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Ndi Presentation Ppt

  1. 1. How to crowdsource election monitoring in 30 days (the mexican experience)
  2. 2. how it started? (sorted chronologically) (sorted chronologically) @osalazar (technologist / activist - NYC) @andreslajous (activist - Boston) @afromusing (Ushahidi - Chicago) @joviedo (developer - Mexico) @smjorge22 (SMS Guru - Mexico) @blackalller (Designer - Boston) @maggit (developer - NYC) @damog (developer - NYC) @maiteazuela (activist - Mexico) *YES, we all use twitter
  3. 3. the team *As we love democracy, the name was democratically chosen using the voting platform selectricity.org
  4. 4. why a luchador? + + = *designer: Luis Blackaller @blackaller
  5. 5. how does it work? citizen reports official reports (NGOs) *to be approved reports must be violations to the Federal Code of Electoral Institutions and Procedures
  6. 6. trip to Mexico city * racoon in Mexican slang: refers to a person who steals votes in an election
  7. 7. capacity building Cuidemos el voto team presented the platform to NGOs and provided free training this was key to assure the adoption and speed up the learning process. capacity building is an important piece of the recruiting strategy
  8. 8. our partners NGOs local entrepreneurs academia government
  9. 9. 100 dollar media campaign *hi5 is a popular social network in Mexico among the young <ul><li>use your social graph </li></ul><ul><li>identify and use popular social networks </li></ul><ul><li>engage local bloggers </li></ul><ul><li>engage social network users </li></ul>it’s not easy but it is possible
  10. 10. new media campaign (the strategy) (the strategy) identify and engage local bloggers, activists, journalists, and influencers use blogs and twitter to build and maitain momentum = more followers and supporters = spill over into main stream media create and use widgets, badgets, and iframes = spread the word easily #cuidemoselvoto
  11. 11. spreading the news journalist mainstream media twitter cuidemos team bloggers & influencers high relevance blogs iframe third party sites symbiotic integration
  12. 12. common electoral fraud (in Mexico) (in Mexico) alteration of the polls retention of credentials coercion with social programs falsification of results campaigns in polling stations vote buying coercion with social programs violence
  13. 13. e-day citizen observers NGO admin (analyses and approves reports) officials reports are automatically approved and mapped Cuidemos admins (analyze and approve reports) *cuidemos admins were @andreslajous and @osalazar citizen reports are analyzed before approval offical observers
  14. 14. reports report # 1: party gives cans of pickled jalapeño with political marketing ( vote buying ) city: Puebla report # 2: teacher’s union using forms to engage people to vote for a specific political party ( union coercion ) city: San Luis Potosí
  15. 15. reports (cont’d) report # 3: party gives food to buy votes ( vote buying ) city: Durango report # 4: candidate stabs other candidate in the polling station ( violence ) city: Colima
  16. 16. reports distribution YES 1% SMS. Apparently Mexican NGOs prefer twitter and web over SMS
  17. 17. web analytics <ul><li>pages/visit: 3.63 </li></ul><ul><li>average time on site: 5.09 minutes </li></ul><ul><li>percentage of new visits: 68.63% </li></ul>11,152 7,697 1,059 40,444
  18. 18. spin off turning protests into proposals (twitter campaign against Mexican Internet Tax)
  19. 19. next steps Cuidemos el Voto Puebla ! (local elections, governor) what : the biggest crowd sourced election monitoring in Mexican history (and maybe the world?) who : COPARMEX (Mexican Employer’s Confederation),Universities and Colleges, NGOs, official electoral observers, and volunteers (students). when : e-day July 4th. stay tuned !
  20. 20. ¡ gracias !
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