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Vanpool Boot Camp: Marching Orders - November 7, 2011 - Part 13

Vanpool Boot Camp: Marching Orders - November 7, 2011 - Part 13

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  • 1. Vanpool NTD Reporting Vanpool Boot Camp ACT Chesapeake Chapter and Mobility Lab November 7, 2011
  • 2. What is NTD?
    • National Transit Database (NTD) collects data on all modes of transit
      • Metrorail, light rail, streetcar, commuter rail, bus, paratransit – and yes, even vanpools
    • NTD is administered by Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
    • Data includes operations, usage, and cost data
    • Data is used as input to formulas to distribute Federal Transit Act 5307 funds to metropolitan areas based on transit vehicle-miles, passenger miles and other factors
  • 3. What needs to be reported for vanpools?
    • Total costs
      • Capital and operating
    • Vehicle miles traveled
    • Number of passengers
    • Passenger miles traveled
    • Incidents (crashes or criminal activity)
  • 4. How is data collected?
    • Each van needs to collect daily information on how many riders there are and where they get on and off
      • Sampling is allowed, but most agencies prefer consistency
    • How data is collected varies by program
      • Most are paper-based but moving toward use of technology
    • Van operators provide cost and other information
    • Information is provided to the public agency to report to NTD
    Currently, vanpool programs report to NTD. In the currently proposed rule, each vanpool operator would need to report. The final rule is still pending, but the outcome would have a huge impact on the viability of a reporting program in this region.
  • 5. Total Cost Data is Required
    • Consistent with other modes, vanpools must collect and report total operating and capital costs for the service, regardless of who pays the costs:
      • Vehicle operations
        • Fuel
        • Insurance
      • Vehicle maintenance
      • Non-vehicle maintenance
      • General administration
        • Advertising and promotion
        • Ride-matching
      • Capital costs
        • Vehicle purchase or lease
  • 6. What makes a vanpool program eligible to report?
    • For a Vanpool program to be reportable to the NTD:
      • Open to the public
        • Any vans that are restricted a priori to particular employers and which do not participate in the public ride-matching service of the vanpool are not public transportation and must be excluded from the NTD report
    • Actively engaged in:
      • Advertising the vanpool service to the public, and
      • Matching interested members of the public to vans with available seats
    • In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and implementing regulations at 49 CFR37.31
    • A record-keeping system in place to meet NTD Reporting
  • 7. Public Certification
    • The vanpool program must certify that it is publicly sponsored, as either:
      • Directly operated by a public entity
      • Operated by a public entity via a contract for purchased transportation service with a private provider
      • Operated by a private entity as a grant recipient or sub-recipient from a public entity
      • Operated by an independent private entity with approval from a public entity that certifies that the vanpool program is helping meet the overall transportation needs of the local urbanized area
  • 8. Organization Type
    • A vanpool operator may be:
      • A public provider directly-operating the vanpool
      • A public entity operating the vanpool through a purchased transportation contract with a private provider
      • A private provider that is directly operating the vanpool with (or without) subsidy from a public entity
  • 9. Questions?
    • Shana Johnson
    • [email_address]
    • (301) 774-4566 x402
    • Lora Byala
    • [email_address]
    • (301) 774-4566 x401