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Mobile gambling summit stream20
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Mobile gambling summit stream20


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Benchmarking Excellence in Mobile
  • 2. Stream:20 Core Service Groupings Digital Sales Planning Digital Organisation Digital Sales Toolkit Digital Sales Delivery Optimising your business structure and skillsets for digital success Ensuring the correct toolkits are implemented for success Providing innovative strategic support and analysis to drive your digital sales function Driving incremental revenue across Desktop/ Mobile/Tablet
  • 3. Planning realities in mobile 20%-50% of traffic is now mobile Conversion is often up to 50% lower on mobile
  • 4. Digital Benchmarking Delivery Channel marketing Display Email Social PPC SEO Affiliates Emerging channels Offline to online eCommerce Conversion UX Self care Mobile web Mobile apps Planning Forecasting Segment. & Data Planning Attribution Pricing & Offers Acquisition Strategy Retention Strategy Content Marketing Retargeting Strategy Toolkits Performance Reporting ESP Affiliate network Ad Server Analytics Organisation Structure & resource KPI ownership & alignment Supplier management 29 core areas (score of 0-5) 155 factors where you can achieve marginal gains (score of 0-5) 4 pillars (score of 0-5) Overall score (score of 0-5)
  • 5. Benchmark Group
  • 6. DB score Mobile site Tracking , Analytics 5 Full adaptive mobile site developed following an earlier responsive design. You are now able to share content across device and also tailor content based on mobile vs. online. Full tracking and analytics across the site, all pages and entry points 4 3 Online site is optimised for mobile devices and is a responsive design based on screen size & resolution Basic tracking used. Desktop analytics provide insights into devices usage 2 1 No mobile site No tracking used Competency Spectrum Advanced Basic Competitive 3.0 3.1
  • 7. DB score Promotion Data 5 Cross channel activity builds awareness of our mobile offer and helps drive activity through to the mobile site Mobile customers fully integrated into database to form a single customer view. Data is also collected for mobile numbers as part of any registration both on and offline 4 3 Limited promotion of the mobile site through one to two media channels Some ability to draw conclusions from analytics on customer value, behaviour of mobile customers, transactions etc. but data is very high-level and is never truly accurate against other channels 2 1 No mobile promotion is place. Users typically only find our mobile offering via a redirect or by accident No data integration & limited customer insight generated from mobile web. Organisation lacks the insight to gain any momentum from the mobile channel to help produce any further budget contribution Competency Spectrum Advanced Basic Competitive 2.4 2.2
  • 8. DB score Creative Strategy 5 Mobile site is endorsed by your brand and marketing teams and is a truly integrated experience Clearly defined long term strategy across all devices, platforms and innovations with clear road map of how the organisation plans to adapt mobile 4 3 The mobile site ties in to wider user experience of the brand. User experience has been tested & optimised Mobile strategy in place but is focused on device rather than offering 2 1 The look and feel of the mobile site is not reflective of your site. The user experience is poor e.g. not thumb friendly. Brand guidelines or treatment is not adhered to. No long term strategy for mobile web in place - reactive not proactive in adapting any strategy for mobile Competency Spectrum Advanced Basic Competitive 2.8 2.9
  • 9. Benchmark Group
  • 10. CONVERSIONPOINTThe real challenge is cross platform activity Call CentreMobile WebApp Ecosystem MARKETING Web Retail CONSUMER
  • 11. The real challenge is cross platform activity Call CentreMobile WebApp Ecosystem Web Retail CONSUMERMARKETINGBUSINESS Planning issues • Cross platform is the biggest challenge – consumers are already there • It’s a great opportunity to get ahead • Tracking across platform is a massive issue with very few viable solutions • Understanding where you are – can dictate when you can make the most of the channel
  • 12. Conclusions • The benchmark group – shows still very early days in mobile • Opportunities exist to get well ahead – depending on where you are in you area of development • Mobile as cross platform needs to be embraced • Structured planning will help you define where to go
  • 13. Thank you @stream20 @eumeus