Mobile Convention Amsterdam - eBuddy - Martijn Jansen

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Presentation of eBuddy (Martijn Jansen) during Mobile Convention Amsterdam.

Presentation of eBuddy (Martijn Jansen) during Mobile Convention Amsterdam.

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  • 1. ‘The Business of Mobile Messaging’ Martijn Jansen VP Products and Marketing April 19, 2011
  • 2. Introduction Martijn Jansen - eBay, Marktplaats, Skype, eBuddy eBuddy Messenger - Aggregated IM since 2003 92 employees 30m Unique users / mth 18B messages / mth
  • 3. “Mobile Messaging – the biggest data application on the planet” (Toni Ahonen, Almanac 2010) My Statement for Today: 3
  • 4. Phones Services1992 - ~ 2006 Phones without •SMS internet connection SMS •Short text emails2006 - ~ 2009 Feature phones & •MMS initial smartphones •Mobile Instant Messaging MMS / MIM • Social Media messaging2009 - ???? Advanced smartphones • Picture sharing messaging XMS • Group messaging 4
  • 5. 1) The SMS era World eBuddy• First sms send Dec, 19921 • Only available on web• 3.6B users using sms text • eMessenger becomes eBuddy messages1 Messenger• 10% of UK students and 30% of Korean students send more than 100 sms’/day1• Average consumer cost/sms has decreased >75 % while sms revenue continues to grow1• Profit margins still over 70%, often even 97%1 5Source: 1. 2010 Almanac, Toni Ahonen
  • 6. 2) The MMS / MIM era World eBuddy• 48% of Asian users send • Mobile IM on J2ME feature picture messages1 phones, iPhone and Android• 73% of British users send • Lite version for other web- picture messages2 enabled phones• 8% of UK mobile phone • Roughly 18m Unique MIM users used IM3 users• 12.3% of US mobile phone • Global leader in aggregated users used IM4 mobile IM• 48% of iPhone users used • A profitable mobile IM IM5 business (ads + paid app) 6Sources: 1. TNS 2007, 2. Aenas 2009, 3. Ofcom Jul’08, 4. Kelseygroup&Constat Nov’08, 5. Morgan Stanley Dec’09
  • 7. 2) MMS/MIM Snapshot: Geography A’dam: eBuddy HQ Indonesia: our USA: largest marketSmartphone dominance India: fastest growth now LatAm: Next in line Africa: Major By mid-2011 there will be more potential smartphone owning youth in India than in the US (MobileYouth report 2010) 7
  • 8. 3) The ‘X’MS era World eBuddy• Mobile Internet, Push • eBuddy launches eBuddy services and Smartphones XMS allow for a variety of • ‘Do more than SMS’ messaging services&apps • Only in NL and AU now,• BBM ‘invades’ youth culture Global launch planned later• A drive towards free in Q2-2011 messaging (not free service) and more expressiveness 8
  • 9. 3) XMS Snapshot: Notable AppsSocial Media Picture Share Messaging Messaging …… the new killer app will be… Mobile & Messaging Group Messaging 9
  • 10. Thank you for listeningMartijn Jansen – - @jansenmartijn