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002 Rikard Steiber Digital Overview MTGx
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002 Rikard Steiber Digital Overview MTGx






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002 Rikard Steiber Digital Overview MTGx Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SHAPING THEFUTURE OFENTERTAINMENT@ MTG Capital Markets Day, 13th June 2013Rikard SteiberEVP & Chief Digital OfficerModern Times Group
  • 2. 2Born in 1969Joined MTG in Feb’2013Google (2007 – 2013)Global Marketing Director – Mobile/SocialMarketing Director EMEAXLENT Strategy (1999 – 2007)Managing DirectorScandinavia Online (1997-1999)DirectorTeliaMegaCom (1995-1997)Procter & Gamble (1994-1995)A brief introduction to myself
  • 3. 3Towards a multi-screen worldToday13% of global internet trafficcome from mobile1.3 million Android devicesactivated daily120 million tablets20091% of global internet trafficcame from mobile devices10 million Android phones hadbeen soldA year away from the first iPad
  • 4. 4Innovative media experiences are emerging
  • 5. 5Video is moving to digital across screens fast2007Cats on a skateboards andmany rights issuesHigh storage costs andlow broadband %High production costs andlow monetizationLimited mobile videoToday1B Unique users/month4B hours watched every month72 Hours of video uploaded/min40% of all video views on mobile500 Years of YouTube videoswatched on facebook each day1,500,000,000+
  • 6. 6The web - from links of pages to links of people20076% of time spent online onsocial media sites and socialstill a niche phenomenaMySpace 2X size of Facebookand Google did not get socialSocial sites was a closedcommunity of peopleToday+20% of time spent on socialmedia and +1.5BN have a socialmedia profile (7/10 Internet users)Facebook with +1BN users andGoogle now bigger than TwitterSocial are open platforms thatconnects people across services
  • 7. 7Today’s consumer behavior is changing4CGENERATIONCURATION76% share content on FacebookCONNECTION91% sleep with or next to their phoneCREATION67% upload photos they have takenCOMMUNITY88% maintain a profile on a social network
  • 10. 10When the wind of change blows,some build walls while othersbuild wind turbines– Old Chinese proverb tweaked for a generation that has never seen a windmill
  • 11. 11Leading the way in digital entertainment
  • 12. 12getting you closerto the things you loveToday’s consumer behavior is changing
  • 13. 13X-factor: “A special talent or quality” or“A variable in a situation that could have themost significant impact on the outcome”MTGxxPLAY(core services)ViaplayTV playSportsxVENTURES(new services)MusicGamesLike.TVxCREATIONS(digital productions)MobisodesWebisodesTV extensionsxLABS(development shop)Web / AppsSocialSign-on
  • 14. 14MTGx is already up and runningViaPlay Premium VODTV, Movies and SportsFree VOD TV ChannelsAd Financed ServicesFree VOD Sport ClipsAd Financed ServiceFree VOD Music VideosAd Financed ServiceMobile TV Companion2nd Screen ApplicationDownload Games StoreTransaction ServiceKlipster Coupon ServiceOnline to Store AppFree Music Streaming fromradio channels
  • 15. 15MTGxPLAYFuture of Entertainment
  • 16. 16xPLAY – reshaping premium entertainment
  • 17. 17xPLAY – reshaping premium entertainmentNEXT Retain “pole position” of having themost attractive movie, TV and sportcontent e.g. studio deals + Olympics Improve user experience andcontinue multi device rollout. Exploring additional entertainmentofferings enabling revenue growthTODAY Rapid growth of Viaplaypremium TV on demand serviceoffering 1,000 of hours of topmovies, TV series and sports Great complement to DTH,enabling subscriber growthoutside the DTH and the marketsno:1 multi-screen offering
  • 18. 18xPLAY – reshaping the future of tv entertainment
  • 19. 19xPLAY – reshaping the future of tv entertainmentNEXT Better user experience, more contentand new mobile apps to drive growth Optimize monetization behind better adintensity, mobile ad formats focusedsales efforts on digital Complement TV channels with newservices in Sports, Music and GamesTODAY TV channels VoD views and adsgrowing fast (+100% YoY) acrossSE, NO, DK, CZ, BG, HU Baltics Paradise Hotel (in DK) grew videoviews in Q1 to more than in all of2012 (+500% YoY) Mobile growth with 30-50% of trafficand +1.6M Apps downloaded
  • 20. 20xPLAY – reshaping sport entertainment
  • 21. 21xPLAY – reshaping sport entertainmentNEXT Drive monetizable video views behindunique video clips and new live feeds Boost traffic and users behind majorsports events like Olympics Roll-out service internationallysupported by TV and editorialTODAY Live “beta” in Sweden andDenmark since Q1, 2013 Quickly grown to over 6,000,000videos played since launch Opportunity to leverage uniquesports assets going forward
  • 22. 22MTGxVENTURESAccelerate our success in digital
  • 23. 23xVENTURES – two key acceleration strategiesINVESTOROrganic growth will not befast enough to win in digital,dedicated expansion fundsInvest in core capabilitiesand services portfolio toaccelerate success in digitalAccelerate success byleveraging x-promotion andx-creation assets for equityINCUBATOREstablish presence in start-up communities around theworld: US, SWE and UKAttract start-up ideas,JVs and talent to build thefuture of entertainmentSupport with resourcesfrom xLab and xCreation todecrease time to marketxVENTURES office in San Francisco(Photo: Rhonda Abrams, USA TODAY)
  • 24. 24xVENTURES – partnership with Valley start-upsxVENTURES office in San Francisco(Photo: Rhonda Abrams, USA TODAY)Our Focus 40 candidates, 5 key areas Mobile/Social Video Service Social Sport Gamification Innovative Social Music Cloud and Free Gaming 2nd Screen PlatformsThe Pitch 60 channels in 35 markets TV operator, Radio, Digital Media cross promotion Content cross creation Local sales force to sell Local editorial to curate
  • 25. 25xVENTURES – simplified investment frameworkContent/ServiceCustomerCapabilities/PlatformsConsumerInvesting in capabilities and platformsto build great consumerexperiencesBuy, invest or partner withinnovative content and services toshape the future of entertainmentInvesting in capabilities and platformsto deliver great customer valueInvesting in content and services todeliver great customer valueEntertainment (TV, movies, sports, music, games, news or social media)Commerce (classifieds, betting, dating, offers/deals or digital goods)Platforms (monetization, commerce, analytics, social media, big data)Skills (digital sales, developers, mobile apps, user profiling)
  • 26. 26xVENTURES – service opportunityframeworkTRAVELREADEMAILTALKTIME SPENTMONEY SPENTPHYSICALGOODSSHOPDIGITALGOODSSHOPBETTINGOFFERSSOCIALNEWSGAMESTVMOVIESSPORTDATEBubble Size = Market size and financial attractiveness for MTGBubble Color = Strategic fit and opportunity to leverage MTG assets (Green=Fit, Yellow=Medium, Red=No)MUSIC
  • 27. 27xVENTURES – reshaping music entertainment
  • 28. 28xVENTURES – reshaping music entertainmentNEXT Launch a new music servicecombing best of radio and video Create unique music experiencesacross TV, Web and Mobile Leverage TV and Radio assets toroll-out new service internationallyTODAY Strong YoY revenue growth for Ads+16% & Access +20% (Scandinavia) Opportunity to leverage +1M mobileradio apps downloaded Launched “beta” trial of new musicvideo service in Sweden
  • 29. 29xVENTURES – reshaping game entertainment
  • 30. 30xVENTURES – reshaping game entertainmentNEXT Improve user experience and serviceoffering by adding personal gaming,editorial and video experiences Rollout improved games serviceinternationally behind TV support Opportunity to bring new gamingexperience to the TV/Mobile screensTODAY Games is the fastest growingentertainment segment +60B$,Nordic PPD 500MSEK in 2013 Launched Games site (PPD)“beta” across Nordics in Q4’12 Leverage unsold TV inventoryto drive online traffic and sales
  • 31. 31xVENTURES – innovating TV entertainment
  • 32. 32xVENTURES – innovating TV entertainmentNEXT Improve the user experience, content,social interaction and new platforms Testing innovative advertising solutionslike TV companion ads and Video Ads International roll-out supported by TVpromotion and integration into formatsTODAY 80% of TV audience use 2nd Screen,1/3 of time while watching TV Launched Like.TV as the first TVCompanion app in Scandi (Q1’12) In “beta” with new information,interaction, social and ad initiatives
  • 33. 33MTGxCREATIONSCreating digital first experiences
  • 34. 34xCREATIONS – creating digital first experiencesNEXT Build expertise in extending TV formatsto digital/social (own and acquired) Become a world leading producer ofdigital first formats / experiences Create a platform for producer and talentdiscovery for all MTGx servicesTODAY TV formats rule the linear TV world,early days for digital TV extensions Production companies are not ready,a new YouTube generation emerging Need for “digital first” content toaccelerate all of MTGx services
  • 35. 35xCREATIONS – creating digital first experiencesNEXT Build expertise in extending TV formatsto digital/social (own and acquired) Become a world leading producer ofdigital first formats / experiences Create a platform for producer and talentdiscovery for all MTGx servicesTODAY TV formats rule the linear TV world,early days for digital TV extensions Production companies are not ready,a new YouTube generation emerging Need for “digital first” content toaccelerate all of MTGx services
  • 36. 36MTGxLABSBuilding the platform
  • 37. 37xLABS – building core capabilities and platforms
  • 38. 38xLABS – building core capabilities and platformsNEXT Build talent and platforms to move fast atscale in digital launching services acrossmultiple countries instantly Consolidate to fewer high performingdigital platforms, drive group synergies Core platforms for responsive web/apps,video, social, payment, log-in and adsTODAY Great skills in online video services MTG need to strengthen digitaldeveloper capabilities or culture,thus dependent on partners Opportunities to get platformsynergies enabling faster marketroll-out and economies of scale
  • 39. 39MTGxxPLAY(core services)ViaplayTV playSportsxVENTURES(new services)MusicGamesLike.TVxCREATIONS(digital productions)MobisodesWebisodesTV extensionsxLABS(development shop)Web / AppsSocialSign-on
  • 40. 40MTGx Shaping the future of digital entertainment