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Mm live 2012_ netbiscuits Mm live 2012_ netbiscuits Presentation Transcript

  • You dont need a Mobile Strategy,your Strategy needs MobileAndrea RamponiDirector Business Development & Partnership EMEANetbiscuits 1 October 2012
  • Nothing is the same since the iPhone Mobile is the first truly personal mass media  It is our permanent companion  It puts the Web at our fingertips 24/7  It empowers us to consume when we like Mobile vs. Desktop 2007 - 2015E (millions of users, gobally) Source: ComScore (Morgan Stanley), Q1 2012 October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 2
  • Mobile is a Real Game Changer Consumers now use more than one device  Mobile services - one among many touch points  Combination of connected platforms and local devices Web Usage in % can imagine to use in the future used for web access already today Source: Yahoo Germany, February 2012 October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 3
  • But even Top Business is not Getting it Right 80% of FTSE companies do not yet support mobile devices on their corporate websites Source: "How mobile-ready is the FTSE100?" Magus Research Ltd and Investis Ltd, Feb 2012  4.25 mobile content optimisation issues on average per page  Only 35% are using device detection to ensure their mobile content is correctly served  Basic failings in execution undermine mobile investment October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 4
  • Mobile Impacts on the Entire Business Focus on Performance & Quality for Users Source: Masha Fisch, Google Mobile Ads Marketing, Sep 25, 2012 October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 5
  • Disappointed Mobile Users go to Competitors Source: 1. Missed revenue opportunity 2. Loss of brand loyalty 3. Competitive disadvantage October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 6
  • Mobile in YOUR Strategy Means People First Mobile is about people and corporate culture  Your business owners need to understand and embrace mobility: It is a part of everything – a horizontal in every value chain  It is paramount to understand your audience’s mobile use cases and determine how you serve them where and when they want it October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 7
  • Anchor Mobile in YOUR StrategyMobile is also about process and technology The challenge of mobile is how to harness diverse technology for the needs of your business There is no one right solution: Mobility is a complex, multi-channel, multi-device and cross platform technology October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 8
  • Best Practice for YOUR StrategyFour things that DIY-solutions cannot sustainably guarantee Quality – Provide the best possible user experience on the widest range of devices Efficiency – Use standard technologies, leverage leading platforms and partners Performance – Rely on infrastructure and services proven to be enterprise-class ROI – Go Web-first to accelerate time to market, maximize reach, and cut costs October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 9
  • Five Key Trends to be Ready for Be integrative, be adaptive, be targeted 1. Mobile Device Proliferation 2. Web Access 3. Web Usage 4. Mobile Application Development 5. Move to Cloud October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 10
  • Why Customers Choose Netbiscuits The global leader in web development cloud platforms  Ease of use and speed of deployment  Best customer mobile web experience  World leading integration into top web service vendors  Most comprehensive, fully tested & quality-assured device library  Legacy &future technology protection with Adaptive Strategy  Lowest total cost of ownership October 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 11
  • Thank You Andrea Ramponi a.ramponi@netbiscuits.comOctober 11, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 12