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Mobile Site Usability
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Mobile Site Usability



How to make mobile websites more user-friendly to encourage mobile conversion and ROI.

How to make mobile websites more user-friendly to encourage mobile conversion and ROI.



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  • But mobile marketing is tough!

Mobile Site Usability Mobile Site Usability Presentation Transcript

  • MobileSite Usability:16 Mistakes to Avoid
    Sydney, 2011
    By: Cindy Krum, Mobile Moxie
    @MobileMoxie on Twitter
  • Overview
    User Experience Is Key
    Too Many Rendering Possibilities
    Hard to Track on Mobile
    People Can Convert without Clicking
    Conversion Can Happen On and Off Line
  • The First Mobile Phone
  • 1. Using a Different Domain
    dotMobi is Dead
    Confusing for Users
    Bad for SEO
    Stick to Primary Domain
    Just ‘m’ is Fine
  • 2. Changing Major Site Elements
    Keep a the Same/Similar Buttons & Navigation Structure (Mostly)
    Keep the Same/Similar Look and Feel
    Include Top Visited Content from the Traditional Site
    If Major Elements are Missing Acknowledge It
  • 3. Missing Elements
    Heavy Code Slows the Load
    JavaScript & AJAX Might Not Work
    Navigation Could Display in Full
    Inability to Hover
    Images May be Missing
    Flash Probably Won’t Work
    Unpredictable Rendering Situations
    Pop-Ups Crash Mobile Browsers
  • 4. Cramming Everything onto a Page
    Pages Get Long Fast
    Load Time is Always a Concern
    3 Column Strategy & Sideways Scrolling Sux
  • 5. Skipping Site-Search
    Keep it at the Top
    Good if Site Elements (Especially Nav) are Broken
    Faster than Drop-Down Nav for People in a Rush
    Good Work-Around if You Limit Mobile Navigation
  • 6. Broken Images
    Background Images May Not Show
    Button Images May Not Show
    Images May Be Stacked
    Text in Images is Unreadable
    Especially Problematic for ‘Sale’ Images
    Images May Be Re-Sized
  • Mobile Scroll #1
    MobileScroll #2
    Scroll #3
    Traditional Web Page
  • 7. Confusing the Call to Action
    Mobile Users Need Clear Instructions
    Mobile Users Need Clear Calls to Action
    17 Seconds to Convert
    About 137 Characters (Average for All Phones)
    Top of the Page - Nothing Beyond 4 Scrolls
    Bail Out Options:
    Complete This Transaction Over the Phone
    We will Send You a Text Message
    We will Send You an Email
  • 8. Broken Forms
    Forms are Generally JavaScript
    Uhhh We just Covered this…..
    Test All Forms on Multiple Phones
    Be Clear
    Field Descriptions
    Required Fields
    Error Messages
    Include Confirmation Notifications
    Track Errors
  • Traditional Page
    Mobile Page
  • 9. Forgetting Mobile-Specific Features
    Link Phone Numbers
    Include a Store Finder, Written Driving Directions & Links to Maps
    Include Hours of Operation
    Link to Application Downloads
    Include Mobile Coupons & Redemption Codes
  • 10. Not Creating Online Mobile & Traditional Synergy
    Use Browser Detection & Redirection
    Mobile To Traditional
    Traditional to Mobile
    Do it on All Pages, Not Just the Home Page
    Include a Link in the Upper Left Corner
    With A Picture
    Text that Says ‘Mobile’
    Links go Page to Page, not Page to Home Page
    Encourage Signup & Account Creation on Web, and Make it Work on Mobile
  • 11. Not Creating Offline Mobile Synergy with Traditional Media
    Promote Mobile Content in Existing Marketing
    Promote on TV & Radio
    Use SMS to Promote:
    Links to the Mobile Site
    Mobile Apps
    Offline Promotions
    Promote Mobile In-Store
    Image Recognition or Barcode Scanners
  • 12. Trusting a Platform with SEO
    Most Endeavors Start with A Search
    Rankings Matter
    MANY Mobile Platforms are Bad for SEO
    Dynamic or Temporary File Names
    Omission of Meta Data
    Lack of Integration with Traditional Site
    Different Domain
    Bad Internal Links
    No External Links
  • iPhone
    Traditional Computer
  • 13. Ignoring Local-Mobile Search
    Submit to Local Search Engines
    Address & Phone Number
    Reviews & Star Rankings
    Submit to Local Search Apps
  • Mobile Ranking
    iPhone in Denver
    Traditional Computer
    iPhone UA Profile on Traditional Computer
  • 14. Not Integrating with Social
    Social is What People Do on their Phones
    Facebook Connect Makes it Easy
    Include Mobile Promotions on your Fan Page
    Link to Mobile Versions of Your Pages
    Tweet Promotion Codes & SMS Contests
  • 15. Not Integrating with Email
    Not as Hard as it Sounds
    Collect Phone Numbers & Email Addresses
    Don’t have to Abandon HTML Emails
    No Platform Changes Necessary
    Super Secret Technique
    Hard to Explain in One Slide
    Prevent Deletion in Mobile Email Reviews
    Reach your Most Loyal Customers
  • Traditional Email
    Mobile Email
  • 16. Letting Apps Market Themselves
    App Marketplaces are Search Engines
    Your App Can also Rank Directly in Google
    You can Drive PPC Traffic to Your App
    You Should Promote Your App from Your Site
    Media Placement & In-App Ads can Drive Downloads
  • Cindy Krum
    CEO & Founder
    IM/Skype/Twitter: Suzzicks
    Follow @MobileMoxie