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MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo
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MobilePaks Channel Engagement Live Demo


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Competing for channel mind share is tough, but imagine the bump in revenue you could achieve if you could actively engage and educate your partners to keep them on-message when selling your products …

Competing for channel mind share is tough, but imagine the bump in revenue you could achieve if you could actively engage and educate your partners to keep them on-message when selling your products and services. See how MobilePaks provides real-time support to channel sellers with content and education that is easy to reference and digest from any device. The SaaS product is available on any device and from within the CRM or channel portal. This presentation is part of a half-hour live demo of how MobilePaks can bring out the best in your sales team, including features and benefits and real success stories.

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  • Good morning. Thank you for joining our webinar. Today we’re going to show how MobilePaks increases channel and partner knowledge and engagement with your brand by providing the best possible information when and where it’s needed.
  • Chanin: Name drop. Include customer and client-side experience.
  • What
    Features-How MP can be used as a stand alone or integrated into a 3rd party platform or even your portal
    Case Study
    Then we’ll answer any questions and I’ll provide my contact information for reaching me at a later time.
  • Speaking notes:

    Channel partnerships can be productive relationships, with increased revenue and market share for everybody. But research by Sirius Decisions indicates that although most channels partner with six or seven suppliers, they only actively sell for one or two. What are the select few doing that’s engaging their channel partners so effectively?

    MobilePaks is a tool to help companies nurture successful partnerships to boost engagement, education and ultimately sales effectiveness.

    So let’s star with what we typically see today…
  • Speaking notes:

    Partners are often sent to sent a link to a portal, with the expectation that they’ll be able to find everything they need. But studies show engagement averages about 18% and can be as low as 5%. There are a number of reasons for this, but many that you can control and easily improve on with a product like MobilePaks.

    <Go through slide animation>

    These barriers not only deter use, they increase the odds of salespeople creating their own resources, or accidentally using outdated information.
  • Chanin:

    John: Forrester research from a few years ago showed that 70% of all people have already started sales process/conducted research on their own before contacted by sales. Their latest research now bumps that number up to 90%. Customers are more savvy than ever, and have high expectations.

  • Chanin
  • Speaking notes:

    So how can you improve this? The MobilePaks product is an easy plug-in to your partner – with a quick return on partner education efforts and engagement allowing you to

    Tailor: There are typically three critical stages to channel partner enablement: onboarding, intermediate and long-term. Support content and information should ideally be tailored to the specific part of the channel life cycle.

    Push/Pull: Most partner enablement and education today consists of static content. Including an “push/pull” meaning it should be searchable on-demand from any device, as well you should be able to update and “push” alerts or highlight new aids for your channel

    Mobile is key. A whopping 60% of your channel is likely using a mobile device as their primary means to access vendor information – either smartphone or tablet.

    Feedback and Tracking: With MobilePaks you have the ability to get feedback real-time from your channel. We’ll show you in a few minutes how it works, but you can get feedback on user behavior, consumption, knowledge competency and even how they rate helpfulness of your assets. This helps you to know hat the channel needs to drive sales effectiveness.

  • Speaker notes:

    Intro: Cisco originally reached out to us to better support their Channel Marketing Managers. The sheer number of products as well as the technical nature makes channel support challenging.

    Talk through bullets briefly.
  • Speaking notes:
    As you give the demo it’s important to note the emphasize the following to tie to the ROI and final positioning slides:

    Easy user experience – 2 clicks from any device
    On-demand and push/pull and auto recommend if you seek this feature
    Lower the barrier for sellers to access

    When viewing Paks note how the design and how if facilitates engagement and retention (IMPORTANT to do to tie into positioning)
    Emphasize interactivity
    Retetion building format: Short chunks ~ 5 min or less. Studies show that interaction every 45 seconds boosts retention. Asking brain reinforcing questions to boost retention
    Engagement widgets – NOT JUST PASSIVE CONTENT . Studies show 4 out of 5 prefer an interactive Pak with an engagement each page vs. PDF format.

    Tracking and ROI
    Note this by looking at the dashboard only
    Track user behavior by channel, role and/or individual
    Customize widgets to your particular KPIs for your channels

  • Speaker Notes:

    With MobilePaks you can support repeatability in your channel which is critical to reaching your revenue goals. Typically we’ll see this as three types: Education, enablement support and of course customer facing/collateral. Here are a few examples.

    - See more at:
  • Playbooks: information-rich resources, but when they are massive presentations or PDFs—inconvenient to access and difficult to use/find relevant information.
  • Employees will start to look for their own solutions to getting their jobs done while being “mobile first,” which may not be up to snuff for the organization in terms of security standpoint or messaging quality.
    Imagine how impactful it would be if your reps could access it on their mobile devices in their moment of need
  • Speaker notes

    Lastly, as shown from the demo tracking behavior is key to improving sales effectiveness of your channel.

    Your partner execution plan should focus on factors of training and providing the necessary quick job aids and sales resources they need to be successful. Instead of peppering the partner with quarter-end calls to check on pipeline, channel managers should continually track mutual progress (e.g. training programs delivered, partner participation, selling resources the partner committed to, and frequency of deals closed). By doing so, channel marketers can detect if a partner needs to hire or assign additional reps or ensure that training is being optimized.

    - See more at:
  • Speaker Notes:

    Thank you for joining us today.
    If you have any questions, please write them in on the bottom screen and we’ll be sure to respond shortly. I’d also like to add that we’ll send you a copy of the webinar recording as well as our brief Channel Engagement & Education: Modern Approaches for a Modern Age

    if you’d like to explore MobilePaks as an engagement and education tool for your channel – keeping your company top-of-mind, then please contact me, Ken Diamond @. We also have a 14 day Free Trial!

  • Transcript

    • 1. Channel Engagement Live Demo
    • 2. Speaker John Harrison EVP Operations, Product & Client Experience at MobilePaks Prior: Webtrends, Yesmail and Symantec
    • 3. Agenda • Challenges with Engagement • What is MobilePaks? • Customer examples • How it works for channels
    • 4. The Research Most channel partners have six or seven suppliers, yet they only actively sell for one or two. —Sirius Decisions Are you one of the select few?
    • 5. Portals Average 18% Engagement • Cluttered and disorganized • Static/passive content • Difficult to consume • Out of date, irrelevant • Not easy to find, not mobile
    • 6. High Buyer Expectations 57% of customers feel that salespeople are poorly prepared or not prepared for initial meetings. —IDC Research
    • 7. MobilePaks stops the sales effectiveness gap. 1. Drives revenue and productivity by automatically recommending the right support to Sellers at the exact right time. 2. Guides marketers to provide content in a way that sales people learn, retain and use.
    • 8. Improving Education and Engagement • Tailor education to each stage • Push/pull engagement • Mobile – any device • 2-way communication and feedback • Tracking and analytics
    • 9. Case Study • Problem: Knowledge lagged and engagement levels unknown. Unable to know how to influence and support. • Solution: Improved engagement with real-time push/pull of training, job aids and marketing resources. • Benefit: Increased Manager competency. Reporting visibility helped guide improvements in training and channel optimization.
    • 10. MobilePaks Demo
    • 11. Enable Partners to: Onboard, Upsell and Close New Customers Education Enablement Marketing collateral • Email templates • Scripts • Case studies, data sheets • Presentations • Webinars • Etc. • Onboarding and sales kits • Product updates • Sales playbooks • Customer and demo videos/examples • Finance and deal registration • Spiffs and promotions • ROI calculators • Product training • Sales training • Quizzes and certifications
    • 12. What Brain Science Tells Us  Push/pull  Fit into their daily activities  Short and engaging – 5 min or less  1 interaction every 45 seconds  Space for reinforcement Applying relevant knowledge directly after learning it boosts retention to 90%
    • 13. Example: Sales Playbooks of the Past
    • 14. Example: The Modern Sales Playbook  Modular and on-demand  Short, engaging. Easy to learn and retain  Tracks feedback and usage to drive improvement
    • 15. Track Channel Progress Quickly detect if a partner needs to hire/assign additional reps or ensure training is being optimized. • Partner engagement and participation • Training consumption • Seller competency • Selling resources used = Correlate to frequency of deals closed
    • 16. Thank you! Get your complimentary copy of our brief: Sales Playbooks of the 21st Century Ask us about our 14 day FREE trial: 1-800-737-8481