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Art tutorial on using Derwent Inktense and Coloursoft pencils

Art tutorial on using Derwent Inktense and Coloursoft pencils



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    Jaguar ss Jaguar ss Presentation Transcript

    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 1 The Art Shed enabling you to develop your creativity Derwent Inktense and Coloursoft Tutorial
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 2 The original photo came from a secondhand book I found about the development of the Jaguar car, so its not a picture I took but I thought it would make a good tutorial
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 3 Introduction This tutorial aims to show you the basics of using the Derwent Inktense and Coloursoft range of pencils. It introduces you to using the two mediums together for achieveing good effects. If you are new to the Inktense pencils, they are watersoluable ink pencils, and when dry they are permanent unlike watercolour paints. They can be used as a pencil, with a brush and other techniques. The Coloursoft pencils are wax based, very soft and easy to blend pencils and come in a wide range of colours. Check my website, for other tutorials on using these two mediums. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and please feel free to contact me via the website
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 4 Material Used for this tutorial Derwent Inktense Pencils ● Charcoal Grey 2100 ● Neutral Grey 2120 ● Ionian Green 1320 ● Chinese Ink 2030 ● Leaf Green 1600 ● Payne's Grey 2110 ● Saddle Brown 1740 Derwent Coloursoft Pencils ● Mid Green C400 ● Prussian Blue C310 ● White C720 ● Black C650 ● Purple C250 ● Mid Grey C700 ● Petrel Grey C680 Other materials ● Derwent Blender and Burnishing pencils ● Daler Rowney Aquafine paper A4 size ● Tracing paper ● Blue Tack to lift graphite and colour pencils
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 5 If you are not confident about your freehand drawing, use one of the transfer techniques such as tracing paper to put your initial layout on paper.
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 6 I made the outline of the car much darker than I would normally work with so that it can be reproduced here, but usually it is quite faint.
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 7 I almost always work with the Inktense pencils first, and by using a brush directly on the pencil. Note the long point on the pencils, I use a knife to expose a good length so I can use a brush.
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 8 Using the Ionian Green Inktense, I start laying on the first washes, its important you don't over do the colour strength to start with. Like watercolour painting, you get a better effect and depth of colour through layering of the washes.
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 9 Gradually outline the shape with tentative washes to build a feel for the shape, the lights and darks. Note the difference in tone of the cover at the back to indicate some of it is behind the windscreen
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 10 Next I start working on the seat and the windscreen, and on the headlights. Using the Coloursoft pencils I indicate the tyres
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 11 A close up of the Inktense pencils
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 12 I develop the painting by adding some more details such as the rearview mirror, and establish the tones of the cover and the back seat (note the tone difference )
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 13 The texture of the Coloursoft pencils makes them ideal for rendering the tyres, and picking out small details such as the front grille
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 14 I start to develop the shadows under the car, this is a number of Coloursoft washes (pencil layers are also called washes!) to build up the depth of colour
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 15 The last stages are finished with the Coloursoft pencils. Note the tracing paper which I use under my hand to prevent smudging and dirtying of the painting. Using tracing paper allows you to see what is covered under your hand
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 16 Coloursoft: Purple/Prussian Blue/Petrel Grey Inktense: Saddle Brown Inktense: Peacock Blue Inktense: Ionian Green Leaf Green Coloursoft: MidGreen Inktense: Leaf Green/Ionian Green Inktense: Chinese Ink/Charcoal Grey Inktense: Peacock Blue Coloursoft: Mid Grey Inktense: Neutral Grey/Ionian Grey Coloursoft: Persian Grey
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 17 The finished painting
    • Copyright Mo Awkati 2013 18 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please visit my website for more tutorials and information on painting and drawing with pencils