Facebook Day with Telefonica's Blue Via
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Facebook Day with Telefonica's Blue Via



Presentation at http://www.mobile-monday.de/events/kick-ass-m2d2-developing-facebook-html5-mobile-games-apps

Presentation at http://www.mobile-monday.de/events/kick-ass-m2d2-developing-facebook-html5-mobile-games-apps



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Facebook Day with Telefonica's Blue Via Facebook Day with Telefonica's Blue Via Presentation Transcript

  • Telkos suck!?Herbert Schmid
  • What do you(really) think of telcos?
  • Using odd standards !
  • Using web standardsOfficial SDK‘s Code examples on github: https://github.com/BlueVia/BlueVia/tree/master/examples All the logos above are the property of their respective owner
  • Greedy!
  • Sharing!20% of incoming SMS / MMS traffic10% of outgoing SMS / MMS traffic50% of advertising revenue70% of app sales70% of subscription paymentse.g. UK > 80% and Germany > 70%
  • A new revenue source for developers Application In-App NEW Sales PaymentsSubscriptions Revenue Share for Network Operator services Freemium (premium features Advertising via in-app payments)
  • Fragmented!
  • One platform for all countries DeveloperCustomers Customers Customers Customers Customers Customers Customers ~ 200 Mio Users already integrated
  • Unified ?WAC – one cross operator API
  • Not (really) interested in developers !!
  • Creating shared knowledge! Offered by BlueVia Contributed Sponsored Free Ads Found member Plannedhttp://www.slideshare.net/bluevia/bluevia-marketing-toolkit-8294884http://www.visionmobile.com/rsc/researchreports/VisionMobile-Developer_Economics_2011.pdfhttp://www.m-e-f.org/fileadmin/user/Suhail/Enablers/MEF_Guide_to_Enabling_services_FINAL.pdf
  • Country reports on bluevia.com
  • What do you think? STILL ?
  • What do telcos add to (my) App Development?
  • Payment (via WAC)
  • Russian payment Roulette
  • Virtual goods - Dating
  • Virtual goods - Fashion
  • Using the Context API
  • Text Deck Pro / SMS API
  • Car sharing App / SMS MT
  • Fleet Management / LBS
  • Want to test it?1. Try the API console to familiarise with REST calls2. use the sandbox to simulate error conditionsc Just use the sandbox URLs: https://api.bluevia.com/services/REST/SMS_Sandbox/... https://api.bluevia.com/services/REST/MMS_Sandbox/...3. run your app under real conditions in testing mode Use the following test URL: https://bluevia.com/test-apps/authorise Get monthly credits for: - Sending SMS/MMS to your app (MO) - Sending SMS/MMS from your app (MT)
  • So everything is hunky dory? We don’t have API ubiquity in all countries OAuth 1.0 is problematicThe „Customer pays / Revenue Share“ model is not simple BlueVia only supports O2 customers We are in Public Beta - We need your Feedback - We continuously improve the platform
  • Let’s give it a try!