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Mobilis 2008 - B3 : Inter-vehicles Communication: A New Frontier of Ad Hoc Networking
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Mobilis 2008 - B3 : Inter-vehicles Communication: A New Frontier of Ad Hoc Networking


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Support utilisé lors de l'atelier B3 : "Communications embarquées" lors des rencontres Mobilis 2008 (Belfort 18&19 nov 08). Intervenant : Antonio Capone (Politecnico di Milano)

Support utilisé lors de l'atelier B3 : "Communications embarquées" lors des rencontres Mobilis 2008 (Belfort 18&19 nov 08). Intervenant : Antonio Capone (Politecnico di Milano)

Published in: Automotive
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Inter-vehicles Communication: A New Frontier of Ad Hoc Networking Prof. Antonio Capone Politecnico di Milano A dvanced N etwork T echnologies Lab oratory
    • 2. What is a VANET?
      • VANET is special type of MANET
        • Comprised of vehicles equipped with wireless communication devices
        • Aims to support communication between
          • Vehicles and other vehicles (V2V)
          • Vehicles and roadside equipment (V2I)
      • MANETs vs VANETs
        • Generic vs Specific applications
        • Generic vs Constrained mobility
        • Constrained vs Unconstrained Energy
    • 3.
      • Applications envisioned (IEEE DSRC Site)
        • Public Safety
        • Traffic Management
        • Traveler Information/Support
        • Freight/Cargo Transport
        • Transit
    • 4.
      • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications
        • Forward obstacle detection and avoidance
        • Lane departure warning
        • Turn accident warning
        • Intersection collision warning
        • Automated variable message signs
      Safety Application Examples
    • 5. Traffic Management
      • Unregulated traffic generates congestion, queues, danger situations, etc.
      • Traffic control system allows to improve traffic routing on the roads
        • Flow/congestion control
        • Load balancing
      • Interaction
        • with navigation systems to suggest alternative routes
        • With dynamic traffic regulator devices
    • 6. User Communication and Information Services
      • Comfort
        • Passengers chat and play online games
        • Internet access
      • Marketing
        • Commercial information to potential customers driving by
        • Shopping Malls
        • Fast food chains
      • Parking lot availability
    • 7. Traveler Information and Support
      • Trip planning
      • Transit and car
        • Route and fare information
        • Schedule Information
        • Access to personal information
          • News, weather, Internet access…
        • Access to roadside information
          • Restaurants, hotels, advertisement…
    • 8. System architecture Overlay Network/Middleware Local Control loop actor sensors Monitoring feedback Remote Control loop 2nd tier devices 3rd tier devices 1st tier devices end users decider 2tier links 3tier links 2-to-3 tier links access links 1tier links Applications Public Safety Police, Fire Brigades Traffic/Mobility Control Enterteinment/ Touristic Info control center Social Networking Pollution Monitoring Health Care E-government
    • 9. V-Net Project
    • 10. V-Net Project
    • 11. Vehicle to roadside communication: WiFi MESH
      • The problem: WiFI for large scale public networks has to cope with the problem of the broadband wired infrastructure
      • Solution: Replacing wired infrastructure with wireless links
    • 12. Experimental Projects in the Academic Labs
      • MIT Roofnet
        • First experimental project
        • Low cost HW
        • Software open-source
      • Other projects
        • GeorgiaTech BWN-Mesh
        • Rice University
        • Rutgers Winlab ORBIT
        • SUNY Stonybrook Hyacinth
        • MobiMESH PoliMI
      • Several academic projects have contributed to the commercial exploitation of the technology
    • 13. MobiMESH Project
      • Started by ANTLab, Politecnico di Milano in 2004
      • Initial goal:
        • Create an experimental platform for testing innovative solutions for routing, mobility management, network configuration and management
      • Soon coupled with the goal of:
        • Designing advanced mesh networking solutions and products for the market
      • Today MobiMESH is a spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano
      MobiMESH first prototype
    • 14. Thanks
      • Contact:
        • Antonio Capone
        • Email:
      • For more information:
    • 15. Wireless Mesh Networks
      • Mesh routers (MRs) manage routing automatically based on ad hoc network technologies
      • Devices are flexible and self-configuring
      • All or a subset of MRs act as access points (Wi-Fi hot spot)
      • Some devices are the gateways to the Internet
      • Backhauling: WiFI, Hiperlan, WiMax, BPLC ... (maybe LTE MESH in the future)
      Internet mesh gateway mesh router mesh client Access Link Backhaul Gateway Link