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Gerd Leonhard Media20


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Presentation given by Gerd Leonhard, MediaFuturist at MobileMonday National Summit in Munich, November, 30, 2009.

Presentation given by Gerd Leonhard, MediaFuturist at MobileMonday National Summit in Munich, November, 30, 2009.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Media 2.0: Mobile, Social, Open...Free? Gerd Leonhard Presentation at Mobile Monday Munich
  • 2. It’s not either... or! versus
  • 3. There is no one-fits-all recipe Not all ‘Content’ is the same Not all Media is the same Not all Users are the same Not all Cultures are the same
  • 4. Murdoch’s imaginary Pay-Walls @Umairh: “Blocking Google is about as smart as eating a pound of plutonium” Source: ABC (Aus)
  • 5. Artificial Scarcity is a one-way ticket to extinction You cannot put content behind walls and generate new $$
  • 6. Personal, digital consumer ‘Piracy’ is simply just Market Failure Source:
  • 7. Free gets you to a place where you can ask to get paid* Quote by Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures *or receive other benefits
  • 8. The product: ease, speed, price, convenience • Good quality images • Finding the right photo is quick and easy • The rights (licenses) are cleared • The price is right (well... mostly) • I don’t pay just for the content - I pay for ease of use, peace of mind, the interface, service & curation...!
  • 9. Content is first a Service & an Experience - and only then (maybe) a Product.
  • 10. Content 2.0: New Packaging
  • 11. New ways to ‘sell’
  • 12. The virtual goods economy is very real
  • 13. Hybrid Models in many variations
  • 14. Not consumption... Access, Packaging... Service!
  • 15. Content Commerce 2.0: don’t try to sell what is Ubiquitous - sell what is Scarce
  • 16. Digital Music: still utterly dysfunctional...
  • 17. Copies don’t equal $$ anymore Source:
  • 18. Source: Slideshare
  • 19. What are those new behaviors...? • Access comes before ownership • All-you-can-eat / unlimited / flat fees & bundles are much preferred • ‘Feels Like Free’ will be part of everything • Paying with attention (aka advertising) is OK! Trust the People formerly known as Consumers
  • 20. And yes... some breakage will occur, too
  • 21. Music: time to accept and adapt!
  • 22. Every large audience can be monetized
  • 23. A wave that Content Owners must learn to ride Attention - Based Revenues Was Is Soon Near Future Mid-term F
  • 24. Apps not Ads: Appvertising not @vertising
  • 25. The rising tide will float everyone’s boat
  • 26. Co nv en ien ce is King is ce an is lev Re XT Content is TE on C
  • 27. The New Premium The new Normal
  • 28. We must focus on the New Generatives Content Context Curation 5% Timeliness 20% Embodiment / Packaging 15% Relevance Others 15% 15% 10% 20% 100% Content / Copy
  • 29. Filtering & Curation is a huge opportunity
  • 30. TeleMedia is imminent
  • 31. Content<>Cloud<>$
  • 32. ISPs and Mobile Operators will move up the food-chain: Social Networking Content Services Communication 2.0 Money 2.0 eLearning
  • 33. 2010: watch the sea change
  • 34. Content 2.0: the inevitable Shift to Open Open licenses Open innovation Open distribution Open competition Open partnerships Open technologies Open data standards
  • 35. Ecosystem not Egosystem Internet Telecom Content Social Networks Advertising CE Makers
  • 36. Summary 5% 15% 20% 15% 15% 10% 20% Content Context Curation Timeliness Embodiment / Packaging Relevance Others
  • 37. Thanks for your attention! email me at facebook: gleonhard
  • 38. PS: My free Music 2.0 Book is now mobilized !