Near field communication


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Near field communication

  1. 1. 1 Mobile Programming LLC Near field communicationCall Us Toll Free: 888-276-4064E-Mail: Mail Us: ©2009-2013 A-1 Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Near field communication 2Near field communication constitutesshort range wireless technology. Nearfield communication technology makeslife more convenient and adaptivearound the world by making transactions,exchanging digital content andconnecting electronic device quietsimpler. NFC is a set of standards forSmartphones and other devices tocreate radio communication betweeneach other by bringing them together.Technology has made us victim, not oftheft but of the future. Future where allpurses, wallets, credit cards, flight andtrain tickets are gone digital and enduresolely on your Smartphone. Greet tonear field communication, a WI-FI litestyle, contactless technique that mightbe already present in your Smartphone,and could soon be regular feature of theusers commute. Mail Us: ©2009-2013 A-1 Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Near field communication 3NFC harmonizes present era’s diverse contactless technologies and work on substantially well in some areas, such as• Consumer electronics• Healthcare• Loyalty and coupons• Payments• Information gathering and exchange Mail Us: ©2009-2013 A-1 Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Near field communication 4How NFC works –At NFC core, it is identifyinguser name, bank account to thecomputer. It is one the alluringtechnology. NFC is apparentlylow power, short range wirelesslink developed from Radiofrequency identification tech thatcan transfer small amount ofdata between two devices.No pairing code is needed likeBluetooth and being low power,no battery in the device beingread. With tapping device on thecontactless payment in a coffeeshop, user’s apartment just toidentify user’s account andtakes payment through pre-loaded app onSmartphone. Mail Us: ©2009-2013 A-1 Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Near field communication 5Key benefits of Near FieldCommunications –NFC provides relatively enhancedrange of benefits to the customersand enterprises. Let’s have a brieflook at each beneficial aspect.•Versatile – there is no single field ofNFC’s operability rather NFC isperfectly suited to the broadestrange of environments, businessand uses.•Intuitive – intuitive here revealsNFC’s spontaneous behavior. Nomore efforts are required than asingle touch and you are done withthe connection establishment. Mail Us: ©2009-2013 A-1 Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Near field communication 6• Secure – near field communication is one the inherently secured platform to work with. NFC provides very short range transmissions those are certainly secured. User must feel protected for the data received as well as send.• Standardized and open platform – the underlying layers of NFC technology are universally implemented on some pre-defined standards like ISO, ECMA and ETSI standards. It is one the open source platform that is not device centric.• Interoperability and ready security – NFC works along with existing contactless card technologies and has already embedded with some in build capabilities to secure the applications. Mail Us: ©2009-2013 A-1 Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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