Cash Fear


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We are an NMC (Network Marketing Company) help you to be qualified in marketing work and make real cash to change your life completely to better life. This is our aim...Kill your fear and start making real cash.

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Cash Fear

  1. 1. Cash FearTeam of Honor
  2. 2. Cash Fear Details• Member joins as free Member under his sponsor.• Member Deposit 30$ in his account using Liberty Reserve/Ego Pay/ E-wallet (E-cards) and becomes Paid Member.
  3. 3. Cash Fear Details The joining amount is 33$ (Depositing or E-card) which is : 3$ Admin Fees+ 30$ Product & Business 1- Member gets Courses:  Networking .. Why Failure.. How Success.  HR (Dealing with different Characters).  Protecting yourself from Hackers.  And so many real stuff…… 2- Member also gets the opportunity to be certified in each Course by passing each Exam, Certificates will be sent using Postal Mail / DHL. 3- Member enjoys being in 3 different Compensation plans in the same time which is very easy to make huge fortune from them in the same time.
  4. 4. Cash FearProducts
  5. 5. Financial Networking Protect Human Freedom Has Just Yourself From E-Commerce Alot ResourcesBreakthrough Begun Hackers
  6. 6. Networking Financial Freedom Break Through
  7. 7. Networking Has Just Begun Thinking MLM is a big scam. The Answer is Yes & NO !!!
  8. 8. HRDealing with people everyday & proving your points.
  9. 9. HackersProtect your (PC/ Laptop, Mobile & Router) from Hackers
  10. 10. E-CommerceAll you need to make real income through internet
  11. 11. So many CoursesAll Courses are certified with co-operated training centers
  12. 12. Cash FearCompensation Plan
  13. 13. 2X3• Boards2X1• Matrix4X4• Matrix
  14. 14. 2X3•Boards
  15. 15. A) 2X3• Boards
  16. 16. A) 2X3• Boards
  17. 17. Board1: STORM When Storm is filled Level 4 Member Earns 20$ Commission and goes to Board2: Earthquake Level 4 10$ Level 3 Level 3 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1New Members The Board Splits into two boards
  18. 18. Board2: Earthquake When Earthquake is filled Level 4 Member Earns 100$ Commission and goes to Board3: VOLCANO Each Level 3 Members Earn 50$ Commission & Each Level 2 Members Earn 25$ Commission Level 4 50$ 20$ Level 3 Level 3 20$ 10$ 10$ 10$ Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 10$ Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1New STORMcycled Members The Board Splits into two boards
  19. 19. Board3: VOLCANO When VOLCANO is filled Level 4 Member Earns $ Commission & goes to Board4: Disaster Each Level 3 Members Earn 400$ Commissions & Each Level 2 Members Earn 200$ Commissions Level 4 500$ 200$ 200$ Level 3 Level 3 100$ 100$ 100$ 100$ Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1New Earthquake The Board Splits into two boardscycled Members
  20. 20. Board4: Thunderbolt When Thunderbolt is filledLevel 4 Member Earns 10,000$ Commission, Free Re-enter Board4:Thunderbolt Each Level 3 Members Earn 3,000$ Commissions & Each Level 2 Members Earn 1,500$ Commissions Level 4 5,000$ FREE Re-enter 2,000$ 2,000$ Thunderbolt Again Level 3 Level 3 1,000$ 1,000$ 1,000$ 1,000$ Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1New VOLCANO The Board Splits into two boardscycled Members
  21. 21. 2X3• Boards2X1• Matrix4X4• Matrix
  22. 22. 2X1•Matrix
  23. 23. B) 2X1• Matrix
  24. 24. B) 2X1 • MatrixMember is cycling forever in any case in the 2X1 Matirx
  25. 25. B) 2X1• Matrix
  26. 26. 2X3• Boards2X1• Matrix4X4• Matrix
  27. 27. 4X4•Matrix
  28. 28. C) 4X4• Matrix 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 20$ 40$ 80$ 160$ 320$ 640$ 1,280$ Everyone starts with Lesson 1
  29. 29. C) 4X4• Matrix Level 1 (4) Level 2 (16) Level 3 (64) Level 4 (256)
  30. 30. C) 4X4• Matrix 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1
  31. 31. 2X3• Boards2X1• Matrix4X4• Matrix
  32. 32. 2X3 Boards3 Systems in the 2X1 Follow Me Matrix same time 4X4 Matrix
  33. 33. Cash Fear F.A.Q
  34. 34. F.A.Q.1Is their any subscription or monthly fees or annual fees?• There is no subscription or any hidden monthly/annual fees.HOW DO THE E-Wallet Works?Cash E-Wallet: You can Easily Deposit & Withdraw money from your Cash E-wallet using The Electronic Bank Liberty Reserve (open free account now or Using EgoPay ( or you can purchase E-cards to pay for unpaid members.all your earnings will appear in your Cash E-wallet to easy withdraw them or purchase E-cards as you like.
  35. 35. F.A.Q.2Do I need to sponsor in order to cycle?• yes , it’s required to sponsor in order to be qualified in earning, The more you refer The more you earn ,please notice that your referrals will appear in the 3 systems under you once paid the membership. In the 2X1 Follow Me Matrix all you need is 1 direct referral & in the 2X3 boards all you need is 2 direct referrals & in the 4X4 Matrix all you need is 4 direct referrals, we recommend everyone to refer four in order to feel the power of earning in all compensation plans.HOW Long does it take to cycle?• 2X3 Boards: It will always vary according to all the teams working together, the more signups the more cycling the more earning• 2X1 Matrix: you cycle every time the 2 filled positions in your new matrix being filled.• 4X4 Matrix: you are earning once any member appear in your matrix or upgrade to any lesson after your upgrade.
  36. 36. F.A.Q.3HOW to start?• Open free account using your sponsor referral link, While you are logged in your account, open Cash E-wallet then click on Deposit Funds and upgrade yourself or your sponsor upgrade you using E-card, read your courses & start referring your friends.HOW Can I Withdraw my earning?• When you find earning in your account, you can go to Cash E-wallet and click on Request Withdraw and write the amount that you want to withdraw and write your Liberty Reserve Account Number or Ego Pay Account E-mail that you want the money to be received on and click Submit.
  37. 37. F.A.Q.4How long are the withdrawals processed?Within 48 hours all withdrawals requests are processed manually so admin always check if everything is fine or not.Is their any withdrawal Fess?• Yes there is only 8% withdrawal fees.
  38. 38. F.A.Q.5Is our information safe & is this company safe and would be running forever?• Yes , your information is safe and yes, we want our company to be running for ever and we will do our best to help all people make money easily with our company cause we are giving more than 90% Commissions for members and the remaining amount guarantees that we are alive.Then,.. Why did you make this company?• Cause we got scammed many times and we really need to work in safe place with honest networkers that really care about helping people.
  39. 39. F.A.Q.6When do you think the Courses Exams and certificates will be ready?• 3-4 months from our start, and our co-operations with many Training centers will be done through our management and representatives all over the world, so all exams modules and certificates will be ready & certified international.Can I take the opportunity and be representative for this Honest project?• Yes , every member has the same opportunity to be representative for our company, all you need is to refer at least 10 members from your country and send ticket to our customer support confirming that you have referred at least 10 paid members & you want to be representative, They will put your picture, Name, City, Country, Referral Link & How to contact on our representatives Page on our website
  40. 40. F.A.Q.7What’s the company vision?• Our vision is : • Offering all exclusive products & incredible services with challengeable prices. • Having our unique compensation plan that differs us from others & always fair for the short term , Med term & Long term gain. • Franchise offices all over the world to serve all our fans & members. • Live Seminars with Founders & Representatives everywhere in the world • Watching all members smile & recommendations while learning & earning.
  41. 41. F.A.Q.7What are you planning for the company future?• Our Plan is: • offering Real Valued Courses with Real Certificates for all members. • Offering valued Products just like Tablets, Mobiles, Houses, …. With another crazy compensation plan that everyone loves. • Being number 1 Worldwide Training Center in Network Marketing. • Building huge compounding for all networkers and live the financial together. • Franchise offices all over the world to serve all our fans & members. • Live Seminars with Founders & Representatives everywhere in the world. • Watching all members smile & recommendations while learning & earning.
  42. 42. F.A.Q.8Who are the real Founders of this program?• Real Founders are Arabian Leaders that boomed in the world with a massive team exceeded 100,000 Members in so many countries around the world, but unfortunately , a lot of places became not 100% safe so that we are building the honor of this career here together again & again with 100% Trust, 100% Safe and 100% Honest from all leaders and representatives in the company.Who we are?• We are international Team studying the online market with experience 7+ years & we really love helping people to achieve their goals, we are not looking for high gain from our company like others do or give only 30%-50% commissions for members, we are rich inside our bodies, we know there are a lot of people who really need this opportunity in safe place and feel like the owners of the company. Here You areAre you running any other programs?• No, This is our first company and will be not the last, we see ourselves in this field, we want everybody to be happy and work in safe place with guarantees of continuous work & effort from the company before we invite others, this is our message , this is our goal. Our quote: Help More, Work More, Success More.
  43. 43. Summary• Sign up : • 33$ Only• Product: • Courses available now + New Products Coming Soon• Pay plan: • 2X3 Boards • 2X1 Follow Me Matrix • 4X4 Matrix• Payment Processors: Libertyreserve & Egopay. Presented by:/ Eng./ Abdelmoniem Mowafak
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