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  1. 1. Learning Enablement Showcase Samir Dash mobilewish@gmailc.com
  2. 2. • Educational Eco-System • Custom Digital Learning Players • Cross-platform Content Porting & Tools/Publisher IDEs • Experiments of DRM enabled Eco-system • Future Self Paced Learning Framework Concept • Educational Collaboration Platform Key Projects
  3. 3. Experience in Learning, training and certification domain Skills , Domains and Expertise DITA SCORM1.2/2004 TinCan API AICC CBT WBT M-Learning DRM for Learning Content ARALOC Xyleme Moodle iBooks Blackboard CUPID CupidML/Cisco ML QLM3/4 QLM Builder 3 Cisco Solomon (CCNA ELT) Cisco PLE Cisco Digital Kit (Learning Hub) Tandberg Univ. Modules WebEx Courses Cisco Certification Modules Simulations/ Cisco iOS Sim Custom eLearning, m-Learning Content porting for cross platform scenarios Strategic roadmap for enterprise training/certification need UX, Usability innovation related for CBT, WBT, ILT scenarios MOOC Scalable and intelligent Learning Eco-systems 3rd party tools/ frameworks Experiments/ development SpecificationsSpecialties
  4. 4. Educational Eco-System Connected Student Dashboard/ Personal Learning Environment The PLE was all about the eco system that is going to shape all Cisco certification and training roadmaps for next decade. It has super rich cross platform client along with robust backend for cloud based content management, course ware creation and collaboration. http://learningspace.cisco.com
  5. 5. Custom Digital Learning Players Cisco Quick Learning Module 4 The new QLM4 (Quick Learning Modules) template is all about rich user experience that enables you to focus on the Study material, Play with its interactive features and Share your thoughts! http://www.behance.net/gallery/Cisco-QLM4-StudyPlayShare/8148959
  6. 6. Cross-platform Content Porting & Tools/Publisher IDEs Cisco QLM3 Builder Cisco QLM3 Builder is an easy to use wizard based tool for developing Cisco QLM3 courses for iPad, iPhones and Android (ver 2.2 or above, HVGA & VGA), MAC and Windows PC . http://www.behance.net/gallery/Cisco-QLM3-Builder/8148513
  7. 7. SIMPLE: Experiments of DRM enabled Eco-system SIMPLE : Content Distribution Platform from Cloud This is one of proof of concept application demo on how to prepare an eco-system for delivering protected digital content specially related to e-learning and m-learning context. http//www.behance.net/gallery/SIMPLE-Digital-Content- Distribution-from-Cloud/8799949
  8. 8. CUPID: Common Unified Programs for Instruction Delivery Future Self Paced Learning Framework Concept A framework for a new way of instruction delivery for self-paced learning modules/ courses. When it comes to digital part of such an approach, downloadable standalone digital learning materials win the case. So the fact is “self-paced learning” is a reality even in the age of social networking based MOOCs.” So one of the focus area of CUPID team is explore possibilities in the education sectors in developing countries, through exploration of new ways to improve the “self paced learning” domain.. http://www.slideshare.net/MobileWish/cupid-common-unified-programs- for-instruction-delivery
  9. 9. EduDell Educational Collaboration Solution Based on research conducted by Dell Tablet Planning group K12 and Higher Education, it is a clear that almost all customers expressed need for a robust collaborations solutions. EduDell is an answer to these needs which includes: • ILT support: teacher to quickly choose student screens to view or to project • Ease of use: quick way to set-up and connect • Single point solution with high customization
  10. 10. Scenario based interactive CBT & WBT (SCORM/AICC) Interactive courseware Eview, GEMS, WTT Elearning, QSGlobal are some of the best standalone and web based elearning courseware delivered to Maersk Logistics and MaerskLine. These used creative interactive such as TrueSim . Here you can find scenario based tasks and simulations. First the user is provided with a real life scenario and then a demo of the screen cast is provided based on that scenario. At the end of the chapter there was the "Guided Task"..a guided simulation, where an Avatar will guide the user if he makes any mistakes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6Tv8z3gzLc http://samirshomepage.wordpress.com/papers/the-complete-learning-the-learning-for-life/
  11. 11. Thank You.