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Eagle eye solutions steve rothwell - mobile retail summit

  1. 1. All about…mobile coupons and vouchersMobile Retail Summit26th January 2012Steve Rothwell – CEOEagle Eye
  2. 2. About us • Est. 2003, Eagle Eye coupon technology patented 2009 • Team made up of retail and mobile experts • Sir Terry Leahy investor/board
  3. 3. What we do in-store redemption without the headache And made it possible to We took a frequently Put it on the mobile redeem in-store using used, proven idea phone the existing payment equipment
  4. 4. Consumers want coupons Coupons •61% of consumers use coupons up from 52% *1 •800% YOY increase in queries for coupons, vouchers & offers*2 Mobile •50% viewing retail business site on mobile *1 •13% of all retail search queries are mobile and 29% of restaurant queries *1 Mobile + Coupons •59% people want mobile coupons *4 •22% of mobile media users have redeemed a mobile coupon*5 •Global mobile coupon market worth $5.4bn now*6 •Grow to $43bn in 5 years*6 ‘Real-time, needs-driven discounts’ (eConsultancy)*1 Valassis, May 2011 *2 Think Mobile Google 2011 *3 KANTAR Oct 2011 *4 Orange Exposure 2 2010*5 IAB Oct 2011 *Forrester Nov 2011
  5. 5. Current Scenario Dave POS Kate APP Stores on High St, Retail Parks, SMS Shopping Malls & Supermarkets Phoebe
  6. 6. The coupon overlay Dave Drives Kate customer engagement. Instore POS APP More customers in- SMS store more often. Phoebe Live & secure offer & coupon redemption CLOSING THE LOOP
  7. 7. Media accountability & re-marketing Dave Platform Issuance & Live Redemption data Redemption SMS Instore POS SMS APP Press Basket Kate SMS Poster Location APP Email / Coupon Other clubs App Re-marketingFacebook Phoebe Target Reports Offers Media Efficiently Data Method By customer Tel no
  8. 8. CRM integration Supermarket Dave • Comes in on a Thursday Platform • Big purchaser of ethnic styles foods in small quantities Issuance & Live Redemption data • Regularly shops in Redemption London local stores CRM INTERFACE during the week Instore POS SMS APP Basket • Responsible for Kate the big shop in SMS household Location • Regular purchaser of current affair & fashion magazines APP • Buys large quantities of ‘healthy’ brand food Other ranges CRM /Loyalty • Has a student card • Shops mainly in Platform local stores in small Phoebe quantities Tailored Loyalty • Big purchaser of pasta, sauces and Programmes fruit Sophisticated • Buys a lot of 241 Data offers Management
  9. 9. The challenge!
  10. 10. In-store Redemption NFCChip & PIN mobile couponsScanning Biometrics
  11. 11. Synchronisation of retailers & brands… mobile coupons
  12. 12. Crowded market… Hi Dave Your ID is 3183000 Here are your vouchers
  13. 13. Retailer benefits?
  14. 14. Operations at the retailer Time and location based offers Removes Removes promotional fraud & mis- hijacking redemption Staff can focus on Single POS process fulfilling order for all offers
  15. 15. Some examples
  16. 16. Examples What they did • Exclusive promotion to all T-Mobile Customers advertised via mobile, TV, print and outdoor activity • Weekly offer to all customers developing loyalty to T-Mobile • Customer text in to request a mobile coupon • Coupons redeemed through existing Chip and PIN infrastructure in all Blockbuster stores in the UK. Results • Large consumer engagement results achieved – 2million requests • High redemption rates – 400k • Increase in basket size 38% • High volumes of consumer re-use
  17. 17. Karen Millen What they did • The existing Karen Millen EPoS system integrated with Eagle Eye’s mobile gift voucher technology through a simple system software upgrade. • Customers could buy Karen Millen gift vouchers directly through their existing website • Offered mobile voucher issuance as an option at the customer point of purchase. • Once the transaction is approved, the customer received an SMS message containing a unique PIN code, which was redeemed by entering it into the standard in-store Chip and PIN terminal. Results • Since Sept 2010, online mobile gift voucher sales outstrip paper version 3:1 • Return on initial investment took just 58 days • Customer insight gathered to develop mobile and wider marketing strategies
  18. 18. Thanks for listeningSteve Rothwell, CEOsteve@eagleeye.com