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How To Series 2013

  1. 1. MoBar Twelve MCLE 52 Years of CLE Excellence MoBarCLE is proud to present this quality seminar series ( Interactive Telephone Seminars 2.4 hours for each program Does not qualify for Kansas Credit Why You Need This Series HOW The MoBarCLE How To Series brings you 12 dynamic programs focusing on TO the basic skills every attorney needs. These telephone seminars are an easy, SERIES 2013 convenient way to expand your practice. Choose your area of practice, or explore a new one! These programs are designed to help you gain the edge in a variety of practice areas. Register early and take advantage of special discount package savings! 2013 How To Series P-1 Send payment to: The Missouri Bar, P.O. Box 119, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0119, phone toll-free at 1-888-253-6013 or 573-635-4128, FAX 573-659-8931. Paid registrations may be received by mail, phone, fax, or online at Please make payment by check, credit card or debit card. The Missouri Bar does NOT accept cash.Are you registering as a: m dial-in participant m additional listener Registration Fees (Special Discount Packages Available): m $139 — Any one seminarName _________________________________________________ m $224 — Any two seminars Spe m $321 — Any three seminars Dis cial cIf you are registering as an additional listener, please provide m $404 — Any four seminars Pac ountthe name of the dial-in participant on the line below: m $479 — Any five seminars kag Sav e m $546 — Any six seminars ingsName __________________________________________________ ! m $602 — Any seven seminars m $644 — Any eight seminarsStreet Address ___________________________________________ m $684 — Any nine seminars m $734 — Any ten seminarsP.O. Box ________________________________________________ m $781 — Any eleven seminars m $783 — All twelve seminarsCity/State/Zip ____________________________________________ m $ 79 — Each additional listener per program m Free — Season Pass HolderPhone _________________________ Fax _____________________ Please check the seminars you would like to purchase:Bar Number (if admitted in Missouri) _________________________ (To receive package discounts, seminars must be purchased at the same time) _______ HTS: Workers’ Compensation Basics (January 9, 2013)E-Mail __________________________________________________ _______ HTS: Basics of Jury Instructions - Civil (February 6, 2013) (Required for link to download course materials) _______ HTS: Discovery Basics (March 6, 2013) _______ HTS: Criminal Law Basics (April 3, 2013) MasterCard m Check m Am.Exp.  m m VISA m Discover  _______ HTS: Civil Motion Practice Basics (May 1, 2013) _______ HTS: Personal Injury Basics (June 5, 2013)Debit/Credit Card No. ______________________________________ _______ HTS: Advising & Representing Nonprofits (July 10, 2013) _______ HTS: Basics of Jury Instructions - Criminal (August 7, 2013)Expiration Date ___________________________________________ _______ HTS: Bankruptcy Basics (September 4, 2013) _______ HTS: Dissolution Basics (October 2, 2013)Signature _______________________________________________ _______ HTS: Basics of Real Estate Contracts (November 6, 2013) (Required for credit card purchase) _______ HTS: Basics of Traffic/DWI/DUI (December 4, 2013) I can’t participate in the telephone seminar but would like: (Please check above program(s) you are interested in. Price listed is per program.) m $ 59 — Printed copy of course materials m $ 59 — Audio CD only (allow 2-3 weeks for delivery) m $ 39 — Link to download materials from the MoBar website m $ 85 — Audio CD and link to download course materials m $ 95 — Audio CD and printed copy of course materials
  2. 2. Workers’ Basics of Jury Discovery Criminal Law Compensation Instructions - Basics Basics Basics Civil 12-2 p.m. Central Time 12-2 p.m. Central Time April 3, 2013 12-2 p.m. Central Time 12-2 p.m. Central Time March 6, 2013 January 9, 2013 February 6, 2013 Successful presentation Our faculty will discussJust starting to practice of your case begins with In Missouri, attorneys are effective pre-trial discovery. what to do when you getin the area of workers’ required to use Missouri This program picks up a call from a client whocompensation, or need a Approved Instructions (MAI)refresher course? This is where your law school trial has been detained or in any case where thea must-attend CLE for the practice course left off. Get arrested. This program approved instructions apply.beginner and a great primer the basics on how to draft will focus on the practical Learn essential informationfor the Annual Workers’ and use interrogatories, necessary to locate and requests for admissions, aspects of the criminalCompensation Institute. use the appropriate MAI. and requests for production defense process.Experienced attorneys Get tips for when andwill guide you through how to modify an existing as tools to prepare yourthe basics of Missouri’s MAI or draft a proper MAI client’s case for trial orworkers’ compensation law. instruction. settlement. Civil Motion Personal Advising & Basics of JuryPractice Basics Injury Basics Representing Instructions - 12-2 p.m. Central Time 12-2 p.m. Central Time Nonprofits Criminal May 1, 2013 June 5, 2013 12-2 p.m. Central Time 12-2 p.m. Central TimeAt this practice-oriented seminar, This program focuses July 10, 2013 August 7, 2013you will learn how to use motions tosuccessfully guide your civil cases. on basic personal injury Representing nonprofit In Missouri criminal cases, it isGet the basics of motion practice, claims. Review the organizations requires mandatory that attorneys useas well as how to effectively draft knowledge of the unique types of personal injury requirements and restrictions Missouri Approved Instructions-and argue motions. Whether you placed on those entities. This Criminal (MAI-CR) and verdictare a new associate responsible claims and the applicable forms, when those approvedfor covering motion dockets, or a new program in the How Tosole practitioner fighting your own Missouri law. Our faculty Series will examine the nuts and instructions and verdict formsmotion battles, arming yourself with will discuss how to bolts of representing nonprofits. are applicable. Get essentialthe right tools and information is Learn what you need to know information necessary to locateessential for a successful motion negotiate with insurance to provide basic advice to and use the appropriate MAI-practice. From sample forms to companies, and provide nonprofit organizations on CR. Learn tips for when andpractical tips, our faculty will share issues including tax exemption,information and tools that you can other practical tips. how an existing MAI-CR may fiduciary duties, and permissibleuse in your civil motion practice. activities. be modified. Bankruptcy Dissolution Basics of Traffic/DWI/DUI 12-2 p.m. Central Time Basics Basics Real Estate December 4, 2013 12-2 p.m. Central Time 12-2 p.m. Central Time September 4, 2013 October 2, 2013 Contracts Law enforcement officials 12-2 p.m. Central Time are getting tougher onLearn to file a consumer Do you know the November 6, 2013 DWI/DUI defendants. Inbankruptcy step-by-step. procedures and rules this basic seminar, expertThis program focuses for filing a dissolution This is a practical guide criminal defense attorneyson the documents you of marriage action? A will provide you with to real estate contracts. practical information toneed to collect from single misstep could send your case spiraling in the Listeners will come successfully represent youryour clients, and other away with a clearer client on charges of drivingrequirements of the wrong direction. Don’t risk losing the respect of knowledge of real while intoxicated (DWI)bankruptcy code. estate transactions and and driving under the judges, opposing counsel, influence of drugs (DUI) and your client. Learn terminology. and essential updates on before you leap! the latest issues in traffic law. What is a Telephone Seminar? After registering for the program, MoBarCLE will send you a confirmation notice by e-mail or fax. A few days before the program, you will receive instructions, by e-mail or fax, that will include a toll-free telephone number to call on the day of the seminar, and the web address to download the written course materials. You can listen to the program in your office, home, or car — wherever you have access to a touch-tone telephone.