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MML - 2012 - Paul childs mm_live_october_2012_final

  1. 1. thesmarterbuying platform
  2. 2. mobile rtbbasicsPaul Childs, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder
  3. 3. Introducing Adfonic• Access to 100 billion+ impressions per month • 100 mobile advertising experts• Average of 6000 campaigns per month • 7 international offices• 250 million mobile unique users per month London San Francisco New York Paris Munich Madrid Singapore
  4. 4. Our achievements• National Business Awards 2012 Finalist: Small to Medium-Sized Business of the Year• Red Herring 2012 A Europe Top 100 Company• The Guardian Digital Innovation Awards 2012 Finalist: Best Startup Leader/CEO• Startups Awards 2011 Winner: Angel or VC backed Business of the Year Finalist: Mobile Business of the Year• Effective Mobile Marketing Awards 2011 Finalist: Most Effective Mobile Advertising Platform / Network• Mobile Entertainment Awards 2011 Finalist: Best Advertising Network• Growing Business Awards 2011 Finalist: Digital Innovator of the Year
  5. 5. Benefits from an advertiser’s perspective1) Process improvements  Paperwork, price negotiation, trafficking2) Buyer efficiency  Advertisers pay market value3) Price control  Advertisers set the price they are willing to pay4) Instantaneous optimization  Changes effective immediately5) Transparency  Advertisers choose publishers
  6. 6. Benefits from a demand platform perspective1) Price negotiation  Removed2) Inventory negotiation  Removed3) Traffic availability  Immediately4) Instantaneous optimization  Changes effective immediately5) Low human touch  Automation and algorithms
  7. 7. Benefits from a publisher’s perspective1) Highest price (sometimes)  Competition for the same impressions  Coupled with retargeting and data  Price floors prevents low bidding tactics2) Sets market price for publisher inventory  Competitive demand3) More efficient use of inventory  Inventory not carved out into pots; no daisy chaining  All inventory is in effect “in play”4) Attractive option for non-premium inventory  Potential to sell out remnant inventory
  8. 8. Data availabilityRTB versus Non-RTB 7x 3x Age Gender Source : Adfonic
  9. 9. Click through ratesRTB versus Non-RTB2.50 On average, RTB delivered 59% higher CTR2.00 RTB1.501.00 Non-RTB0.50 June July August0.00 Source : Adfonic
  10. 10. Common retargeting use cases today Acquisition  Do not show banners to users who have already installed the app Installed base  Target lapsed users to stimulate usage  Cross-promote other applications
  11. 11. Possible top uses cases for retargeting1) Tap the best audiences  Align campaign with vertical usage2) Reduce media wastage  High propensity to click and convert3) Usage behaviour  Usage patterns uncover further data points4) Control exposure  Global frequency capping5) Socio-demographic  Mixing behaviour and socio-demographic data
  12. 12. Retargeting : impact on pricing Predicted value for a travel ad Usage We have behaviour already exposed the user 3 times to ad Bid price Socio-demo Historical data, etc. Interest for travel Base propensity To click
  13. 13. Transparency into … Pricing Publisher Brand safety Pricing levels App/site IAB categories Market price Private exchange Content Verification Tools Media costs URL known Margins Channels
  14. 14. What data sets are available First party data e.g. publisher Second party data Third party data e.g. behavioural e.g. Blue Kai
  15. 15. Inventory shifting quicklyMost SSPs/exchanges moving to RTB for at least some of their inventory RTB ad requests as share of quarterly total, Adfonic 2012 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Q1 Q2 Q3
  16. 16. Thank youPaul Childs, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder