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  • 1. Predictions 2010Technology, Media and Telecommunications
    1st April 2010
    Stephen Ward
  • 2. 2010 Telecom, Media & Tech Predictions.
    Global Conversations, localised since 2003 within the Dutch Marketplace
    2010 Dutch TMT Predictions
  • 3. Predictions 2010
    Designed to start a conversation – not to stop it!
    Direction of the Economy - Recovery U, a V or a W?
    Pace of Digitalisation
    Adoption Mobile Broadband
    Predictions 2010
  • 4. Predictions 2010: Selected Predictions
    • Green – “meerwerkaan de winkel”
    • 5. The Social Telco wakes up
    • 6. The Smart focus on Search
    • 7. Widening the bottleneck: telecom technology helps decongest the mobile network.
    • 8. Linear’s got legs
    • 9. Mobile VoIP becomes a social network
    • 10. Music as a service rises up the charts
    • 11. Cloudy conditions ahead
    2010 Dutch TMT Predictions
  • 12. Green :The line goes Leaner and Greener
    • Today 15-25 million old mobile phones in Netherlands
    • 13. Lifespan of handsets 5-7 years, 87% replaced within 18 months
    • 14. In 2010, 7 million new phones expected to be sold/upgraded
    • 15. Only 5% of new deals is old mobile recycled
    • 16. Telecom 2% energy use in NL (compariable to aviation)
    We have started, but we can do more:
    • NationaleRetourweken (Connexie launched 16th Jan)
    • 17. T-Mobile NL & TNT Post (initiative launched 6th Jan)
    • 18. Focus on software upgrades and covers
    • 19. UMTS masts and data centre efficiency initiatives
    2010 Dutch TMT Predictions
  • 20. The Social Telco wakes up:Telco’s start to become ‘social’
    135.000 updatedTelco pages (NL) in the last month.
    48.900 blog & forum pages
    +/- 100.000 customeropinions
    Negative sentiment
    High volume
    Reminders aboutalready paid invoices
    New modemcauses problems
    2010 Dutch TMT Predictions
  • 21. The Smart focus on Search:The smart phone becomes a search phone
    2010 Dutch TMT Predictions
  • 22. Problems mean profit:Widening the bottleneck: telecom technology helps decongest the mobile network.
    ’09: Smart phones > portable PCs
    ’10: Smart phone > 1 GHz
    ’11: Smart phones > all PCs
    ’12: Smart phones > 0.5 billion
    Predictions 2010
  • 23. Competition and curve ballsMobile VoIP becomes a social network
    Predictions 2010
  • 24. Cloud(y) conditions ahead: Music as a service rises up the charts
    In 2010 subscription music services should finally start to thrive – the number of paying subscribers should exceed 10 million for the first time.
    The growth in of the subscription music services is likely to be because of greater levels of functionality, and becoming accessible via more platforms:
    Predictions 2010
    annual revenue per music subscriber is up to $180, higher than that of a heavy CD buyer
  • 25. 11
    How do (did) we do? A view from 2006
    “A typical day in 2010 is unlikely to feel much different to today. We will probably not be teleporting breakfast or using quantum computers, nor will we be watching holographic TV or travelling to work in flying cars. A lucky few will likely be flying to the edge of space but for the rest of us, change will probably be more subtle, with TMT advances pervading ever more deeply into our daily lives.
    “Indeed the greater ubiquity of TMT – from the car to the classroom, the living room to the office and essentially everywhere in between is likely to be the most noticeable change.
    Eye to the Future (Predictions 2010)
  • 26. More Info:
    Full Reports/podcasts available:
    Telecom Academy / Mini MBA
    2010 Dutch TMT Predictions
  • 27. 13
    Predictions 2010.
    Predictions 2010 – London launch, 19th January 2010
  • 28. 2010 Technology Predictions
    Smaller than a netbook and bigger than a smartphone – net tablets arrive
    Moore’s Law is alive and well in 2010
    Cloud computing: more than hype but less than hyper
    Thinking thin is in again: virtual desktop infrastructures challenge the PC
    IT procurement stands on its head
    CleanTech makes a comeback. But solar stays in the shadows
    From gray to green: technology reinvents cement
    Predictions 2010 – London launch, 19th January 2010
  • 29. 2010 Media Predictions
    Linear's got legs: the television and radio schedule stays supreme
    The shift to online advertising: more selective, but the trend continues
    eReaders fill a niche, but eBooks fly off the (virtual) shelves
    Publishing fights back: paywalls and micropayments
    TV and the web belong together, but not necessarily on the same screen
    Music as a service rises up the charts
    Video on demand takes off – thanks to the vending machine
    One step back, two steps forward for 3D TV
    Predictions 2010 – London launch, 19th January 2010
  • 30. 2010 Telecommunications Predictions
    The smartphone becomes a search phone
    Mobile VoIP becomes a social network
    Widening the bottleneck: telecom technology helps decongest the mobile network
    Paying for what we eat: carriers change data pricing and make regulators happy
    Nixing the nines: reliability redefined and reassessed
    Contract 2.0: long term solutions shorten and multiply
    The line goes leaner. And greener.
    Predictions 2010 – London launch, 19th January 2010