Attempt to repair disruption<br /> The cops attempt to stop the criminals pinning them down to an old warehouse were they have civilians held at in captivity. The cops bust the criminals and one cop finds a love interest for one of the girls (damsel in Distress) from the help of their new friend and their supporting characters information they realize that it is bigger than they once believed, their cop organisation had gone corrupt and some individuals were in on this plot to eradicate the pentagon, the cops finally bust them with the help of the supporting characters.<br />
  6. 6. Stars<br />Protagonist includes Will Smith and Samuel L Jackson<br /> I have chosen Samuel L Jackson to be my other protagonist (detective Lawrence)because he plays quite a serious however comedic role in his films, this comedic element used in the film will work well with my target audience (15). His exquisite performance in Pulp Fiction (1994) gave him an Oscar and since then he has proven to be quite the action archive in films such as the long kiss goodnight (1996) and Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995). <br />I have chosen Will Smith to be my key character (detective Phillips) because he has shown on various occasions that he works well in any role that is given to him, he also plays protagonist characters in most of the films he is in. He also has a similar role in Bad Boys (1995) were he is featured as a cop, I have taken this information and utilized it.<br />
  7. 7. Stars<br />The key Antagonist will be played by Alan Rickman, the damsel in distress by Kerry Washington and the Support, David Krumkoltz<br />I have chosen Alan Rickman as my antagonist because of he's amazing acting.<br />I took a keen eye in his character “Shape” in Harry Potter. This sinister, devious <br />like character is the type of character I would like to use in this film. He has also <br />been the antagonist in other action films such as Die Hard. He performed <br />his role as the leader of a terrorist group. This role Is similar to the character I am <br />trying to capture. The leader of an organisation.<br />I have chosen David Krumkoltz for the supporting character because he <br />has experience in witty fun films. He has played roles in crude hilarious <br />films Such as Harold and Kumar as well as playing a role in family films <br />such as Santa Clause. The way he can play many different characters in <br />a variety of films and pull it off is astonishing.<br />I have chosen Kerry Washington because she is a good looking actress who <br />in her past has been in apart of countless films including the brilliance <br />Fantastic four and the last King of Scotland. I also chose her because I <br />believe she will fit the role perfectly.<br />
  8. 8. Director<br /> I have chosen John McTiernan to be my director because he is a profound Action director who has in his past directed films such as, Die Hard, Die Hard with a Vengeance and Predator. With his experience in the genre I am sure he will do this film Justice.<br />
  9. 9. Comparison<br /> My Film The Heist could be compared toa style similar to Bad Boys because its theme of the cops busting the criminals. Bad Boys also has Will Smith which similar to my film. <br /> However my film could be compared to the likes of Die Hard because of its fast paced and coerced action sequences. The director is also the same as in Die Hard.<br />
  10. 10. Logline<br /> Two heroic officers keep the sanctity of the city alive by preventing crime on a daily bases, however when the Pentagon Eradication is at risk, its a whole new game. <br />
  11. 11. 200 Word Pitch<br />Two heroic officers keep the sanctity of the city alive by preventing crime on a daily bases, however when the Pentagon Eradication is at risk, its a whole new game. The Heist is a full on action extravaganza which holds qualities such as its fast paced action sequences, its comedic elements and its gripping twists that will keep you watching until the last bullet is fired. The film will carry a dedicated staff such as Will Smith, and Samuel L Jackson playing the leading roles as the protagonists, Alan Rickman the Antagonist formally renown for his performance in Sweeney Todd, Die hard and the lately released Alice in Wonderland, and Kerry Washington as the Damsel in Distress. The utilization of these entertaining actors will give us the potential to grab the audiences attention and consequently increase publicity. My film will ideally be directed by John McTiernan who has clearly demonstrated he can perform in an action genre due to his directing authority in films such as Die Hard and Predator. The film will be made on a budget of £130,million and will be released in the summer on a certificate of pg-13, this will ensure maximisation viewer ship with Teens as well as adults. <br />