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  1. 1. April 5th, 2011
  2. 2. AGM Agenda - MEIC Vision History - Company Presentation Future Plans Research/Policy Global Outreach Commercialization/Innovation - Company Presentation Events Membership Formation of Working Groups Financial Report Board Election
  3. 3. Dr. Sara DiamondPresident, OCADUDr. Sara Diamond is the President of the OCAD University, Canada’s “university of the imagination”. She holds aPhD in Computer Science and degrees in new media theory and practice, social history and communications.While retaining OCAD Universitys traditional strengths in art and design, she has led her university to become aleader in digital media and design research and curriculum through the Digital Futures Initiative, towards newresearch in Inclusive Design and health and design, as well as in sustainable technologies and design. She hasalso led OCAD University to begin the unique Aboriginal Visual Culture Program.She is founding Chair of the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre and current co-chair (with RBC).She is avisualization, wearable technology and mobile media researcher, artist and designer. She is co-principleinvestigator on the Centre for Information Visualization/Data Driven Design, an OCADU/York University majorinitiative. Diamond was the Artistic Director of Media and Visual Art and Director of Research at the BanffCentre, where she created the Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) in 1995 and led it until 2005. She, a performance and media art, fashion and software collaboration environment.Diamond continues to write about digital media history, digital media and design strategy for peer reviewedjournals and curates for festivals and galleries.
  4. 4. Avi PollockHead, Innovation and Strategic Planning - RBCAs Head, Innovation & Strategic Planning, Avi leads strategic planning for RBCs Technology & Operationsorganization. His innovation team has an enterprise-wide mandate to stimulate innovative activity. He is amember of the senior executive team that operates Technology and Operations (T&O) and is a frequentspeaker on Innovation as well as mobile and social media strategies.Avi is a member of the Faculty for the Masters Certificate in Innovation Management program at the SchulichExecutive Education Program and Adjunct Faculty for the Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight andInnovation at Ontario College of Art. Avi currently serves as Industry Chair on the Board of the MobileExperience Innovation Centre, a non-profit focused on developing Ontarios role in the mobile economy. Heis on the Advisory Board for Change Inc. a collaboration between United Way of York Region and YorkUniversity to incubate and invest in promising innovations to tackle complex social issues in York Region.
  5. 5. Our VisionThe vision of the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre (MEIC) is to provide leadership in buildinginnovation capacity and design excellence in Canada’s mobile and wireless industries. Founded bythe OCADU, the mission of MEIC is towards the development of a centre for excellence in appliedresearch, strategic foresight, design and commercialization of mobile content, services andtechnology.MEIC engages academia, industry and government through initiatives aimed at furthering research,economic growth and the creation of value and benefit across Canada’s mobile ecosystem.MEIC’s approach facilitates collaboration across competitive stakeholders by focusing on the enrichment of the Canadian business landscape, enhancing networks and increasing opportunitiesfor growth and partnership in regional and international marketplaces.MEIC’s core relationships with leading academic institutions, in Canada and around the world, drawupon research expertise, creativity and imagination in the design and application of newlyenvisioned futures.MEIC’s partnerships with leading corporations, SMEs and associations, in Canada and internationally,ensure that all MEIC initiatives are strategically relevant to the needs of an ever-changing industryand work towards positioning that industry for future growth.MEIC’s ongoing dialogue with regional, provincial and federal governments has created a forum forsupporting innovation, education and business.
  6. 6. • Founded in 2007• 12 Original Stakeholders• Over 14 months grew to a consortium of over 30 members• 2 major events reaching over 400 people• Growing voice and advocate for mobile research, commercialization + SMEs
  7. 7. Mapping Ontario’s Mobile Industry 2009 - a benchmark MEIC study informing both our perspective and our way forward
  8. 8. Recommendation Highlights• Partnership• Local Networking + Community Support• Commercialization, Talent + Support• Focus on Innovation and User-Centred Design
  9. 9. MEIC is a non-profit organization and focuses on supporting start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs, researchcommercialization and national and international advocacy on behalf of Canadian companies, creating a strongframework in a fragmented industry. With a philosophy tied to the rich heritage of design, MEIC’s core goalsare towards design leadership and strategic foresight, demonstrated through new research and businessopportunities.MEIC will focus on five complementary and interconnected strategies: Strategy 1: Applied Research and Prototyping Strategy 2: Business accelerator & Incubation Strategy 3: Education & Training Strategy 4: Outreach Initiatives Strategy 5: Partnerships & Alliances
  10. 10. A successful MEIC: Has a dynamic membership structure Represents Canadian mobile capacity Promotes Canada as a leading international jurisdiction in the mobile ecosystem Facilitates investment Nurtures the mobile talent pool Provides successful incubator and accelerator programs Leads policy initiatives
  11. 11. Michele Perras – MEIC Founding DirectorMobile Strategist – Transcontinental Media Michele Perras is a designer and researcher focusing on digital strategy, collaborative innovation and human-centred foresight.In her role as the MEICs Founding Director, Michele Perras developed the initial strategies, programs andpartnership framework for MEIC, including management of Innovation and Insight: Mapping Ontarios MobileIndustry, leading MEICs Applied Research and Prototyping Program and founding the MEIC Design Incubator.Michele currently sits on the MEIC Board of Directors and is an MEIC Advisory.Over the past decade, Michele has worked with a wide range of organizations in academia, the non-profit andprivate sectors. She has spoken at international conferences on mobile and locative media,entrepreneurialism and design. Michele is a co-founder of the Toronto chapter of the acclaimed Ignite! speakerseries, and has produced conferences across North America.
  12. 12. Recommendation Highlights• Partnership• Local Networking + Community Support• Commercialization, Talent + Support• Focus on Innovation and User-Centred Design
  13. 13. Partnership
  14. 14. Local Networking + Community SupportMEIC RESEARCH FORUM MEIC RESEARCH LAUNCH 2008
  15. 15. Local Networking + Community Support MEIC3MEIC RESEARCH FORUM MEIC4 MEIC RESEARCH LAUNCH MEIC5 2008 2009
  16. 16. Local Networking + Community Support MEIC3MEIC RESEARCH FORUM MEIC4 MEIC6 MEIC RESEARCH LAUNCH MEIC5 MEIC7 2008 2009 2010
  17. 17. Local Networking + Community Support MEIC3MEIC RESEARCH FORUM MEIC4 MEIC6 MEIC RESEARCH LAUNCH MEIC5 MEIC7 2008 2009 2010
  18. 18. Local Networking + Community Support MEIC3MEIC RESEARCH FORUM MEIC4 MEIC6 MEIC RESEARCH LAUNCH MEIC5 MEIC7 2008 2009 2010
  19. 19. Local Networking + Community Support MEIC3MEIC RESEARCH FORUM MEIC4 MEIC6 MEIC RESEARCH LAUNCH MEIC5 MEIC7 2008 2009 2010
  20. 20. Local Networking + Community Support MEIC3MEIC RESEARCH FORUM MEIC4 MEIC6 MEIC RESEARCH LAUNCH MEIC5 MEIC7 2008 2009 2010
  21. 21. International Outreach
  23. 23. MEIC RESEARCH +PROTOTYPING• 18 month duration• Mandate towards research support, advisory + commercialization• Supported 21 R&P Projects between SMEs, Corporations + Research Institutes• Findings and Model influenced MEIC’s current mandate and programmes
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Matthew MilanCEO, Normative LabsMatthew is an interaction designer with a background in software development, spatial technologyand environmental planning. Over the last ten years, Matthew has lead large design and strategyteams, slept under his desk at successful startups and tried most of the things he’s been told hecouldn’t or shouldn’t.A founding partner at Normative Labs in Toronto, Matthew is passionate about theintersection of design methods, network technologies and the physical world.
  26. 26. Kathleen Webb Director - MEICKathleen Webb as the Director of The Mobile Experience Innovation Centre is committed to developingprograms and offerings in support of membership growth and value to the mobile industry.She has consulted to most of the digital media associations within Canada and the many of universities andcolleges within Ontario. She has helped organizations such as Interactive Ontario (formerly the NMBA),Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance, and Computer Animation Studios of Ontario grow into viableassociations by working with their executive teams to developing strategic plans, access program fundingand develop membership offers.Kathleen is also a business partner of Nordicity. Through Nordicity she has worked on a number of culturalmedia industry profiles and research reports for governments and industry associations including: CONCERT– The Greater Toronto Region’s Potential for Innovation in the Screen-based Industries, Economic Profile ofthe Ontario Computer Animation and Visual Effects Industry, and most recently the CANARIE evaluation.
  27. 27. MEIC R ESEARCH H IGHLIGHTS 1: Mobile Media Market Map • Interactive presentation of Canada’s mobile media industry – Illustrate segments of the value chain – Include Canadian: companies, innovators, partnering examples – Global opportunities • Target Audience: Canadian Trade Commissioners • Client: DFAIT • Completion date: April 29, 2011
  28. 28. 2: Mobile Innovation: Ontario’s Growing Mobile Content, Services and Applications Industry 2011Builds upon earlier 2009 research – Innovation and Insight: Mapping Ontario’s Mobile Network A five-pronged research approach:Profile the current mobile Identify majorcontent, services, platform opportunities and gaps forand applications ecosystem; industry growth including the ability of theseAssess their economic industries to scale up inimpact and financial Ontario, Canada andclimate; towards the international market;Identify key trends that willaffect industry growth over Develop a collaborativethe next three years; framework for strategic partnerships and ecosystem support.
  29. 29. 3: Taking Ontario Mobile – T.O.M. - a compelling vision for a Mobile OntarioThis comprehensive research project will: Provide a strategy to achieve Analyze the social and a Mobile Ontario economic benefits of Taking Ontario Mobile Analyze the requirements for Taking Ontario Mobile across Propose mechanisms through identified important sectors which government, industry such as mGovernment, and academia can assist in mEducation, mHealth building a Mobile Ontario Analyze the technology Analyze the costs and provide infrastructure needed to Take business models for Taking Ontario mobile Ontario Mobile Analyze and propose the Provide a road map and collaborations needed to timeline for Taking Ontario Take Ontario mobile by Mobile bridging these sectors and infrastructure requirements
  30. 30. MEIC G LOBAL O UTREACHInternational Outreach:BrazilMobile Convergence Summit - Rio Content Market, 2011Working with Embassy and Ambassador to develop summit on coproduction and digital capacityAchilles Media will be a conduit for co-development in BrazilContinue to facilitate research collaborations with companies as partnerIndiaOCAD University - collaborative relationship with National Institute of Design – creating a sharedlaboratory. Mobile video applications, feature phones for education, health & communicationAccess research funding for Ontario companies. Partnership with Tata and other majors in India.Planning to apply for a mission with Canadian companies in mobile spaceSingaporeParticipated in Minister Murray’s mission to Singapore. Met with IDA – board of Ministry ofInformation, Communication and the Arts (MICA)Media Fusion Plan (Digital economy strategy): Goal is to develop ‘intelligent nation’.Champion development of sector, attract direct foreign investment, nurture homegrown mediaenterprisesExchange program – match Singapore and Canadian companies (host in Canada and hold competition,with Communitech)
  31. 31. Commercialization & Innovation: • Supporting mobile game developers use of R & D infrastructure: – Facilitated partnership building (industry/academia) – Access to high-capacity fibre optic network, macro cellular and WiFi access, and compute and storage resources • Open to two companies • Deadline: April 15, 2011
  32. 32. Mobile Design Incubator:• Capital support from OCADU’s Digital Media Research and Innovation Institute• Program funding from the City of Toronto• Gathering place for SMEs and students• Links to OCADU’s mobile, inclusive design, wearable technology and other labs, as well as the resources from university and college partners across Ontario• Current companies: Echo Mobile, Media Lab Toronto, Guardly, Normative, Albedo Informatics
  33. 33. Josh Sookman, Founder & CEOGuardlyJosh is the visionary behind Guardly. He founded the company in 2010 to empower people duringemergencies by connecting them to their personalized safety networks with a single tap. Prior to Guardly,Josh worked at the BlackBerry Partners Fund and RBC Venture Partners where he supported ten investmenttransactions and developed expertise in location-aware applications, mobile business models, gamemechanics and viral distribution strategies.Josh was a Board Observer at SocialDeck (acquired by Google). He is a huge supporter of innovation, youthentrepreneurship and the startup community, and is the co-curator at Toronto [StartupDigest]. Hecompleted his Masters degree at the University of Toronto and his Undergraduate degree at the Universityof Western Ontario.He loves wakeboarding, squash and ping-pong and still enjoys the challenges of writing code to solvecomplex problems.
  34. 34. Mobile Accelerator Program:• Goal is to identify high potential Ontario mobile startups and to get behind them with access to research infrastructure and commercialization support• Components: – Six half-day workshops for growing mobile businesses – Connecting with talent and mentors – Incubation• Program starts in spring of 2011
  35. 35. MEIC PartnershipsPaula GignacPresident – IAB CanadaPaula Gignac, President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB), and former VicePresident of Rogers Women’s Group of Websites, is recognized throughout the industry -- notonly as a pioneering Web Publisher -- but also as an award-winning Interactive marketer andauthor of digital marketing programs for clients as diverse as AirMiles, GlaxoSmithKline, Ford,Proctor + Gamble, Hershey, etc.With more than 15 years of experience in Interactive media, and an unmatched record ofhelping clients achieve success in the Interactive arena, she is the “go-to” expert and thoughtleader on Interactive advertising trends and research in Canada; and also the creator and chiefinstructor of IAB Canada’s industry-leading Intensive, One-Day Course in Interactive Marketing+ Online Advertising.Originally trained as a Wildlife Biologist, Gignac’s perspective on Interactive is about as yin-yang as it gets… In fact, prior to entering the advertising field, Gignac was also a Writer andArtist, having written for magazines as diverse as Fuse and Flare; won a Studio Magazine awardfor her photography; directed the short film Excess Is What I Came For; and produced Glove aspart of InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre ’s first all-female digital art installation show,Game Girls.
  36. 36. Mobile Forums:• Complements the Mobile Accelerator Program and Commercialization & Innovation support services• Components: – Tech Talks: Speaker panel sessions focused on pertinent technology issues and providing networking opportunities • Microsoft Window’s Phone 7 Bootcamp – Tech Offers: Providing mobile entrepreneurs access to software and hardware, for the purpose of developing new products and services • Negotiated free licenses to convenient access to open source – Tech Advisory: Providing technical advisory support services in conjunction with the Tech Offers • In-house technical support
  37. 37. Get Involved with MEIC!The directors on the board who do not occupy offices may chair MEIC working groups.Some suggestions for Working Groups are: Research-Academic Group International Outreach Programming Trends StartUpsWe want your input and would like to open this up to the floor for comments and suggestions.There will be sign up sheets available on the way out for those who are interested in joining orleading a working group.
  38. 38. Finance:• MEIC funded as a coalition by OCADU and OMDC• Incorporated as a non-profit in 2011• Year end is June 30th
  39. 39. AUDITOR: Mike Stoyan, CA Partner, Fuller Landau LLP Fuller Landau is a mid-market, regionalMike is a partner in the Assurance division of Chartered Accountant and Businessthe firm. Mike’s vision, combined with his Advisory firm offering comprehensiveinsight from working in senior level positions solutions to entrepreneurially-led ownerdirectly within industry, provide Fuller Landauwith a unique ability to quickly establish managed businesses.strategic solutions for their clients. As anassurance partner, Mike is responsible foraudit engagements. In addition, he leads ateam with a business advisory focus on allaspects of development, including up-frontfeasibility, execution, due diligence anddisposition strategy.
  40. 40. Stephen Perelgut – Secretary, MEICIBM Canada - Toronto Lab University Relations ManagerStephen PERELGUT is IBM Canadas University Relations Manager working out of the IBM Centre forAdvanced Studies in Markham. He graduated from the University of Torontos Department of ComputerScience with his MSc in 1984. Since then, he has helped start a software company, Holt Software AssociatesInc., which he ran as Vice-President before leaving to join IBM.Stephen is currently in charge of IBMs University Relations within Canada and works with universitiesacross Canada as well as linking to other academic and research institutions around the world. He has beenthe Chair of the Consortium for Software Engineering Research, the leading software engineering researchgroup in the world.Within IBM, Perelgut provides oversight for all linkages between the company and academia includingresearch collaborations, recruiting, sales and technical skills exchange. As well, he manages researchprojects relating to Services Sciences, Management and Engineering (SSME) and mobile and socialcomputing
  41. 41. Nomination and Election Procedures:At a meeting of the MEIC Interim Board, called specifically for that purpose, the desired numberof directors on the board was determined to be twenty-one.The Interim Board worked together to put forward a slate of candidates that best represented themobile ecosystem.All candidates on the slate have consented to work on the Board if elected.Directors are elected for a two year term.The following slide show describes each of the 20 candidates going forward for nomination.Voting for the slate shall be through a show of hands and will take place once the presentation ofcandidates is complete.Officers of the Corporation include: a Co-Chair Industry, a Co-Chair Academic, Secretary andTreasurer. These officers will be appointed by resolution of the board at the next meeting of theboard. Officers must be directors.