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2012 Community Leadership Award Nominee

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Michael Maron_Holy Name Medical Center

  1. 1. May 18, 2012David Burda, EditorModern HealthcareRe: Community Leadership AwardNomination of Michael A. MaronPresident/CEO, Holy Name Medical CenterMr. Burda and Award Selection Committee: In soliciting nominations for the Community Leadership Award, ModernHealthcare questions what “downtime” means for our hospital CEO. If Michael A.Maron, President/Chief Executive Officer of Holy Name Medical Center, is typical, it’sdifficult to imagine a hospital CEO having any downtime at all. Mr. Maron is a veryhands-on CEO, who is “on-call” virtually 24/7. On Christmas Day he can be found in theER, stealing a few hours from his family celebration, to offer Christmas greetings,support and thanks to the staff for giving up part of their holiday. The principle of respecting those around you with deeds and actions, which Mr.Maron credits as an influence of his Catholic education and the Congregation of theSisters of St. Joseph of Peace, Holy Name’s founding Order, starts at the top andpermeates all levels of the environment at Holy Name Medical Center. Staff members areoften praised by patients for the respect, caring and compassion shown to them, and thatculture of respect may well be a contributing factor in Holy Name’s consistent ranking asone of the best places to work in New Jersey and in the country. Mr. Maron did not dream of running a hospital in his youth. In fact, he admits thathe had no idea that such a job existed. Despite his great respect and admiration for thenoble profession of physician, he decided against a medical career for himself. Thanks tothe encouragement of a college counselor, he was able to combine his business skills withhis interest in the sciences to major in both accounting and health policy management,and ultimately was offered his first position in the finance department of a local hospital.He joined the administration of Holy Name Medical Center in 1987 as Vice President andChief Financial Officer and was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in 1997at the age of 37.
  2. 2. His commitment to the Holy Name mission of helping “our community achievethe highest attainable level of health through education, prevention and treatment,”extends to Mr. Maron’s many volunteer activities. He serves as a member of theAmerican College of Health Care Executives and the Board of Directors of the NewJersey Hospital Association, is Chairman of the New Jersey Hospital Association’sHealthPAC Board of Directors and a member of the Board of Directors of HorizonHealthcare Innovations – Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey. He is Chairman of theHealthcare Steering Committee of the Commerce and Industry Association of NewJersey and chairs the Catholic HealthCare Partnership of New Jersey, a consortium of allthe Catholic hospitals in the state. Chairman of the Bergen Catholic Alumni Association, former Chairman of theBoard of Directors of Bergen Catholic High School and a former member of the Board ofDirectors of St. Joseph School, all located in Bergen County, New Jersey, Mr. Maron hasdeveloped mentoring opportunities at Holy Name Medical Center for students fromschools that range from Newark, New Jersey’s Christ-the-King High School to thegraduate program at Johns Hopkins University. A frequent speaker on leadership development and healthcare issues, Mr. Maronis known and admired throughout the Township of Teaneck where Holy Name MedicalCenter is located and serves as a major community resource that supports themunicipality, local non-profit organizations and houses of worship, in addition to servingas the community’s major healthcare provider. Mr. Maron’s most meaningful volunteer activity - the work in which he ispersonally engaged that may well have the most significant and far-reaching impact – ishis work in the impoverished nation of Haiti. Following the catastrophic earthquake thatdevastated Haiti in January 2010, a number of Holy Name physicians and nurses joinedthe earthquake relief efforts with the encouragement and support of Mr. Maron. Severalof the physicians had been volunteering for many years prior to the earthquake at theHôpital Sacré Coeur, the only reliable medical provider in the Milot, Haiti region. HolyName Medical Center supported their heroic efforts following the earthquake byproviding pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies for pediatric and adult patientswhich the doctors took with them in their duffel bags. When Holy Name physicians David Butler, Alan Gwertzman and Timothy Finleyreturned from the first of many post- earthquake trips, decrying the loss of life due to thelack of basic medical equipment and supplies including oxygen, Mr. Maron responded byarranging for a lifesaving oxygen processor to be donated to the Hôpital Sacré Coeurthrough contributions from Holy Name Medical Center, its employees (including Mr.Maron) and Bergen Anesthesia Associates. Collaboration with Burn Advocates, OxygenGenerating Systems International (OGSI) and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines resultedin a life-sustaining processor being delivered by cruise ship to Haiti, where it wastransported by an armed United Nations team to Hôpital Sacré Coeur. 2
  3. 3. Mr. Maron decided to make his first visit to Haiti to be sure that the oxygenprocessor was properly installed and running at the Hôpital Sacré Coeur. However, whenhe arrived in Milot, instead of overseeing an installation, he grabbed a pickax and begandigging a trench and laying pipe. The generator, which was too large and too noisy to behoused inside, had been left outside, 400 feet from the hospital in five pieces, eachweighing more than 1000 pounds. Mr. Maron and Dr. Finley scrambled to find daylaborers to work alongside them to dig the trench across a busy road to the hospital andlay pipe. Several weeks later, a Holy Name employee was deployed to Haiti to threadhosing through the pipe to transport the oxygen from the generator into the hospital. Since his initial trip in 2010, Mr. Maron has been returning regularly to volunteerat Hôpital Sacré Coeur, which has become Holy Name Medical Center’s sister hospital.He welcomed the medical director of Hôpital Sacré Coeur, Dr. Harold Prévil, to HolyName for briefings, at which time Dr. Prévil was honored at the Holy Name FoundersBall, in New York City. Mr. Maron also arranged for a six-week intensive observationalexperience at Holy Name for three nurse anesthetists from Hôpital Sacré Coeur. Most recently Mr. Maron has been consulting with Hôpital Sacré Coeur’sadministration regarding organizing and running the hospital, putting financial controlsand operational structures into place to help manage costs and facilitate patientprocessing – this, at a hospital which two years ago was operating under primitivemedical conditions with a front yard converted into a dumping ground for medical waste.He was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the CRUDEM Foundation, whichsupports Hôpital Sacré Coeur, and plans to provide onsite guidance and expertise to thehospital in Milot four times a year for the foreseeable future. The recipient of numerous honors and awards, Mr. Maron was the only hospitalCEO recognized as one of the 25 Heroes of Haiti by the UJA Federation of NorthernNew Jersey in May 2010. He will receive the prestigious Saint Elizabeth Ann SetonAward at the SOAR! Annual Dinner benefiting the Aged and Infirm Religious in October2012 in New York City. Michael A. Maron often remarks that Holy Name Medical Center is uniquebecause of the culture of selflessness that is central to its mission. To the Holy Namecommunity that extends far beyond Teaneck, Bergen County, and the State of NewJersey, Mr. Maron epitomizes that selflessness, and we are proud to nominate him forModern Healthcare’s Community Leadership Award.Submitted on behalf of Holy Name Medical Centerby Jacqueline B. KatesCommunity Relations and Public Affairs Coordinator 3