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  1. 1. Reporting ByModak Analytics
  2. 2. You think your data is useless?? Companies gathers a lot of customer data which is usually unorganized or disordered way
  3. 3. Wondering what can be done of it?! This data can be an asset for the firms if cleaned up and organized well, since it consists of customer information The trimming up and putting the data in an order such that it makes some sense to the managers is generally termed as Reporting
  4. 4. What is Reporting? Reporting refers to presentation of data textually (including simple text, tables) or graphically (graphs, charts, diagrams, flows) which were collected from various sources, especially customers.
  5. 5. Why is it important? Raw and unstructured data collected laboriously via various sources is not helpful in making informed decisions. Once organized, one can analyze marketing results across campaigns and lead-to-opportunity conversion, plan your marketing strategies, and monitor your distributed or centralized workforce.
  6. 6. Why is it important? A reporting solution will interface with CRM (customer interaction management) tool, and perhaps an outbound or inbound solution It helps in tracking and analyzing the survey results, converting the leads into opportunity by planning the related strategies
  7. 7. Why Modak Analytics’ Reporting Solution? We understand the importance of integration of a reporting solution with all the other customer management tools for seamless functioning and so we design our solution accordingly. It organizes and presents data, concise and detailed, with the help of more than 200 customizable reports.
  8. 8. Why Modak Analytics’ Reporting Solution? You can also export your reports to CSV (Comma Separated), or XLS (Excel) formats for readability, or view statistical data in graphical form. Our solution allow you to define your search parameters and gain quick access to relevant information. Whether you have a centralized or distributed workforce, you can view real-time as well as historical data.
  9. 9. Features of Modak Analytics’ Reporting solution: The key features of Modak Analytics’ Reporting solution are, Better understanding of your data Flexible reporting Easy integration Rich graphical representations View and download reports in other formats View real-time and historical data Archive your old reports. Power and speed
  10. 10. More into features! Better understanding of your data through the ability to pull and inter-mix information from disparate sources and then analyze and manipulate accurate, reliable and consistent data. Flexible reporting that combines Microsoft Office design with dynamic data. Business professionals can design, create and generate reports without relying on IT.
  11. 11. More into features! Easy integration into your existing setup. Bypass high installation costs with reporting software that integrates into your current infrastructure with just a few lines of code. Rich graphical representations make sense of data in a non-linear format. Charts, graphs and dashboards can be reformatted both before and after a report is produced View and download reports in other formats to see your statistical data in excel, word or another third party tool, simply save your report in XLS or CSV format. Download it to your local storage area, or view it on a browser.
  12. 12. More into features! View real-time and historical data to examine trends and analyze data from anywhere in the world. The data can be viewed in graphical (graphs, charts, diagram, UML), as well as text format. Archive your old reports to configure your reporter module to automatically search for reports that have not been viewed for a long time and archiving them. A scheduler can be activated to archive reports on a routine basis. Power and speed in generating time- sensitive company reports. The enterprise reporting engine can easily produce hundreds of thousands of reports per day.
  13. 13. How does it benefit you?Configure your own reports:With availability of over 200 report templates, youcan quickly choose which template is best suited toyour reporting requirement.Dig-up information quicklyTight integration with the Modak Analytics’CRM and database enables you to extract dataeasily with drop-down menus, and search fields.Use Multimedia featuresYou can schedule automatic E-mails, FAXes, andSMSs to be sent to prospects, customer, managers,supervisors and quality analysts in pre-definedformats.Secure your dataWith strong security features, our solution allowsonly managers, supervisors, IT, or quality analyststo access confidential and sensitive reports.