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Mobile Marketing and Mobile Web Traffic Stats 2011

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  • As we all know, mobile is quickly becoming very important for online marketing. This chart shows the increasing number of devices that are avaliable, and the size of the circles represents the number of users expected through 2020. You can see that mobile internet is expected to be significantly more integrated than desktop internet.
  • This chart shows the adoption curve associated with the number of subscribers based on the first 20 quarters after launch. The red line is the growth of AOL, the yellow line is docomo and iMode in Japan, the blue line is the adoption rate of Netscape Navigator and the green line at the top is the growth rate of iPhone and iTouch. What you can see here is that the iPhone and iTouch has been adopted at a much faster rate than these other technologies. In my opinion this is partially because the internet predacessors set the path and created the desire to be online and the iPhone/iTouch and mobile internet as a whole gave people unlimited access to it.
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  • People frequently access the mobile web at the same time as they are consuming other media. 21% said they consume mobile content while watching TV, 13% while listening to the radio, 12% while working on their desktop, 8% while emailing. Other tasks include using MMS, reading the newspaper, reading magazines, using an MP3, playing video games, instant messaging and playing PC video games. This is another indication that integration of mobile marketing in to all of your marketing channels including offline media is very important.
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    1. 1. Mobile Stats2011<br />Sydney, 2011<br />By: Cindy Krum, Mobile Moxie<br />@MobileMoxie on Twitter<br />
    2. 2. The First Mobile Phone<br />
    3. 3. Mobile Communication is Important World Wide<br />Democracies<br />News & Info<br />Community & Conversation<br />Assimilation<br />Economies<br />Mobile Banking<br />Online Payment<br />Small Business<br />Safety & Security<br />Weather Advisories<br />Crime Alerts<br />Drug Verification<br />Education<br />Internet = Almost Limitless Information<br />Usually Free<br />
    4. 4. Mobile Marketing is Powerful<br />But Only if You Are Abel to Capitalize on the Differences<br />Mobile Technology is Different<br /><ul><li>Mass Mobile Convergence
    5. 5. Most Personal Marketing Medium Ever
    6. 6. More Interactive Marketing Possibilities
    7. 7. More Instant Marketing Possibilities</li></ul>Mobile Internet is Different<br /><ul><li>More Interactivity
    8. 8. More Social
    9. 9. Different Use Cases
    10. 10. Immediate Intent
    11. 11. Mobile Search Algorithms</li></li></ul><li>Why is ‘Now’ So Important in Mobile Marketing?<br />Mass Penetration of Mobile Technology<br />Flat-rate Data Pricing<br />Faster Download Speed<br />More Processing Power on Phones<br />True Mobile Web Browsing (iPhone)<br />It is Smart Business Decision<br />Master the Medium Before your Competitors<br />Set the Standard and Be an Innovator<br />Be Ready for the Surge in Demand & Mobile Traffic<br />5<br />
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    14. 14. Mobile Access<br />
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    17. 17. Mobile Phone Penetration<br />
    18. 18. Smart Phone Penetration<br />
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    20. 20. 14<br />By Country:<br />
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    22. 22. Smart Phone OS Penetration<br />
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    28. 28. Mobile with the Offline World:<br />
    29. 29. Cindy Krum<br />CEO & Founder<br /><br />IM/Skype/Twitter: Suzzicks<br />Follow @MobileMoxie<br />720-231-7277<br /><br />