MnSearch Summit - Session - Connie Benson - Creating A Culture For Making Business Social

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We know that the social channels offer a myriad of opportunities to reach existing and new customers. Imagine a company where participation in social marketing is a requirement for the entire …

We know that the social channels offer a myriad of opportunities to reach existing and new customers. Imagine a company where participation in social marketing is a requirement for the entire marketing organization.
Dell has increased their social footprint by 60% over the past year by creating a culture around social marketing. Connie will share how Dell is accomplishing the shift of employee participation in social channels from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. She will provide best practices for integrating social marketing into the fabric of a company.

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  • 1. 1 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Creating a Culture for Making Business Social MnSearch Summit June 27, 2014
  • 2. 2 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential • Defined Community Manager Role across business functions (2006) • Pioneered big data via insights from social monitoring tool data (2008) • Transforming social content marketing @Dell Leading Global Social Content Strategy and Governance Connie Bensen @cbensen #SocialBizology (presently Social Content Strategy)
  • 3. 3 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential A journey to optimize content and social.
  • 4. 4 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Are you prepared to be a Social Business? Source: Sprinklr’s Social@Scale ebook David Armano
  • 5. 5 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Creating a culture that supports Social Content optimization • People and expectations – How do you shift expectations to support integrated marketing? • Encourage collaboration – Internally across teams – External events • Shift to customer-centric content – Processes – Tools [noun] Social Bizologist definition: The person responsible for guiding the integration of social into the business functions of an organization.
  • 6. Global Marketing Dell - Internal Use - Confidential People and priorities
  • 7. 7 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential @AmyHatDell
  • 8. 8 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Employee activation via Social Media Certification
  • 9. 9 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Social SME program Empowering Dell’s subject matter experts
  • 10. 10 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential #SocialExec program
  • 11. 11 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential LinkedIn 95,000 employees follow Dell’s LinkedIn company page @JenniferNatDell
  • 12. 12 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell’s Global Primp Your Profile program
  • 13. 13 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Use LinkedIn to showcase your Company Brand
  • 14. Global Marketing Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Encourage collaboration (internally and externally)
  • 15. 15 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell CAP Days and Social Think Tanks @Konstanze
  • 16. 16 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell team member contributions created a need for a global content calendar @LPT
  • 17. Global Marketing Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Create customer-centric content
  • 18. 18 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Make business social across the organization @CBensen
  • 19. 19 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential
  • 20. 20 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Activating Marketing and Sales teams @HavilahTower
  • 21. 21 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Data drives decisions and motivates teams @BrianMelinat
  • 22. 22 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Provide teams with Playbooks • Brand certification • List of standardized organic keywords • Content optimization guidelines • Value proposition messaging
  • 23. 23 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Revising processes for content marketing @iamnikkideleon
  • 24. 24 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Globalizing content @JanineWegner Be the change that you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi
  • 25. 25 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Suggestions for embedding social in the fabric of a company (and optimizing content!) • Integrate social into the workday – Put on your consultant’s hat and ask teams what their pain points are – Translate how content can be optimized and leveraged in social – Help teams understand what to start doing, keep doing and stop doing – Provide resources, training and certification – Create a Center of Excellence with a goal of making social a job requirement – Start with a global intranet site • Encourage collaboration – Use a weekly core team meeting to drive change – Encourage early adopters to share best practices – Share wins with the world and publish the case studies on Slideshare • Create customer-centric content – Data is the hook for getting consistent use of tools – Simplify toolsets to avoid fragmentation in reporting and usage – How can you build a global content calendar? – The tools can guide process revision (use the interest to reverse engineer)
  • 26. 26 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Questions? Resources Optimize by Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing Revenue Engine by Steven Woods, CTO Eloqua Rise of the Revenue Marketer by Debbie Qaqish Altimeter Report: Digital Transformation: Why and How Companies are Investing in New Business Models to Lead Digital Customer Experiences