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The Mobile Phone and a New Paradigm for Missions Media Production
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The Mobile Phone and a New Paradigm for Missions Media Production


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  • 1. The Mobile Phone and a New Paradigm for Media Production
  • 2.
  • 3. The De Facto Model of Missions Media Production
  • 4. Flow of Insight/ EnablementLocal Believer/ Media Expert Missionary Professional Media Equipment Production of Media
  • 5. In this model the local believer ormissionary passes on their culturalunderstanding and insight into howthe Gospel can be best understoodand expressed in their culture andthen relies upon the media expertto translate that understanding andinsight into an appropriate mediaend-product.
  • 6.
  • 7. An Altered Equation
  • 8. Flow of Insight/ EnablementLocal Believer/Missionary Media ExpertMobile Phone w/CameraWeb access and/or videoediting app or freeware Production of Media
  • 9. In this model the media expertpasses on their understanding ofmedia production to the localbeliever or missionary and alsoempowers them through theprovision of resources they will need(stock imagery/audio, online editingprogram, etc.) to produce anddistribute their own media.
  • 10.
  • 11. Reasons to Change the Paradigm1) The enormous imbalance between the number of local believers/ missionaries (millions) and missional media producers (hundreds)
  • 12. Reasons to Change the Paradigm2) The huge percentage of local believers and missionaries that are equipped and able to shoot video via their mobile phones, etc.
  • 13. Reasons to Change the Paradigm3) The availability of on-phone online and free/low-cost video editing programs
  • 14. Reasons to Change the Paradigm4) The minimal expertise and expense required to produce media that is “good enough” for a mobile screen (the most widespread screen found among the unreached)
  • 15. Reasons to Change the Paradigm5) Large-scale distribution channels are available to local believers and missionaries through video sharing sites and the Bluetooth phone-to- phone transmission channel
  • 16. The ChallengeCan Christian mediaministries make the switchfrom solely being “mediaproducers” to “mediaenablers” for the Church?
  • 17. Some Groups Leading the Way as Media Enablers• Gemstone Media’s How2Video• The Global Short Film Network’s Flight School ed-create-short-films-ta-t-4_5.html• The Global Virtual Studio
  • 18. What is Still Needed?Among other things:• Online open source imagery (for instance, background visuals for chronological Bible stories)• A single-stop Christian website, program and/or phone app enabling users to 1) Upload and/or find imagery/footage/ audio, 2) edit it and 3) both download the final product for offline distribution as well as upload it for online distribution
  • 19. When the winds ofchange blow, someseek shelter, others build windmills Chinese Proverb
  • 20. Produced byMobile Advance e-mail: keith(at)