On device research alistair hill - mobile retail summit


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On device research alistair hill - mobile retail summit

  1. 1. Alistair HillIn-Store Stat Attack
  2. 2. 60% have used the internet/apps on their mobile phone in a retail storeQ: Have you used the internet or applications on your mobile phone when you are in a retail store?Sample: 558
  3. 3. In-store, consumers are most likely to use their mobileinternet to compare prices, look for discounts & reviews 34% 23% 17% 16% 16% 16% 5% Compare prices Email or Social Look at product Look up product Scan in barcodes to Look for a mobile Buy items through Networks reviews specifications compare prices discount your mobile phone codes/voucherQ: When you’re in a store, what do you use mobile internet for?Sample: 558
  4. 4. Using the mobile internet in-store to researchproducts, encourages consumers to buy in-store 34% Bought the product in-store 14% Bought the product in a different store 11% Bought the product on a desktop/laptop 9% Decided not to purchase 9% Bought the product on their phoneQ. After looking up a product on your mobile in a store, what did you do?Sample: 558
  5. 5. 38% have already used a stores free WiFi however 78% would use the service if offeredQ. Some stores are now offering free WiFi. Have you ever used free WiFi on your mobile phone in a retail store?Q. If a store offered free WiFi internet access would you use it?Sample: 558
  6. 6. By offering free WiFi it not only improves customersopinion of the store, it gives them confidence they’regetting the best deal 42% 36% 25% 17% Improve your opinions of the store Contribute to the store experience Give you confidence you were getting Give you confidence you were buying the best deal the best productQ: By a store offering free WiFi does it prompt you to feel any of the following?Sample: 558
  7. 7. If logged on to a stores WiFi 74% would be happy for the company to send a text/ e-mail with promotional offersQ. If you logged on to a stores WiFi would you be happy for the company to send you a text/e-mail with promotional offers,coupons or vouchers?Sample: 558
  8. 8. Popularity of using discount vouchers will continue andmobile is the preferred future method of redeeming 53% 34% 6% Mobile phone Dont plan to use Printed voucher vouchers/couponsQ. How would you prefer to redeem your discount vouchers or coupons in the future?Sample: 558
  9. 9. Summary• 60% of respondents have used their mobile phone in-store• They’re most likely use it to compare prices• 78% said if a store offered free Wi-Fi they would use it• Mobile is the preferred method of redeeming coupons11Project NameClient name
  10. 10. For more information please contact:Alistair Hillalistair@ondeviceresearch.comFull presentation is available to download on SlideShare12Project NameClient name