[Mobile Future] Craig Marschall-Nicholls, Jibe Mobile


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Craig Marschall-Nicholls, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jibe Mobile

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[Mobile Future] Craig Marschall-Nicholls, Jibe Mobile

  1. 1. the global communications cloudBridging the gap between Telco and OTT Craig Marshall-Nicholls Senior Director, Product Marketing
  2. 2. speak see chat findthe global communications share play cloud learn work
  3. 3. What is OTT? OTT e.g. WhatsApp traditional Telco revenue Telco revenue voice voice messaging messaging data data•  Telephone number is your only identity •  Telephone number is one of many identities•  Capability is baked into handsets •  Capabilities are downloaded or preloaded•  Infrastructure provided by Telco •  Infrastructure from 3rd party via Internet•  Vertically integrated service and billing •  Telco provides Internet access, " communication service is over the top!Confidential. Jibe Mobile Inc.
  4. 4. OTT impact on mobile operatorsfinancial strategicOvum, November 2012!•  2012 - $23bn lost SMS revenue globally•  2016 - $54bn lost SMS revenue globally!ARCchart, October 2012! You gotta be in !•  OTT services will account for 8% of all voice traffic carried over mobile it to win it! networks by 2016
  5. 5. “Be the best OTT” – a valid operator strategy?
  6. 6. It’s just there, it just works.! Voice! •  Global, cross-operator initiative from GSMA SMS! •  IP evolution of voice and SMS MMS! •  Provided by your network operator, " interoperable with other networksInstant messaging! •  Powered by telephone numbers Group chat! •  Baked into handsets (like voice and SMS today) File sharing! •  Can reach non-smartphones IP voice calling! •  Also available to download IP video calling!Location sharing! …!
  7. 7. Implementing these Telco services is hard and SLOW…over-the-top mobile networks •  Incumbent / mature (relatively)! •  Challengers! •  Independent! •  Dependent on consensus! •  Agile! •  Dependent on standards! •  Flexible! •  Telco-grade requirement! •  Ubiquitous (via Internet)! •  Need time to implement & interconnect!
  8. 8. …but operators have strengths that OTT players lackover-the-top mobile networks•  Questionable •  Best effort only! •  Have paying customers! business model! •  Trusted providers! •  Quality of service!
  9. 9. There’s a winning combination to be madeover-the-top mobile networks •  Incumbent / mature! •  Have paying customers! •  Independent! •  Trusted providers! •  Agile! •  Quality of service! •  Flexible!
  10. 10. Bridging the gap #1 – put Telco-grade comms in any mobile app Healthcare & telemedicine! Customer care ! Social & dating! & advertising! Education! Metro PCS joyn client Mobile multiplayer gaming! www.aprentica.com!
  11. 11. but… Germany! Spain!USA! Global footprint Nov 2012 …what developer is going to build services that only work on a handful of networks?
  12. 12. Bridging the gap #2 – take Telco tech to the Internet pure communications healthcare education enterprise telemedicine real-time gaming social & dating 1:1 chat group chat file share IP voice call IP video call low-latency data instant challenge the global communications cloud
  13. 13. pure communications healthcare education enterprise telemedicine real-time gaming social & dating 1:1 chat group chat file share IP voice call IP video call low-latency data instant challenge“The rate of innovation depends upon"mind-to-mind latency and bandwidth”Troed Sångberg, Sony Mobile Communications" about 1 hour ago
  14. 14. the global communications cloud www.jibemobile.com developer.jibemobile.com developer.vodafone.com @jibemobile