Getting Started with SEO - Tips to make your Website Search-Friendly


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Consumers now rely heavily on the internet to research and make their purchase decision. In order for your company to stay relevant to your target market and consumers within your industry, creating a search engine friendly website is crucial.

Learn the basics & most important aspects of SEO to improve your website's ranking. These SEO tips can be applied to existing as well as new websites.

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Getting Started with SEO - Tips to make your Website Search-Friendly

  1. 1. Getting started with SEO Quick tips to make your website search-friendly @mobstac
  2. 2. Did you know… 93% of online experiences begin with a search
  3. 3. SEO - Every Marketer’s Challenge Why is it important: - Increases brand awareness - Drives targeted traffic - Impacts revenue
  4. 4. Tip#1 Don’t just use Keywords, use Key Phrases How it helps: - Better chances of getting ranked - Targeted traffic How to get started:  Use the Google Keywords tool  Focus on a few keywords per page  Balance between difficulty and search volume
  5. 5. Tip#2 Optimize your Page Title & URL How it helps: - Captures the user’s attention How to get started:  Choose a title less than 70 characters  Select a different title for each page  Separate each word in the URL with a dash
  6. 6. Tip#3 Optimize Meta Description & Meta Keywords How it helps: - Gives user a gist of what’s on the page How to get started:  Write a page summary upto 150 characters  Focus on conveying the key benefits  Don’t engage in keyword stuffing
  7. 7. Tip#4 Optimize Heading Tags How it helps: - Helps convey relevancy to search engine spiders - Improves usability How to get started:  Use your keywords in the H1 tag  Use different H1 tags on each page  Keep it different from Meta description
  8. 8. URL: Mobile search engines behave differently. Is your website optimized for mobile? Download the handy mobile optimization checklist for marketers
  9. 9. Tip#5 Name Images Aptly How it helps: - Makes search engines understand what the image is about - Improves image searchability How to get started:  Name the image correctly separated by dash  Add ALT text for image name
  10. 10. Tip#6 Create Internal Links How it helps: - Makes it easier to navigate - Improves ranking potential of each page How to get started:  Make a list of content on other pages relevant to each page  Use keywords on the page as anchor text to link to them
  11. 11. Wondering where to get started? Direct your questions to MobStac helps businesses reach their customers on mobile. Handy mobile optimization checklist for marketers:
  12. 12. Thank You!