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Advanced Technologies: Mike Leuthner Unified Communications


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Unified Communications: All Cloud Complete Mobility

Unified Communications: All Cloud Complete Mobility

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Hair pulling? Communication Block
  • UCaas improves efficiencies between Phone, Email and Applications.Increase Revenue Potential, Improve User Experience, Improve Time Management, Reduce Data Entry, Improve Analytics!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Unified Communications. All Cloud, Complete Mobility Mike Leuthner, President Tony Wirz, Vice President
    • 2. AGENDA * DATE | November 8 2013 | IMPACT GRC 01 Our Story 02 Defining Unified Communications INSERT IMAGE 03 Google Apps as a Platform 04 Connecting People with UCaaS 05 Mobility & UCaaS
    • 3. WHO WE ARE? @MikeLeuthner @TonyMarketsIt 952-236-1140 NAME: Mike Leuthner POSITION: NAME: President EXPERIENCE: 20 Years Tony Wirz POSITION: /mikeleuthner www. Mike Leuthner 952-236-1141 Vice President EXPERIENCE: /tonywirz 3 Years .com President
    • 4. OUR STORY The History Frustrated by companies with fragmented tools and no focus on the users The Idea The Best Mouse Traps already exist in the Cloud, We don’t build anything, and we don’t want to build anything. The Now The Focus is on User Experience, Not Technology Mike Leuthner President
    • 5. UC Defined The Reality UC focuses on the VOIP system, not the Applications. Having a voicemail in email is cute but does not address the business need. Mike Leuthner President
    • 6. UC is Diluted and Frustrating It fell short of expectations. Goal: All of our Communications need to integrate, Voice, Email, CRM Unified Communications/Unified Messaging is based on VOIP Applications like Google Apps, Outlook, Salesforce, etc. is where the Business is managed. Mike Leuthner President
    • 7. UC Fact or Fiction? Question? If I migrate my existing voice services (VoIP/traditional) to “the cloud” my voice quality will be reduced and I will have less control over my settings and infrastructure. Answer: Fiction! New carrier-grade Hosted telephone solutions are a world apart from Internet-based hosted solutions, offering businesses of all sizes significant advantages over premise-based PBXs and traditional “VoIP” Mike Leuthner President
    • 8. UC Fact or Fiction? Question? Doesn’t Unified Communications cost a lot of money and require a lot of configuration, maintenance, and work for our organization? Answer: Fiction! The truth is traditional on-premise Unified Communications (UC) requires this, but not Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as it is a service-based and is a complete turn-key solution for businesses. Mike Leuthner President
    • 9. UCaaS is Changing the UC Definition BUT, in a good way... Worldwide UCaaS revenue will reach $4.1 billion by 2017 28/09/2013 "Revenue from UCaaS will grow on average by 18.8% a year to $4.1 billion by 2017, making it by far the fastest growing market segment,’ said Phillip Pexton, Research Analyst at Canalys. ‘The emergence of multi-tenant platforms offering voice, video, messaging, presence and contact center capabilities from a single source will accelerate the move from on-premises solutions. It will enable channel partners to offer more innovative packages to customers,’ Pexton added. ‘Businesses are looking to reduce complexity and optimize budgets. They will increasingly assess UCaaS offerings that promise to eliminate CapEx and help manage OpEx by combining unlimited fixed and mobile use on a per-user, per-month basis," he added. Mike Leuthner President
    • 10. UCaaS Here to Stay UCaas is the fastest growing space in the Cloud UCaaS is here to stay. It’s not a matter of “if” it’s “when”. Industry Leaders are pushing UCaaS: Mike Leuthner President
    • 11. How We Define Unified Communications Seamless Integration of Voice, Email, Contacts, Calendar and Docs. Seamless integration of voice, presence, data, apps & other technologies to improve communications & business productivity Mike Leuthner President
    • 12. Google Apps as a UC Platform The Power of the Google Marketplace It a 2 Horse Race. We chose Google Apps. We felt Google Apps gave us the most flexibility to provide the users the right products. Mike Leuthner President
    • 13. enables UC Command Central Integrated Phone Dialer in any Browser Auto Call Logging - Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls from Your mobile device to your favorite CRM. (Salesforce, Zoho, Clio, Apptivo, Nimble), so if You have sales people in the field all of their calls will be tracked and logged. Presence - When You are on Your mobile device making a business calls, your Google chat status will turn red and let every one know Your on the phone, so your friends or business associates wont disturb you, and turn green once You are finished with Your call. Click to Call - Click any telephone number anywhere on your screen, in your chrome browser and initiate a call with your mobile device. Call Reporting - Reporting has never been easier to access...get real time up to the minute call reports from within Gmail, on all your employees, working off their gUnify enabled mobile devices. Mike Leuthner President
    • 14. We Redefined UC, Now What? How Do We Tell People About This Cool Thing called UCaaS WAIT!: How People Buy has Changed Gone are the Glengarry Glen Ross days of Selling. People research what they want to buy before engaging vendors. Mike Leuthner President
    • 15. How Do We Explain Complex Technology to the Business Explain Like I’m 5 Used when you want someone to explain something in the simplest way possible. ELI5 Mike Leuthner President
    • 16. UC ELI5 = Productivity Improvement Average Employee Get Distracted Every 11 Minutes. It takes them 25 minutes to get back on task. The main reasons are Phone, Email and Toggling between Applications. - Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, Irvine UCaaS improves efficiencies between Phone, Email and Applications Mike Leuthner President
    • 17. How Do We Connect With Buyers? Why Buy?, Why Buy Now? and Why Buy From You?. The Buyer knows what you are selling before you have a conversation. A Features and Functions review is not needed. How you help their business is where the conversation needs focus. Mike Leuthner President
    • 18. Buyers Have the Data Mike Leuthner President
    • 19. Mobility & UCaaS UCaaS is Completely Mobile with Hosted VOIP Most Products Needed for a UCaaS environment are already Mobile Apps: Google Apps, Salesforce, Angry Birds. Hosted VOIP and gUnify are the other legs of the stool needed to be Mobile with your Voice, Email and Applications with Seamless Integration. Mike Leuthner President
    • 20. Questions and Answers Unified Communications to UCaaS Q&A Mike Leuthner President