MnSearch Summit - Keynote - Lee Odden - Where Does Search Fit In The Digital Marketing Mix?

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Customers don’t research in silos so why should marketers operate that way? Buyers have grown to expect more engaging and diverse experiences across devices and platforms, requiring companies to …

Customers don’t research in silos so why should marketers operate that way? Buyers have grown to expect more engaging and diverse experiences across devices and platforms, requiring companies to become “the best answer” wherever their customers are looking.
In his keynote presentation, Lee Odden will share his perspective from working with multiple Fortune 500 and Inc 500 brands as well as meeting with business owners and marketers from all over the world on where search fits in the digital marketing mix. He’ll also share insights from a survey of top digital marketers on where search marketing is headed and how practitioners can position themselves for future growth.

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  • 1. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Where Does Search Fit In the Digital Marketing Mix? @LeeOdden   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 2. #MnSummit     @leeodden  
  • 3. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Be  the  Best  Answer   Brand  Poll:  Search  &  Digital  Marke7ng   How  Prac77oners  Can  Posi7on  for  Growth   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 4. #MnSummit     @leeodden   CMOs  predict  that   digital  will  account  for   more  than  75%  of   their  marke7ng  budget   over  the  next  five   years.     Image:  Shu>erstock   Source:  Accenture  Interac7ve  –  CMO’s  Time  for  Digital  Transforma7on   do  not  believe  their   company  will  be  ready.   79%
  • 5. #MnSummit     @leeodden   This  is  a  HUGE  opportunity  for  those  with   strategic  search  &  digital  marke7ng  skills   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 6. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Customer  Friendly     Not  just       “Search    friendly”   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 7. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Op7mize  for  Experiences  
  • 8. Hey  Facebook  &  Twi>er,  any   sugges7ons  for  kid-­‐friendly   things  to  do  in  New  York?     Bronx  Zoo   FAO  Schwartz   Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art   Yankees  Game   Subway   Helicopter  over  Manha>an   Image:  Lee  Odden  
  • 9. It  Worked!   Experience  Achieved   And  Shared   Image:  Lee  Odden  
  • 10. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Be  the  Best  Answer   Image:  Shu>erstock   What  is  the  best  approach  to  digital  marke7ng?  
  • 11. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Sadly,  No.   Image:  
  • 12. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Nor  Ki>ens   All  together  now:    Awww  
  • 13. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Search  Has  Been  &  Is  An  Effec7ve  Channel   Infographic:  
  • 14. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Quality Over Quantity Customer Centric & Accessible
  • 15. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Image:  think  with  Google  
  • 16. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Customer  Journey:  Retail   Image:  think  with  Google  
  • 17. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Customer  Journey:  B2B   Image:  think  with  Google  
  • 18. #MnSummit     @leeodden   82%  of  US  digital  buyers   preferred  to  research   products  from   mul7channel  retailers   on  the  internet     eMarketer  June  2014   Compared  to  13%  who  prefer  shopping  in-­‐store   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 19. #MnSummit     @leeodden   A  mul7channel  customer  is  worth  2X   as  much  as  a  customer  that  shops  in   one  channel.   Econsultancy  Digital  Transforma7on  Roundtable  5/2014   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 20. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Think:  What  Ques7ons  Do  Your   Customers  Need  Answered  In   What  Channels  In  Order  to  Buy?     awareness interest consideration purchase advocacy Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 21. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Content  Answers  Buyer  Ques7ons   Logicalis  –  HP  VAR,  used  emails,  microsite,   ebook,  &  custom  messaging  from  sales   teams.     Results:  Nearly  $8  million  in  new  pipeline   business  was  closed.   SunGard  IT  opera7ons  support  –  humorous  videos   empathizing  with  IT  pros  during  the  holidays   (cheats,  tricks  &  7ps  to  survive).  Audience   consump7on  pa>erns  informed  promo7ons:   email,  social,  PR,  paid  media.     Results:  3,000+  leads  in  first  3  days.  CTAs  to   download  whitepaper  at  end  of  videos  –  87%  CTR.   Case  Studies:  C2C  B2B  Killer  Content  Awards  via  
  • 22. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Content  Delivers  Massive  ROI   Optum  -­‐  Advertorials,  display  ads,  email,  direct  mail   and  a  campaign  website.       Results:   •  23.5  lead  to  conversion  rate   •  475%  increase  in  website  traffic   •  2,500+  resource  downloads   •  $52  million  in  contract  value  of  new  business     Xerox  partnered,  with  Forbes  to  create  a  digital   magazine  offering  business  7ps.       Results:   70%  of  target  companies  interacted   Added  20,000  new  contacts   1,000+  scheduled  appointments   $1.3  Billion  in  pipeline  revenue   Case  Studies:  C2C  B2B  Killer  Content  Awards  via  
  • 23. #MnSummit     @leeodden   What  Do  These  Content  Marke7ng  Case   Studies  Have  in  Common?   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 24. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Search  Wasn’t  The  Reason  For  Crea7on   Image:  Shu>erstock   It  Was  Customers  
  • 25. #MnSummit     @leeodden    This  is  the  shiu  in  perspec7ve  about   search,  content  &  digital  that’s  impera7ve.    
  • 26. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Understand  How  Buyers  Discover,   Consume  and  Act  on  Informa7on   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 27. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Then  Become  “The  Best  Answer”  in  Every   Channel  Your  Customers  Are  Present   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 28. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Brand  Poll:  Search  &  Digital  MarkeDng   Poll  conducted  by  Lee  Odden  
  • 29. #MnSummit     @leeodden   How  do  you  define  digital  marke7ng  in  2014?     Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 30. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Digital  Marke7ng  IS  Marke7ng   “We  are  all  digital  marketers.   Every  tac7c  in  marke7ng  today   has  an  element  of  digital.”   Tami  Cannizzaro   @tamicann   Vice  President  of  Marke7ng   IBM   Poll  conducted  by  Lee  Odden  
  • 31. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Digital  Marke7ng:  Media  &  Influence   “Digital  MarkeDng  is  any  way   that  we,  as  marketers,   influence  users.  Free  or  paid,   across  all  available   technologies  and  plaworms.”   Simon  HeselDne   @SimonHesel7ne   Senior  Director,  Organic  Audience  Development   AOL   Poll  conducted  by  Lee  Odden  
  • 32. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Digital  Marke7ng  Creates  Experiences   “Digital  MarkeDng  is  the  way  in   which  an  experience  comes  to  life,   across  channels  and  in  all  channels.   It  helps  us  provide  customers  the   value  and  u7lity  they  are  looking  for   at  the  right  7me  and  in  the  right   place.”  Kevin  Green   @KevinMGreen   Execu7ve  Director,  Marke7ng   Dell   Poll  conducted  by  Lee  Odden  
  • 33. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Where  does  search   markeDng  fit     in  the  future  of  digital?   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 34. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Search  Marke7ng  Informs  Content   “Search  is  a  powerful   integraDon  play.  Marketers   are  u7lizing  search  volume  as   a  data  point  for  ac7va7on   plans  and  factoring  in  SEO   opportuni7es  as  they  create   content.”   Amy  Lamparske       @amylamparske   Director,  Digital  &  Social  Media   General  Mills   Poll  conducted  by  Lee  Odden  
  • 35. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Search  Marke7ng:  Chief  Editor   “Organic  search  is  trying  to   hold  us  accountable  for   creaDng  beTer  content  -­‐  and   it  might  be  working.    Search   holds  a  cri7cal  role  in  the   future  of  digital  because  our   success  as  content  marketers   boils  down  to:     1)  Can  they  find  it?       2)  Did  they  read  it?”   Ryan  Arnholt   @ArbenAngstrom   Director,  Digital  Marke7ng   Optum   Poll  conducted  by  Lee  Odden  
  • 36. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Op7mize  For  Search  Apps   Rachael  Marret     SVP,  Customer  Engagement   Carlson  Rezidor  Hotel  Group   “In  the  future  world  of   intelligent  apps  that  proac7vely   and  intui7vely  search  for   informa7on  on  behalf  of   consumers,  organic  search  will   become  increasingly  crucial.”   Poll  conducted  by  Lee  Odden  
  • 37. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Source:  Gartner  Digital  Marke7ng  Transit  Map   The  Role  of  Search  in  Digital  Marke7ng  
  • 38. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Source:  Gartner  Digital  Marke7ng  Transit  Map   Digital  Marke7ng  is  More  Than  Search  
  • 39. #MnSummit     @leeodden   How  Prac77oners  Can  Posi7on  for  Growth   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 40. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Audience Targeting Cross Channel Integration Adaptable, Optimizable Highly Measurable Promise  of  Digital  Marke7ng   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 41. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Digital  Marke7ng  Skills   The  2015  Digital  MarkeDng  Rule  Book.  Change  or  Perish.­‐digital-­‐marke7ng-­‐rule-­‐book/   Avinash  Kaushik     @avinash   Digital  Marke7ng  Evangelist   Google   “You  can  no  longer   be  good  at  just  one   thing,  or  two.  It  is  a   10-­‐thing  world  now.”   Photo  credit:  Lee  Odden  
  • 42. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Digital  Marke7ng  Skills  for  SEM  &  SEO   Segmenta7on   Buy  Cycle  Stories     Content  Planning   Crea7on,  Cura7on   Amplifica7on   Measurement   Unified     Strategy   Goals   Resources     If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying
  • 43. #MnSummit     @leeodden   But  What  About…   Photo  source:  glass-­‐  
  • 44. #MnSummit     @leeodden   An  Internet  of  Things   Image  source:  
  • 45. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Image:  
  • 46. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Feeling  Lucky?   Photo  source:  
  • 47. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Source:  
  • 48. #MnSummit     @leeodden   And  Google  Drones   Image  source:  +JoshuaBerg  
  • 49. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Image  source:  
  • 50. #MnSummit     @leeodden   I  can  haz   all  ur  dataz   Image  source:  
  • 51. #MnSummit     @leeodden   THIS  SHOULD  BE  YOUR  FOCUS:   Smartphones  Now  #1  Screen,  Bea7ng  TV   Source:  Millward  Brown  via  Marke7ng  Land  
  • 52. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Op7mize  for  Mul7  Device  Experience   “It's  mobile-­‐first  for   us  now  -­‐  if  it  doesn't   work  on  mobile,  we   don't  publish  it.”   Jennifer  Lashua,  Intel   Image:  Chitra  Tatachar  
  • 53. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Create  Signals  of  Credibility   Wherever  Your  Customers  Are   Your  Brand   =  XYZ   XYZ   XYZ   XYZ   XYZ   XYZ   XYZ   SEO/SEM   Social  Networks   Content  Marke7ng   Industry  Media  &  News   Referrals/WOM   Adver7sing   XYZ   Local  
  • 54. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Community  >  300K   Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Flickr LinkedIn Slideshare White Papers Google+ Guides Book Webinars Articles Newsroom Social Creation & Curation Guest Posts Events eBooks Pinterest Blog
  • 55. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Par7cipa7on  Marke7ng   ObjecDves:   •  Promote  the  Event   •  Promote  Speakers   •  Create  a  Resource  for   all  Marketers   •  Create  Rela7onships  
  • 56. #MnSummit     @leeodden   What  Does  This  Mean  for  SEO?   Content  Marke7ng  Rocks   Content  Marke7ng  eBook   Content  Marke7ng  Tips   Content  Marke7ng  World   Content  Marke7ng  Experts   Content  Marke7ng  Influencers   Content  Marke7ng  Conference   Content  Marketers   Content  Marke7ng  Influencers   “Content     MarkeDng”  
  • 57. #MnSummit     @leeodden   What  Does  This  Mean  for  Social?   Content  Marke7ng     Rocks   Content  Marke7ng     eBook   Content  Marke7ng     Tips   Content  Marke7ng     World   Content  Marke7ng    Experts   Content  Marke7ng     Influencers   Content  Marke7ng     Conference   Content  Marketers   Content  Marke7ng  Influencers   “Content  MarkeDng”  
  • 58. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Measuring  Digital  Marke7ng   Attract Engage $$$ Convert Reach   Search  Visibility   Social  Network  Visibility   Views  &  Impressions   Traffic  by  Source   Traffic  by  Segment   Content  Distribu7on   Media  &  Blog  Placements   Brand  +  Affinity   Brand  Sen7ment   Content  ConsumpDon   Page  Views   Click  Through  Rate   Social  Network  Size   Social  Interac7ons   Content  Interac7ons   Comments,  Shares   Time  on  Site,  Content   Paths  Through  Site     Form  Data  Captured   Newsle>er  Subscrip7ons   Demo  &  Trial  Requests   Contact  Us   Orders   -­‐  Order  Volume   -­‐  Order  Frequency   -­‐  Length  of  Sales  Cycle   -­‐  Revenue  Per  Order   awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy
  • 59. #MnSummit     @leeodden   The  opportuni7es  with  a  strategic  view  of   digital  marke7ng  and  search  are  endless.   Image:  Shu>erstock  
  • 60. #MnSummit     @leeodden   We  Can   Do  This!   Image:  
  • 61. #MnSummit     @leeodden   3  Key  Takeaways   OpDmize  for  buyers:  Focus  on  being  the  best   answer  wherever  customers  are  looking.     1 2 3 OpDmize  experiences:  Use  search  marke7ng   exper7se  to  improve  digital  results.     OpDmize  experDse:  Start  developing   strategic  digital  marke7ng  skills  NOW  &   break  free  of  search  as  a  single  channel.  
  • 62. #MnSummit     @leeodden   Thank  You!   Advisory,  Speaking,  Press:   @LeeOdden     Digital  MarkeDng  ConsulDng:   @TopRank