Team 1765 Final Presentation for the Green Mobility Challenge
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  • 1. Manchaca Expressway Green Mobility Challenge “The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. It is not only amirror of ourselves, but a focusing lens on what we can become.” ~ Lady Bird Johnson Tom Ennis, Citizen Team 1765 | November 15, 2011
  • 2. THINK ABOUT IT“We are the road-buildingest nation on earth.....Your creations, your works, are public property, open to all for the service of all,and inevitably, they affect the lives of the people for better or for worse.Therein lies both the glory and the burden of road-building.In disturbing the turf of this beautiful country, we have a special obligation –not only in terms of land use, but also in aesthetic sense.We are obliged to leave it looking as good if not better than theway we found it.” ~ Lady Bird Johnson (remarks made Feb 23, 1966 to the American Road Builders Association)
  • 3. We set out to design a transportation facility that fits seamlessly into theenvironment through which it passes, serves as a destination rather than merely a means of travel, and ultimately brings the people of Central Texas together
  • 4. EMULATE NATURAL HYDROLOGY Non-Karst Bioswale Karst Bioswale We propose to shift from traditional pipe and store “StormwaterManagement” to what we’ve coined “Regenerative Hydrologic Recycling”
  • 5. BIOSWALES Capture and reduce total stormwater volume and reduce runoff flow ratesusing prepared soil mixes and native vegetation plantings of grasses and forbs
  • 6. RECONNECT PEOPLE WITH NATUREA road can serve as a destination, a place of observation, a subtle link between the built and natural environment
  • 7. ENDURING EFFICIENCY Our self-sustaining design approach reduces lifecycle costs, providesfunctional longevity, and meets the transportation and environmental needs of Central Texas TAK Studios
  • 9. WILDLIFE AND HABITATThe roadway design integrates wildlife habitat and movement by preserving as much habitat as possible and restoring habitat damaged during construction
  • 10. ORCHESTRATE, INVOLVE AND INVIGORATE Veloway Ladybird Johnson Manchaca Earthshare Wildlife Expressway of Texas Center Hill Country Inline ClubBy partnering with local advocacy agencies during the design phase and as part of the overall monitoring and operation phases, longer lasting relationships can be formed to spread the word about corridor innovations
  • 11. FROM PHILOSOPHY TO REALITY“…We are obliged to leave it looking as good if not better than the way we found it” Our context-sensitive design incorporates distinctive elements and conventional elements put together in non-traditional ways PARK & RIDE
  • 12. MULTIMODAL DESIGN CONCEPT Our proposed multimodal concept includes a multi-use path through thecorridor and a “green” park and ride lot located at the junction of FM 1626 and the Manchaca Expressway
  • 13. OLD BLISS SPILLAR ROAD OVERPASS We propose to minimize the grade changes throughout the length of thecorridor. In addition, we reversed the schematic concept at Bliss Spillar Road. Overpass plan Former profile Old Bliss Road Overpass Existing ground Proposed flatter profile
  • 14. BEAR CREEK BRIDGE DESIGN CONCEPT Our design eliminates piers and construction within the natural streamchannel and includes restoration to encourage natural flood controls, creek meandering and wildlife passage 200’ 200’ 200’ 50’ 50’ 50’ 50’
  • 15. FLINT RIDGE CAVE ELEVATED MULTI-USE PATH/DECK By covering the roadway with the deck/trail system we prevent water fromrunning into the Flint Ridge Cave surface drainage, creating a community asset and transforming the project from just another roadway into a destination
  • 16. FLINT RIDGE CAVEThink of it as a living laboratory accessible via the path yet removed from the fragile environment beneath
  • 18. INITIAL INVESTMENT = LONG TERM COST SAVINGS Without extensive mitigation strategies in place, environmental damagepotential is a huge intangible cost. Our Low Impact Development long-term benefits are invaluable. Annual Operating & Maintenance Costs Our Design Schematic Average pavement width (reduced  Average pavement width: 124’ x 3.6 grade) 74’ x 3.6mi x $3/SF porous mi x $1/SF asphalt = $2.4m asphalt = $4.2m  $375/LF storm drain x 3.6 mi = $35/LF bioswales x 3.6 mi = $650k $7.2m 115’ average disturbed earth width x 3.6mi x $2/SF = $4.4m  300’ average disturbed earth width x +50% for fixtures = $2.1m 3.6mi x $2 SF = $11.5m in various earth-related issues Bear Creek structure = $8m Flint Ridge Cave bridge = $14m  +50% for fixtures = $1.2m Year 1  Bear Creek structure = $6m Bliss Road structure = $1.5m 5 Year Year 10  Bliss RoadYear 15 structure = $2mTotal = $34.5m Schematic Our Design $30m Total =
  • 19. A green road, a lean roadA pollution reducing clean roadWith so many roads and places to go, think of this one in a different way~Walking the trail, riding a bike, looking out of your window seeingnatural delightThis road will be different, different indeed, sustainable, obtainable andcheaper you seeWhat once was just pavement is now something new, a community assetfor me and for you