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  • 1. OpenFashion &Europeana Fashion Symposium ‘Living fashion’ – 3 mei 2012 (Henk Vanstappen - Dieter Suls)
  • 2. inhoud Open Fashion  mode?  datasets  datamodel  Aggregatie Europeana Fashion
  • 3. 1. mode?
  • 4. publicatie: Brocade
  • 5. tentoonstelling: TMS
  • 6. object: TMS
  • 7. modeshow in lookbook
  • 8. modeshow op DVD
  • 9. modeshow: CFA
  • 10. designers: CFA
  • 11. designers: ModeAcademie
  • 12. designers: ModeAcademie
  • 13. 2. datasets 14
  • 14. collectie MoMu 15
  • 15. collectie MoMudatabase The Museum System (TMS)api CollectionConnectioninhoud Collectiebeheerssyteem MoMudatatypes objecten; personen; organisaties; tentoonstellingen;#objecten ca. 20000 16
  • 16. contemporary fashion archive 17
  • 17. contemporary fashion archive database api MySQL; html inhoud Europese designers, hun creaties en hun netwerk datatypes objecten; personen; organisaties; tentoonstellingen; collecties; projecten; media #objecten ca. 30000 18
  • 18. MoMu bibliotheek 19
  • 19. MoMu bibliotheekdatabase Brocadeapi OAI-PMHinhoud Bibliotheekcatalogus MoMudatatypes bibliografische data; personen; organisaties; tentoonstelling(catalogi); collectie(catalogi);#objecten ca. 20000 20
  • 20. masterprojecten KASKA 21
  • 21. masterprojecten KASKAdatabase KASKA WordPressapi XML, RSSinhoud masterprojecten van studenten modeacademiedatatypes biografieën studenten; collecties; media#objecten ? 22
  • 22. archief KASKAdatabase -api geeninhoud dossiers van studenten modeacademiedatatypes ANALOOG#objecten ? 23
  • 23. archief MOMUdatabase -api geeninhoud dossiers van studenten modeacademie, archief Linda Loppa, Marthe Van Leemput, ...datatypes ANALOOG#objecten ? 24
  • 24. 3. OpenFashion data model 25
  • 25. 26
  • 26. 27
  • 27. 28
  • 28. 29
  • 29. 4. data aggregatie 30
  • 30. legacy databases 31
  • 31. data normaliseren 32
  • 32. data aggregeren 33
  • 33. data publiceren 34
  • 34. #FAIL incompatibele data -> analyse & cleaning OAI-PMH niet volledig -> XML dump content partner zegt af CFA MySQL niet beschikbaar -> a.m.y. 35
  • 35. ... meestal opgelost 36
  • 36. >> demo 37
  • 37. To do’s Open fashion = tuin voorlopige url: http :// Linken van beelden tms – openfashion Editen van ‘statische pagina’s’ Afronden indexproblemen Harmoniseren van authority bestanden Linken Modecollecties en objecten Linken Brocade-records aan TMS-records Update biografieën en tentoonstellings-records in 38 TMS
  • 38. volgende stap ...datamodel toepassen op andere creatieve opleidingen 39
  • 39. volgende stap ...instrument voor doelgerichte ontsluiting van collectie: loppa, beirendonck ... 40
  • 40. volgende stap ...Europeana Fashion 2012-2015 41
  • 41. Europeana Fashion Project Europeana Vlaanderen Overleg. Brussel, 01 feb 2012
  • 42. CIP ICT PSP 2011 – call 5Objective 2.1 : Aggregating content for Europeana
  • 43. Europeana Fashion call 4 (2010) Evaluation• 11/15 points• Less technical partners and WP’s• Less budget for technical development• Better integration of diverse element of the WP’s• More balanced content providers• Better focus on sustainability at the end of the project
  • 44. Project objectives (I)The Europeana Fashion best practice network aims at:• Aggregating and harmonizing existing digital content coming from the most important and interesting public and private European fashion collections, ingesting this fashion-related content into Europeana.• Improving interoperability between scattered and heterogeneous collections, promoting the use of the Europeana Data Model and developing tools, such as a specialized Fashion Thesaurus, to best handle the multilingual nature of the aggregated content.• Providing access to this digital content also through the creation of a dedicated fashion portal that will serve as a specialized access point to heterogeneous fashion collections across Europe.
  • 45. Project objectives (II)The Europeana Fashion best practice network aims at:• Developing tools and services for the integration of user generated content that will enrich and complement the standard metadata descriptions and will support the contextualization of the aggregated content through the connection with open content sources like Wikipedia.• Actively engaging the European fashion community in museums, universities and in the private sector, raising awareness on best practices on digitization, IPR issues and semantic interoperability developed inside the BPN and in the Europeana family of projects.
  • 46. Europeana Fashion 2.0 WorkplanWP1: Project coordinationWP2: Content Harmonisation, Provision and EnrichmentWP3: Content Aggregation, Access and ServicesWP4: Use Case DevelopmentWP5: Validation and Evaluation of ApplicationsWP6: Awareness and Dissemination
  • 47. Project Outline• Consortium 23 partners of 12 member states• 36 Months• Budget 3.312.464€• Content ~750 K objects• Strong Belgian input (28% of PM’s! - >50% of the content)• BE partners : MoMu, IA, KMKG, Catwalk Pictures
  • 48. Partners (I)1. Co-ordinator and WP6 leader: Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale (It)2. Technical partner & WP3 leader: National Technical University of Athens (GR)3. Content provider & WP2 leader: ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen (BE)4. Content provider: Koninklijke Musea Voor Kunst en Geschiedenis (BE)5. Technical partner and WP5 leader: Internet Architects (BE)6. Content Provider and WP4 leader: Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz (DE)7. Content Provider: Victoria and Albert Museum (UK)8. Content Provider: Stichting Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (NL)9. Content Provider: Catwalk Pictures (BE)10. Content Provider: Stockholms Universitet (SE)11. Content Provider: Museum of Applied Art (RS)
  • 49. Partners (II)12. Content Provider: Les Arts Décoratifs (FR)13. Content Provider: MUDE Museo do Design e da Moda (PT)14. Content Provider: Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (GR)15. Content Provider: Roger Dean Photography (UK)16. Content Provider: Archivio Emilio Pucci (IT)17. Content Provider: Pitti Immagine (IT)18. Content Provider: Dienst Gemeentelijke Musea (Utrecht) (NL)19. Content Provider: Stiftelsen Nordiska Museet (SE)20. Content Provider: Rossimoda SPA (IT)21. Content Provider: Museo del Traje (ES)22. Content Provider: Museen der Stadt, Wien (AT)23. Content Provider: Archivio Missoni (IT)
  • 50. Europeana Fashion• Negotiations + new DOW + budget => August - December 2011• Matching Funds Vlaamse Gemeenschap• Grant Agreement (January 2012)• Project started on 01/03/2013• Europeana Fashion Kickoff Firenze 15-16/03• More info on (site will be online shortly)
  • 51. Bedankt voor uw aandacht! 52