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Webcredenza self study brochure

  1. 1. Each program 1.2 qualifies for Self-study MCLE hours Does not qualify for ethics creditHundreds ofTopics forYour Practice: MoBarCLE andConvenience – WebCredenzaQuality – Mobile Special Promotion Self-StudyChoose from a large library oftopics specifically created foryour practice needs. Simplychoose the programs that youneed and we will ship you the Audio CDaudio CDs: ► Business law CLE ► LLCs, S Corps, and partnerships ► Estate & trust planning ► Real estate Catalog ► Non-profit law ► Ethics/Professional Responsibility ► Employment law ► Tax planning and 12-6-12 controversy ► Bankruptcy/distressed businesses ► And much more! www.mobarcle.org
  2. 2. Select from the topics below. Please remember Joint Ventures: 2011 Retaliation Claims Update (04.26.11)to include the program number and date of each 2012 Sexual Harassment Update (02.17.12) Joint Venture Agreements in Business of your selections on the order form. Age Discrimination in the Workplace (03.29.11) Part 1 (09.13.12) Part 2 (09.14.12) Family & Medical Leave Act: BANKRUPTCY / DISTRESSED BUSINESSES Mergers, Acquisitions and Major Transactions: 2012 FMLA Update (11.20.12)Distressed Businesses: Employee Leave Laws (11.09.11) Drafting Buy/Sell Agreements in BusinessAlternatives for Financially Distressed Mid-SizeBusinesses Part 1 (12.04.12) Handbooks, Hiring and Downsizing: Part 1 (01.25.11) Part 2 (12.05.12) Employee Separation Agreements (07.19.12) Part 2 (01.26.11) Drafting Opinion Letters in Business and Real Drafting Employee Handbooks (08.23.12)Bankruptcy Restructuring for Middle Market Estate Transactions (09.14.12) Employee Background Checks: AvoidingBusinesses Essential Due Diligence in Business Transactions Liability (04.01.11) Part 1 (03.23.10) (08.28.12) Employee Discipline and Discharge: Policies Part 2 (03.24.10) Structuring Tax Free Mergers and Acquisitions and Procedures to Limit Liability (04.10.12) (08.09.12)Real Estate: Investigations: Middle Market M&A Real Estate Defaults, Workouts and Bankruptcy Employment Investigations: Protecting You and Part 1 (11.01.11) Your Clients From Liability (12.07.12) (03.24.09) Part 2 (11.02.11) BUSINESS LAW Bridging the Valuation Gap: “Earnouts” and Nonprofit Organizations:Boards of Directors and Fiduciary Issues: Other Techniques When Buyer and Seller Can’t Employment and Labor Issues for Nonprofits Agree on Price (01.13.12) (07.12.11) Directors of Private Companies: Duties, Conflicts, and Liability (06.28.11) Inter-Species Mergers: Combining and Converting Retaliation: Different Types of Business Entities 2012 Retaliation Claims Update (05.29.12) Fiduciary Duties for Directors and Officers (12.08.11) Part 1 (06.07.11) Social Media: Individual Liability for Corporate Obligations: Part 2 (06.08.11) Social Media Policies and Liability in the Piercing the Corporate Veil (12.13.11) Like-Kind Exchange of Businesses and Business Workplace (03.27.12) Fiduciary Standards in Business Transactions Interests (02.28.12) (07.10.12) Successor Liability in Asset and Business Torts:Business Divorce: Transactions (05.19.11) Employment Law Torts (06.15.12)Business Divorce: Planning for When Businesses Minority Ownership Stakes: Wage and Hour:Fall Apart FSLA Update: Overtime and Other Developments Structuring Minority Interests in Businesses Part 1 (06.12.12) (12.20.12) in the Workplace Part 2 (06.13.12) Part 1 (03.15.11) Securities Law:Business Torts: Part 2 (03.16.11) Securities Law Issues for Medium and SmallerBusiness Torts Businesses (05.05.11) ESTATE, GIFT & TRUST PLANNING, Part 1 (08.07.11) S Corporations: ADMINISTRATION AND LITIGATION Part 2 (08.08.11) Business Planning With S Corps Charitable Giving:Choice of Entity: Part 1 (12.01.11) Structuring, Administering and Investing CharitableSophisticated Choice of Entity Part 2 (12.02.11) Endowments Part 1 (06.21.12) Tax: Part 1 (04.19.11) Part 2 (06.22.12) Part 2 (04.19.11) Employment Tax Planning Across Entities Choice of Entity for Service Businesses, (11.30.11) Elder Law, Family Law and Health Care: Including Law Firms (01.31.12) Tax Efficient Methods of Getting Money Out of Estate Planning for the ElderlyCompensation: a Business (12.21.11) Part 1 (02.07.12) Tax Planning for the Entrepreneur (09.20.12) Part 2 (02.08.12) Compensation & Other Techniques for Getting Money Out of a Closely Held Business (02.14.12) Unincorporated Entities: Tax Planning Issues in Divorce (07.28.11) Compensation Plans in Closely Held Buying and Selling Unincorporated Entities Estate Planning – generally: Businesses, Including S Corps and LLCs (11.18.11) (05.08.12) Post-Mortem Estate Planning (12.14.12) Workouts: Disclaimers Practice in Estate PlanningDrafting: Workouts of Troubled LLCs and Partnerships (10.23.12) Rescission in Business Transactions: Part 1 (09.11.12) 2012 Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Planning Update Techniques for Fixing Transactions Gone Awry Part 2 (09.12.12) Part 1 (06.19.12) (01.20.12) CIVIL LITIGATION Part 2 (06.20.12)Ethics: Metadata: Estate Planning for Doctors, Lawyers, and Ethics Issues for Transactional Attorneys Accountants (05.22.12) (04.14.11) Metadata: The Hidden Digital World of Client Files in Litigation (09.27.11) 2011 Estate & Trust Planning UpdateFinance: Part 1 (06.14.11) Understanding “Angel” Investing in New CONSTRUCTION LAW Part 2 (06.15.11) Businesses (12.18.12) Construction Contracts: Anticipating the Asset Protection for the Middle ClassUnderstanding Financial Statements for Business Unanticipated, Ensuring Performance & Limiting Part 1 (02.22.11)Lawyers Downside Risk (04.26.12) Part 2 (02.23.11) Part 1 (10.16.12) DEBT COLLECTION Part 2 (10.17.12) Estate Planning for Pre- and Post-Nuptial Debt Collection Liability and Strategies for Agreements (03.24.11) Drafting Effective and Enforceable Promissory Businesses Notes (01.27.12) Planning for Your Client’s Biggest Assets: Part 1 (04.05.11) Personal Residences and Vacation HomesFranchise Law: Part 2 (04.06.11) (07.03.12) Franchise Law: What You Need to Know Before EMINENT DOMAIN Family Businesses: Your Client Buys (09.20.11) Eminent Domain Practice Business Succession and Estate Planning for Franchise Agreements: A Practical Guide to Part 1 (08.16.11) Closely Held Business Owners Reviewing and Negotiating (10.09.12) Part 1 (11.01.12) Part 2 (08.17.11) Franchise Red Flags and Traps - What Part 2 (11.02.12) You Should Know Before Your Client Buys EMPLOYMENT LAW, LITIGATION, AND (04.24.12) Valuing Closely Held Interests and Effective COUNSELING Planning without Discounts (09.07.12)Intellectual Property for the Business Lawyer: Unwinding Family Limited Partnerships ADA and Discrimination: Patent and IP Law for the Business Lawyer (10.27.11) (01.04.11) 2012 Americans With Disabilities Act Update Estate Planning for Farms and Ranchland (10.23.12) (11.22.11) Family Feuds in Trusts: Spotting the Warrning Personal Residences and Vacation Homes (07.03.12)
  3. 3. Fiduciary Income Tax:Understanding Fiduciary Income Taxation for Ethics in Employment Law and PracticeEstate Planners (08.07.12) Deal Structure: Part 1 (08.14.12) Practical Ethics for Business Lawyers (01.26.12) The New Normal of Buying & Selling Commercial Real Estate Part 2 (08.15.12) Ethics in Representing Elderly Clients (01.21.11) Part 1 (02.15.11)Generation Skipping Transfer Tax: Legal and Ethical Issues in Elder Abuse (05.31.11) Part 2 (02.16.11) Generation Transfer Tax Planning (09.22.11) Ethics for Estate and Trust Planners (04.27.12) Environmental:Life Insurance: Lawyer Ethics and Elder Abuse (05.24.12) Environmental Liability in Real Estate Drafting Life Insurance Trusts (04.12.12) Practice Management: Transactions (10.06.11)Litigation & Audits: Breaking Up: Ethical Considerations When a Law Finance: Firm Dissolves (09.27.12) Estate and Gift Tax Audits (03.08.11) Ethics in Beginning and Ending an Attorney-Client Real Estate Finance in A World With TightNew Estate & Gift Tax: Relationship (06.14.12) Credit and Less Leverage (1.17.12)Estate Planning in 2012: Now That the Federal Attorney Ethics in Disputes With Clients (05.10.12) Real Estate Partnership/LLC DivorcesTax is a Dead Letter (11.08.12) Lawyer Marketing: An Ethics Guide (03.29.12) Part 1 (01.05.12) Attorney Ethics in Billing and Collecting Fees Distressed Deals and Properties: Part 2 (01.06.12) From Clients (02.18.11) Negotiating and Drafting the Purchase Portability of the Estate and Gift Tax Exemptions Attorney Ethics When Changing Law Firms of Bank-Owned Commercial Real Estate - Planning in 2012 (04.03.12) (01.14.11) (02.21.12)Pet Trusts: Ethical Considerations When Forming a New Commercial Real Estate Workouts, Deleveraging, Law Firm (02.23.12) Refinancing and Restructuring Estate Planning for Pets (08.02.12) Ethical Issues in Client Representation Part 1 (06.21.11)Special Needs Trusts: Agreements (02.11.11) Part 2 (06.22.11) Special Needs Trusts (07.31.12) Ethics for Supervising Attorneys (03.22.11) Estate Planning:Retirement Plans: Attorney Ethics in Advertising in a Digital Age (07.14.11) Estate Planning for Real Estate What Estate & Trust Planners Need to Know Ethics Issues for Lawyers Supervising Other Part 1 (07.19.11) About Roth IRA Conversions (03.01.11) Lawyers and Paralegals (02.16.12) Part 2 (07.20.11) Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits Ethics and Dishonest Clients (07.12.12) Asset Protection Strategies for Real Estate (12.06.11) (12.20.11) Technology:Trust Planning & Administration: Ethics: Attorney Ethics Traps in Using Email in Law Picking the Right Trust (12.19.12) Ethics in Real Estate Practice (09.01.11) Practice (12.06.12) Discretionary Distributions (11.27.12) Lawyer Ethics on the Internet - Social Media, Joint Ventures: Individual Trustees - Duties and Potential Traps Email and More (05.31.12) Real Estate Joint Ventures (09.25.12) Attorney Ethics in Social Media - Blogs, Part 1 (04.17.12) Practical Issues in Trust Administration Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and More (01.28.11) (07.17.12) Part 2 (04.18.12) Ethics of Email in Law Practice (06.10.11) Incentive Trusts: Approaches and Limits to Leases: Encouraging “Good” Behavior in Beneficiaries Ethics, Technology and Solo and Small Firm Commercial Leasing in a Uncertain Market (01.24.12) Practitioners (01.19.12) Part 1: Office Space (05.15.12)Managing a Trust: Trustee Duties, Liability, and HEALTH CARE LAW Part 2: Retail Space (05.16.12)Investment Decisions Part 1 (05.10.11) Business Planning for the New Health Care Law: Title: Part 2 (05.11.11) What You Need to Know About the Year Ahead Title Insurance in Real Estate (11.08.11) (01.06.11) Fixing Broken Trusts (10.04.11) TAX PLANNING AND CONTROVERSY Trust Alternatives (11.29.11) MD & DDS Practice Update Tax Controversy: Part 1 (07.07.11) ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL Part 2 (07.08.11) Offers in Compromise (11.28.12) RESPONSIBILITY Innocent Spouse Defense (08.21.12)General: LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES Defending Against IRS Audits & Collections2012 Ethics Update Compensation, New Members: Part 1 (03.06.12) Part 1 (02.02.12) Equity and Incentive Interests in LLCs (06.30.11) Part 2 (03.07.12) Part 2 (02.03.12) Finance: UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE2012 Ethics in Civil Litigation Business Planning With Series LLCs (03.16.12) Part 1 (06.05.12) Asset-based Finance: Part 2 (06.06.12) Mergers, Conversions and Sales: Asset Based Finance Conflicts of Interest in Law Practice: A Practical Buying, Selling & Exchanging LLC and Partnership Part 1 (12.11.12) Guide (08.02.11) Interests (08.30.12) Part 2 (12.12.12) Ethics on the Receipt and Release of Operating Agreements: Asset-Based Finance: Business Borrowing Confidential Information (01.12.12) Drafting LLC Operating Agreements Against Assets in a Tight Credit Environment Ethics in Co-Counsel and Referral Relationships Part 1 (10.11.11) Part 1 (01.18.11) (02.09.12) Part 2 (01.19.11) Part 2 (10.12.11)Litigation: Dangers of Using “Units” in LLC Planning Letters of Credit: Ethics in Claims and Settlements: Frivolous (1.10.12) Practical UCC - Understanding and Drafting Claims, Ghostwriting Pleadings, Settlement Letters of Credit in Business Transactions Authority and More (10.30.12) NON-PROFIT LAW (11.30.12) Ethics in Pre-Trial Investigations (09.18.12) Compensation Issues in Nonprofits (10.02.12) Real Estate:2011 Civil Litigation Ethics Forming a New Non-Profit Organization (03.22.12) UCC Issues in Real Estate Transactions Part 1 (06.02.11) Corporate Governance for Nonprofit Organization (12.15.11) Part 2 (06.03.11) (10.25.11) Secured Transactions: Ethics of Working With Experts (11.10.11) Nonprofit Organization Director Duties and UCC Article 9 Practice Toolkit: From Attachment Ethics & Confidentiality in a Digital World Liability (05.24.11) (05.03.11) to Remedies Ethics in Negotiations (02.25.11) REAL ESTATE Part 1 (01.18.11) Attorney-Client Privilege & the Work Product Buy/Sell: Part 2 (01.19.11) Doctrine (05.17.11) Buying/Selling Real Estate Creditor Interests in Partnership, LLC and S Ethics of Using “Metadata” in Law Practice and Corp Interests (04.12.11) Part 1 (06.26.12) Litigation (07.26.11) UCC Article 9/Foreclosure of Personal Property Part 2 (06.27.12)Practice Specific Areas: Part 1 (11.15.11) Attorney Ethics in Digital Communications - Part 2 (11.16.11) Remote Networks, Smart Phones, the Cloud and More (11.06.12)
  4. 4. MoBarCLE has arranged with WebCredenza to make available, audio CDs of one-hour telephone seminars, along with high-quality course materials. Price includes audio CD and course materials. WebCredenza will send both the audio CD and course materials. Qualifies for 1.2 MCLE hour of self-study credit. Does not qualify for ethics credit. Self-Study Audio CDs and Course Materials from WebCredenza and MoBarCLEThere are three ways to order. Fax: Complete the order form and fax to 8000-765-1079. Email: Scan the order form belowand email it to service@webcredenza.com. Call: Kim Tregilgas at 720-879-4142 and place the order.Name:Firm Name:Shipping Address:City: State: Zip Code:Email: Phone:Method of Shipping: (Please check one) Standard/FREE (3-5 business days) Expedited (1-2 business days)Payment Information: Visa MasterCard American ExpressCredit Card No: Expiration Date: CSV Code:Special Pricing for Multi-Packs! 1 CD for $89 3 CDs for $239 (savings of $28) 6 CDs for $454 (savings of $80) 8 CDs for $572 (savings of $140)Shipping & Handling:FREE Shipping: Shipping & handling is FREE for all regular orders and will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service First Class MailExpedited Shipping: If you need expedited shipping, an extra charge applies: $25 for 3-pack $35 for 6-pack or 8-packQuestions:If you have any questions, please email or call Kim Tregilgas: kim@webcredenza.com or 720-879-4142 CD Titles Name of Program Program Date Submit by Email Print Form