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  • 1. Mobile Web in a TV World Engaging Users on the Third Screen Stephen Strubel, October 2009 1
  • 2. Who is SevenOne Intermedia? n 100% subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG n Multimedia service provider for the P7S1 Group n Online, mobile, teletext and games activities 6,0 n 12 online sites with more than 30 million unique users* n Mobile business: Mobile TV, VoD, Mobile Web, 56,7 Mobile Access, Mobile Content… * AGOF internet facts 2009-II 2
  • 3. Our Mobile Web and Applications Portfolio 5 Apps 14 Mobile Websites 20+ Mio. Page Impressions / month 3
  • 4. How do we make money with the Mobile Web? 1. Build a Mobile Web service 2. Drive traffic to the site 3. Sell advertising 4
  • 5. Know your user and tailor your product to their behaviour „ Any mobile web strategy must begin with an understanding of the target audience and what they want from a site… “ - Cameron Moll ProSieben Mobile users… n 66% male, 44% between 20-29 n 33% own Sony Ericsson phones, mostly post-paid n 32% use the Mobile Internet several times a day n are interested in information about ProSieben shows as well as VIP, Entertainment and Movie news. * SevenOne Media, Online Survey, March 2009, n=969 5
  • 6. Create added value Various sensors Access content Personal anywhere and anytime Always on Always connected Captures social context Built-in payment channel Always with you Accurate audience info Always present at point of creative impulse Location capability 6
  • 7. Example: Lokalisten Mobile n Send and receive messages from your friends while you are on the go n Take photos with your phone and share them with others n Check out what your friends are doing n View a map with the location of your friends n Receive notifications about new messages 7
  • 8. Think about seamless multi-channel user experience n Make all content available to all channels n Utilise cross-channel personalisation n Socially-enable everything n Make seamless for users, but also developers, partners and advertisers. * Paul Golding, „ Going Mobile in a Mobile 2.0 World“ Dec 2008 , 8
  • 9. Mobile App vs. Mobile Web App Mobile Web n More convenient n No need to download/install n Better user experience (faster… ) n Works on all devices with browser. n Higher usage n Easier to develop. Cheaper to maintain n Access to device features n Higher penetration / more unique users n Access to local memory/cache n Higher CTR for advertisers n … n … 9
  • 10. ran goes Mobile Mobile Web iPhone Android Palm Pre 10
  • 11. How to drive traffic to the Mobile Website? Operator Video TV Mobile Online Search Print Portal Podcast 11
  • 12. Summary n Understand your target audience and what they want from your site n Focus on user experience and to create added value. n Provide a seamless multi-channel user experience. n Don‘ abandon the Mobile Web in favour of applications t n Use all possible means to market your Mobile Website. 12
  • 13. Stephen Strubel Senior Manager Mobile Services SevenOne Intermedia GmbH Ein Unternehmen der ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG Medienallee 6 D-85774 Unterföhring Tel. +49 [89] 9507-8981 Fax +49 [89] 9507-98981 stephen.strubel@sevenoneintermedia.de www.sevenoneintermedia.de 13