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Remarkable Retargeting - Tony Tellijohn
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Remarkable Retargeting - Tony Tellijohn


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The basics of using Retargeting from MnSearch March 2013 event. Covering the types, uses, and best practices of Retargeting.

The basics of using Retargeting from MnSearch March 2013 event. Covering the types, uses, and best practices of Retargeting.

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  • Definition: a form of online advertising by which ads are targeted to users based on their previous actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion.AKA, those creepy banner ads that follow you around after you visit someone’s site. - Behavioral: Obviously based on a behavior the user has taken - Personal: Could be considered a subset of Behavioral (or search, depending on how you set it up), focusing creative to specific user - Search: not just limited to on site events
  • Search Engine Watch article
  • I often shoot for 5-10 impressions a day; some recommend 15-20 per month.
  • 5-7 days (maybe 10)…okA few weeks…getting annoyingA few months…getting creepy
  • Payment Model: CPM vs. CPC vs. CPANetworks: Google, Facebook Exchange, AppNexus, OpenX, Rubicon, AdConductor, etc
  • Site Retargeting VendorsAdrollFetchBackRetargeterOwnerIQCriteoDotomiBuysightTellApart – Cost per AcquisitionSearch Retargeting VendorsChangoSimpli.fiMagneticRetargeterMediaForge
  • Transcript

    • 2. WHAT ISRETARGETING• Retargeting is…• Types of Retargeting • On-site vs. Off-site • The six (or seven, or eight) “classic” types
    • 3. WHAT ISRETARGETING• “6 Types of Retargeting Every Marketer Should Know” ( • Search • Site • SEM/SEO • Email • Contextual • Engagement
    • 4. WHAT ISRETARGETING• “The Seven Types of Effective Retargeting” ( • Search • Site • SEM/SEO • Email • Contextual • Engagement • Social
    • 5. BENEFITS OF RETARGETING• Getting back in front of people who know your brand• OR, getting in front of people who have indicated an interest but don’t know your brand• Typically a lower CPM than traditional banner campaigns• Typically a higher CTR than traditional banner campaigns
    • 6. DRAWBACKS OFRETARGETING• Notice I wasn’t comparing it to SEO or PPC?• Users may have been leaving your site for a reason• Can get creepy, especially when done wrong• Can be difficult to track/justify
    • 7. SETTING UP A RETARGETINGCAMPAIGN• Choose retargeting method• Define content for inclusion & exclusion• Choose duration to retarget users• Choose frequency to retarget users• Design Creative• Determine Landing Page• Launch• Profit …?
    • 8. DEFINING CONTENT• Inclusion: • All Content • Specific Segments/Products • Shopping Cart • Home page vs. internal pages• Exclusion: • Lead confirmation page • Order confirmation page • Specific content related to other segments/campaigns
    • 9. DURATION• How long should you retarget? • May not be immediate • 5-7 days (maybe 10)… • A few weeks… • A few months…
    • 10. FREQUENCY• How often should you show an ad to one user? • Different for different markets/industries • May be determined some by model • Too much = annoying • Too little = campaign failure
    • 11. DESIGN BEST PRACTICES• Same design principles as traditional banners• Simple & Concise• Match creative to target & content• User offers to entice click/conversion• Dynamic ads featuring content visited
    • 12. LANDING PAGE• Best page to encourage the next action • Back to the product they were looking at • On to the next logical product/step in the conversion process • Landing page specific to drive desired action
    • 13. CHOOSING A RETARGETINGPARTNER• Considerations: • Payment model • Retargeting types • Self-Service vs. Full-Service • Networks • Dynamic ad capabilities • Rich media capabilities • Strategic Planning/Support
    • 16. TRACKING RETARGETINGCAMPAIGNS• 3 for $70 vs. 453 for $19,700• Last click attribution may not paint the whole picture• Also look at Post Click Conversions, and Post Impression Conversions• Create an attribution model that is fair
    • 17. EASY WAYS TO SCREWUP RETARGETING• Not excluding some people• Targeting for too long• Too high of frequency (or too low)• Terrible creative• Attributing too many (or too few) conversions to the channel
    • 18. SNEAKY (BUT BASIC)RETARGETING TRICKS• Multiple campaigns with different targets (Home Page vs. Internal Pages vs. Shopping Cart)• Target customers with upsell or cross sell offers • Unique landing pages for segmentation • Delayed campaigns based on purchase cycle• Drive users to social channels for special offers• Retarget off of partner sites
    • 19. QUESTIONS?