Marketing: Optimizing App Placement


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  • W3i- Vision to democratize the app economy- Help app entre. grow their business. Focus on FREEMIUM business model. If you have a paid app, may be able to apply some of the thinking here, but not core focus.History in desktop app space. Saw that iPhone’s disruptive emergence could threaten our long-term business.Focus on mobile app stores past 24 months. Currently 66 Million MAUs, 14 Million DAUSDesktop/mobile- Scale- 859 million app to user connections made. My personal background- speak at top industry events (GDC, MobileBeat/GamesBeat,etc) in mobile app spaceLocally, on the board of Minne*
  • Question- What do you hope to learn?How many of you have a mobile optimized website?How many of you have a mobile app?How many plan to build a mobile optimized website in the next 12 months?How many plan to build an app in the next 12 months?Nielsen recently reported (–-a-year-of-change-and-growth-in-u-s-smartphones) that 81% of mobile consumer consumption is through apps and not the mobile web compared to 73% a year ago.
  • Agenda-What’s new in the world of App Stores?-How user identification works on mobile and why it is more challenging there than on the web? Tips for app anlytics.-How you can achieve top ranking in the App Store for your app?-Now that you have the users, how do you monetize your app?
  • -Before you can optimize your app store placement, ideally can detect how users discover your app.-Big problem in mobile, unlike the web, is in user tracking. No standard like the web which relies on cookies.-Third party cookies not allowed in the App world.-Most ad networks sharing some form of user id’s, the easiest to work with support multiple user id types like W3i.
  • iOS6 supports Advertiser ID. Big deal…
  • “Tracking Ad Campaign Effectiveness”Co-hort Analysis
  • “Tracking Ad Campaign Effectiveness”Co-hort Analysis
  • “Tracking Ad Campaign Effectiveness”Co-hort Analysis
  • “Tracking Ad Campaign Effectiveness”Co-hort Analysis
  • Value of Bursting on iOS- See to Burst?FactorsCost of mediaHourly (cite Ben Vu during panel,, target an hour, but issue is hard to line up media that specifically)When do you want to peak? Weekend traffic is the highest, start Thursday evening, peak Friday middayApp Stores Organized by CountryNumber of Installs to Rank Top 25 in U.S.Bot FarmsCite case study on Design This Home
  • Use photo of Rob on panel at GamesBeatSee
  • Do your research. What do the top 100 ranking apps in your category have in common? Try to identify what users are searching for and use those keywords when promoting your app, starting with the title and description – possibly even the developer name. Be careful not to use any special characters in your title as this will have a negative effect on how your name appears in the URL. Be sure to include “Free “or “Lite” if appropriate. Create quality images and label them with your keywords. Launch a website for your app and promote the app on social sites. Start networking with app review sites and other online communities like LinkedIn Groups (see comments below). The more places a consumer can find and read about your app, the better. Leverage your social network by integrating Facebook Connect into your app and request user ratings. Create a video featuring the “value” you are offering the user, post it on YouTube, and use the links in press releases and requests to app reviewers.Carefully plan your iTunes Web preview. Again, use keywords, as these pages are indexed in the search engines and can provide valuable organic traffic as your app gains popularity. Many times the iTunes Web preview is listed higher than your app’s home page, as they are very search engine-friendly. The URL, page title, meta description, meta keywords, and the H1 tag should all be loaded with the app name/keywords. As app popularity grows, so will links to your preview page. Currently the iTunes preview page use a “no follow” attribute for links to the app’s home page, so there is no benefit to the developer. Another tip: mention a popular app that is related to the app for more SEO mojo.Study direct marketers to improve your copywriting, as they are experts in creating calls to action that capture the user’s interest.
  • Cross Promotion/Bartering- Problem with this model is bartering on clicks or installs straight up is unfair, as some apps have higher CTR’s rates, or higher LTV’s. I see companies with high LTV’s suckering lower LTV apps with scale to do barters where as the lower LTV apps would be better off just selling the higher LTV apps their traffic, as they would pay more than the barter was worth.
  • Sessions/DAU- Provide top 10 for June both iOS and Android, but block out names of apps. 10th of percent – show for both android and ios separate
  • Sessions/DAU- Provide top 10 for June both iOS and Android, but block out names of apps. 10th of percent – show for both android and ios separate
  • Big measurement issue- rolling average versus co-hort, issue with Flurry.Take into consideration source of traffic… incent versus non-incent24 hour/7 Day- Provide top 10 for June, but block out names of apps
  • Big measurement issue- rolling average versus co-hort, issue with Flurry.Take into consideration source of traffic… incent versus non-incent24 hour/7 Day- Provide top 10 for June, but block out names of apps
  • -  Possible Image MobileBeat SessionHow do you measure monetization?Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU)- Lifetime Value (LTV)-
  • Benchmarks (bullets 1-3)
  • Benchmarks (bullets 1-3)
  • Actionable Insights- Designing for High Monetization (bullets 1-3)
  • Actionable Insights- Designing for High Monetization (bullets 1-3)
  • K-Factor- Cite A.J. Yeakel, ex-ZyngaASN- Active Social Network, cite Mark Pincus, CEO/founder Zynga
  • Facebook SSO & 4 Best PracticesNew TechnologiesGameFace.MeHoopMobile
  • List them out, along with breakdown of core features, time to integrate, and costProvide screen shot of dashboards where applicable
  • Marketing: Optimizing App Placement

    1. 1. Optimizing App Placement
    2. 2. My BackgroundRob Weber• Cofounder of W3i• History in Consumer App Space• Recent Focus on Mobile App Stores @robertjweber
    3. 3. Survey• How many of you have a mobile optimized website?• How many of you have a mobile app?• How many plan to build a mobile optimized website in the next 12 months?• How many plan to build an app in the next 12 months? @robertjweber
    4. 4. Agenda• What’s New in the World of App Stores• User Tracking & App Analytics• App Store Optimization (ASO)• Monetization Tips & Best Practices @robertjweber
    5. 5. New iOS App Store Design• The way apps are listed changed. Prior to iOS6, there was a fold on the screen at 25 results, 50 results, etc, which made these cutoff points natural “cliffs” with respecting to “bursting” campaigns targeted at achieving high organic install rates.• Now there are no such “cliffs”, and distribution is more evenly distributed outside of the top 4 to 6.• As far as anyone can tell the App Store ranking algorithm has not changed much, but still relies heavily (if not exclusively) on volume of downloads. According to research from App Annie it took 54,000 downloads a day to reach the Top 10 in Free in early October
    6. 6. Windows 8• Windows is dominant OS globally.• Massive distribution is a certainty on PCs• Tablet traction is a bonus.• Develop for Windows 8s three modes and you are on desktop PC/tablet plus 70% done with work needed for Windows Phone 8 and xBox once those are available. Microsoft is friendly to developers with labs and resources that increase your success.• Unity 4 is likely out in Q1 giving you full access to incredible engagement integration in the OS using the same tool that you build for on other platforms.
    7. 7. Current State of Mobile User Identification • Open UDID • Encrypted MAC iOS • SHA1 • MD5 Hashed • Android ID Android • Android Device ID @robertjweber
    8. 8. iOS Advertiser ID• Apple provided a definite right way to support ad tracking on iOS.• The vast majority of traffic is still using UDID, and we have no idea if and when Apple will pull the plug on the old identifier• Advertising Id will change upon device reset, good for consumers.• Advertising Identifier makes the recent proliferation of alternate tracking ids obsolete: OpenUDID, SecureUDID, ODIN1, Md5 and Sha1 hashed MAC address, etc.• The id is only available on iOS 6 devices. Not older devices: iPad 1, iPhone 3G or older. iOS 6 traffic may already be above 60% of all iOS traffic on the web. W3i’s own network has a very low number of sessions from devices that are not iOS 6 capable.
    9. 9. Measuring User Acquisition @robertjweber
    10. 10. Measuring User AcquisitionStrategy Identify Ad Campaign Goals What are the key results? • Loyal users, 30 days • Paying users • Acquire addicted users @robertjweber
    11. 11. Measuring User AcquisitionStrategy Measure User Acquisition against results What variables to consider? • Technical Information  Device Type  Operating System • Demographics  Country  Location  Age  Gender • Source Type Information  Where does the network buy their ads from  Category of apps @robertjweber
    12. 12. Measuring User AcquisitionFour steps to get featured on Google Play1) Suggest an app into the wall of suggestions: People vote on the apps that are on the wall of suggestions3) The apps with the most positive votes are reviewed every Friday by Google’sAndroid Develop Relations team (2pm PT on “Hangouts”): The apps they like most are passed on to Google Play’s editorial team to beconsidered for featured / staff picks placement on Google Play @robertjweber
    13. 13. App Store OptimizationAdvertising – Burst Campaigns • What is a burst campaign • Why use a burst campaign • Get your ducks in a row • Focus on finding the right source • Do not underspend • Be wary of increased cost during peak periods @robertjweber
    14. 14. App Store OptimizationIt now takes more than 50,000 U.S. Daily Installs to getinto the top 25, how do you get there? • Advertising – Burst Campaigns • SEO • Promotion • PR • Cross-Promotion • Luck & Trade Shows @robertjweber
    15. 15. App Store OptimizationSEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Do your research • Quality makes all the difference • Leverage your social network • Carefully plan your iTunes Web preview • Improve your copywriting @robertjweber
    16. 16. App Store OptimizationPR • Start by building a relationship with reporters and app review sites so that when your story is ready, they are a receptive audience • Develop a hit list of the sites/writers that are covering similar stories and then point out to the writer why your news adds value • Do the work for them providing copy, images, and video @robertjweber
    17. 17. App Store OptimizationCross-Promotion/Bartering “We cross promoted heavily from our game Hit Tennis 2, and we arranged for five friends to advertise Hit Tennis 3 in their games” “The campaign ran in 2 phases for a total of 10 days” “Kicked us up into the top25 free in the USA, and ultimately up to 300,000 downloads per day in total” @robertjweber
    18. 18. App Store OptimizationLuck & Trade Shows @robertjweber
    19. 19. Measuring EngagementSession/DAU=User Daily Engagement 9.0 8.3 8.0 7.0 6.1 6.0 5.6 5.0 4.7 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.5 3.1 3.0 3.0 2.7 2.0 1.0 0.0 App1 App2 App3 App4 App5 App6 App7 App8 App9 App 10 @robertjweber
    20. 20. Measuring EngagementSession/DAU=User Daily Engagement . 8.0 7.0 7.0 6.5 6.3 6.0 5.8 5.0 4.0 4.0 3.5 3.0 3.1 3.0 2.6 2.8 2.0 1.0 0.0 App1 App2 App3 App4 App5 App6 App7 App8 App9 App10 @robertjweber
    21. 21. Measuring Retention80%70% 67%60%50% DAY 140% 38% 38% 37% DAY 7 32% 31%30% 29% DAY 30 26% 24%20% 13%10% 0% App1 App2 App3 App4 App5 App6 App7 App8 App9 App10 @robertjweber
    22. 22. Measuring Retention 60% 52% 50% 40% 35% DAY 1 31% 30% 28% 27% 27% DAY 7 22% DAY 30 20% 18% 18% 13% 10% 0% App1 App2 App3 App4 App5 App6 App7 App8 App9 App10 @robertjweber
    23. 23. MonetizationHow do you measure monetization?Average Revenue Per Daily ActiveUser (ARPDAU)Lifetime Value (LTV) @robertjweber
    24. 24. MonetizationPercentage of Paying Users Each Day Benchmarks (bullets 1-3) Source: Kontagent & W3i @robertjweber
    25. 25. MonetizationARPDAU benchmarks, ARPDAU for highest grossing Apps Benchmarks (bullets 1-3) $1.50 $0.25 $.60 $.05 @robertjweber
    26. 26. MonetizationIt’s all in the design… • Integrated Interfaces for In-App Purchases/Offers • Explain What an In-App Purchase • Upgrade Does • Up Sell At the Right Time @robertjweber
    27. 27. Monetization Case StudyMy Pet Zombie Original OptimizedOptimization Pays Off The Results: Initial CTR were 10.8 times better than mobile display ads with conversion rates 2.4 times better.The Challenge: Riptide was looking for a After Team W3i’s initial optimization CTR’s were 52.5 Benchmarks (bullets 1-3) with conversion rates 2.6 times better.monetization product that would give them times bettersustainable revenue to supplement theirrevenue from in-app purchases knowing thatless than 5% of their users would be the “heavyhitters” of their app willing to actually buyvirtual currency.The Solution: Riptide integrated the W3imonetization platform featuring offers at the leastinvasive time during gameplay and positioningthem as a reward with a limited availability timeencouraging the user to act. @robertjweber
    28. 28. Monetization Its best to show players an offer or IAP option in the area where they are spending in game currencies. In Battle Bears Royale, the developers have a free gas button that Benchmarks (bullets 1-3) takes players to the IAP menu and form there they can access the offer wall. The target audience for BBR is teens so "free gas" directs more players to the IAP than something like "get cash". Keep the wording in mind when designing your buttons. @robertjweber
    29. 29. Monetization Offer shop menus in pause menus, or preferably in more than one area. Benchmarks (bullets 1-3) King has their shop menu in their Catapult pause menu. However, since that’s the only menu in the game this also serves as a good example when only having one location for your IAP menu is appropriate. @robertjweber
    30. 30. MonetizationNever assumeplayers know howto get to your IAPmenu. In FingerShot RPG, onewould assume youjust tap the in game Benchmarks (bullets 1-3)currencies, right?Wrong. Tapping thecurrencies doesnothing. Youactually need to buysomething you cantafford and then itllbring you to the IAPmenu. @robertjweber
    31. 31. Try not to clutter theMonetization screen when possible. In Puzzle Quest 2 its somewhat difficult to see what everything is for. A much better approach wouldve been to split this sections into screens of their own; bag inventory Benchmarks (bullets 1-3) on one, equipment slots on another, etc. Also if you have items or equipment, monetize on them! If I want to buy anything in the game, I need to exit to the main menu. Never take players out of their way to make an IAP, and especially never out of their game! @robertjweber
    32. 32. MonetizationMain menu of PuzzleQuest 2…Their IAP screen isonly located here atthe bottom, as if IAPs Benchmarks (bullets 1-3)were an afterthought. @robertjweber
    33. 33. Measuring VirilityLearn How Top Grossing Apps Are Using Social toImprove Their Apps Performance, by Mark Pincus “…users’ retention rates doubled compared to the average game’s retention rates when acquired through social. Not only do compelling social features dramatically increase user retention, they also help drive down user acquisition costs.” @robertjweber
    34. 34. Measuring Virility7 Best Practices • Add SSO to get FB Bookmark & Search Result • Use a single FB App ID on all platforms • Publish via Open Graph to get distribution • Design frictionless Requests & Invites • Use all Social Channels • Native Deep Linking for native distribution • Social Design Gareth Davis, Product Manager at Facebook, GDC 2012 @robertjweber
    35. 35. Pros/Cons of 3rd Party App Analytic ToolsANALYTICS PROGRAMS COMPARISON6/15/2012D = Dashboard FEATURES FUNNELS Custom Comparison Charts 1 Virtual Revenue Snapshot Fully Customizable Dates Real Revenue Snapshot 7 One Week or One Day User Retention Chart Operational Analysis Create A Formula Cohort Analysis 6 Best Seller Chart User Snapshot3 Segmentation 5 Session Chart User Stream 9 User Paths10 One Month Event Table KPI Charts2 Trending 4 Top Items A/B Tests Virality 8 All Time Price Key Points D D X X X X X X Free for up to 25,000 Not originally built for mobile. It works data points (event). but implementation is difficult $150/about 10,000 users month D D X X X D X Free - make money Free. Recently introduced campaign from advertising source insights. Not originally built for gaming. D X X X X X X $2000 for up to 50m Ability to add custom events to funnels, events/month virality. Unlike Flurry or Apsalar, their focus is analytics, not ads X D X D D D X X D X X X X $1500/mo for up to 250k Experimentation platform/consulting MAU, $275/50k MAU post-threshold X D X X* X** X X Free for basic analytics Free @robertjweber*The segmentation is very limited right now, only allows breakdown by country which is not very useful**Flurry calculates retention differently than the other providers (Im not sure how yet)
    36. 36. QuestionsContact me- Tell a friend • Manager of Operations • Sales • UX • Development (.Net) • Development (Android) • Development (iOS) @robertjweber