"Tag, You're It" by Dan Antonson on Tagging for Goal & Event Tracking


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Dan Antonson, Lead Analyst for SMC Pros, presents on how crucial tagging websites is for tracking goals, on page events, and understanding how customers interact with site content.

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  • Thanks for the opportunity Happy to be here Today I’m presenting “Tag, you’re it” I’m super excited about this… it’s a brand new presentation… and I think it’s pretty killer. Let’s do it.
  • One click… Any one know this number? It’s the number of websites out there with GA
  • http://econsultancy.com/us/blog/10925-80-of-online-retailers-are-using-google-analytics-incorrectly 73% are inflating traffic 67% weren’t tracking social media 33% of the site weren’t tracking “search phrases” in their search bars 73% aren’t tracking mirco conversions
  • Anyone know this number? Psychologists have a name for it: illusive superiority -- the cognitive bias that causes people to overestimate their positive qualities and underestimate their negative ones. 93% of people think they’re better than the average driver…. No possible.  
  • My goal is to make you the 1%... Not like that…. I want to get you to the 1% (or 20% according to econsultancy) …
  • Since my time in analytics, I’ve come to appreciate simplicity, I find that analytics is just…. Story Telling with Data.
  • Here’s a metaphor… Your site is like a maze… Newsletter Social Media Tagging Video Plays Downloads Conversions The more you see, the more you KNOW about your visitor, you’re not going to eliminate all the black spots, n
  • Let’s do some freaking tagging….
  • Tagging all about more DATA. It allows you to segment and learn more about the actions that are happening…. So what do you need to do to tag your site?
  • First you have to find the BLACK SPOTS
  • LIST EVENTS Social Actions Newsletters Sign-ups YouTube Plays Outbound links Any click you can make on a website can be tracked… “ASK YOURSELF WHAT CLICKS AREN’T YOU TRACK?”
  • Garbage in, garbage out… with tags – Nothing in, nothing out. Less data in analytics is never going to help you.
  • So how do you tag or get deeper click level data? You use events! (or Batman… co-worker bet me I wouldn’t do it… I just made $20)
  • Pieces of code… 8 clicks…. Here’s a client example….
  • What does it look like in the reports? 335 events on SMCpros.com… now I can answer questions like “Social Outbounds, blog comments, or how many people use the logo on top to go home.” Something Cool? Rick Roll > Me.
  • Awww Custom Variables, the Robin of Tagging.
  • 22% I can identify if people who use BAB are more likely to come back, I can tell if people interacting with the BAB are more likely to request a sample. What is that conversion rate? Custom Variables are SWEET! But… Goals are even cooler.
  • Promise this is the last batman reference, let’s talk about goals.
  • Goals are one thing…. Really really smart goals is another… remember, micro-conversions (requesting a sample) is a GOAL. If people do that they are more likely to buy a bed. Let me show you an example…..
  • TruScribe, whiteboard videos. They have a whitepaper download form… using ecommerce code snippet, we can actually track the whitepapers as a product? Why?
  • Because it gives us information like this… that we can use to make better decisions…. With goals we get multi-channel funnels, and don’t forget! Your events can be turned into goals! So now, you can see how long it takes people to interact with something…. This is just on a PDF download, and you can do the same type of thing for a “mailto: link” or a newsletter sign-up.
  • Remember the metaphor…. eliminate the black spots with tags and you’ll know more, If you auditing your site will show you the black spots, and you can remove those with event tracking, custom variables… and truly know what is “clicking” with your site visitors.
  • Hopefully, what I’ve shared with you today, will put you in that 1%. The 1% that sees the full picture and gets the most out of web analytics
  • "Tag, You're It" by Dan Antonson on Tagging for Goal & Event Tracking

    1. 1. MASTERING SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENTED TO: University of MN Physicians DATE: September 21, 2011
    2. 2. TAG, YOU’RE IT PRESENTED TO: MNSEARCHS’S #SearchSnippets DATE: January 30th, 2013 @DanAntonsonLead Analyst @SMCpros
    3. 3. 15,429,942 Is the number of websites with Google Analytics April 6 th, 2012*
    4. 4. 99% Is the % of Google Analytics accounts I’ve seen setup incorrectly.
    5. 5. 93% Is the % of people who think they’re a “better than average driver” – Sep 22, 2011
    6. 6. 1% No, not like that.
    7. 7. +
    8. 8. Visitor LandsConversions
    9. 9. Tagging Tagging is all about generating additional data within your analytics to allow you to segment deeper, know more about your visitors and what they’re doing on your website. Getting you to 1% with… +Auditing your Site +Event-Level Data +Custom Variables +Smart Goal Tracking
    10. 10. Audit.
    11. 11. Audit Auditing your website involves taking the time to identify areas of analytics that are inaccurate or missing. Know how to build yourself a foundation. Steps for Auditing your site +Identify key goals +Identify micro-conversions +Find the holes!
    12. 12. Events.
    13. 13. Events Think of this as “actions” that happen on-page. Newsletters, mailto: links, outbound links, social interactions, navigation tabs, pop-ups, forms, just about anything… Getting you to 1% with… +Tag any on-page interaction +Category, Action, Label
    14. 14. Segment!!
    15. 15. Custom Variables.
    16. 16. Custom VariablesThink of this as a “cookie” for a visitor. Custom Variablesallows you to identify visitors who have performed anaction on the visit, session, and visitor level. Custom Variable Basics +How they’re used +Why it’s useful +CV’s in Reports
    17. 17. Custom Variables in Action.
    18. 18. Goals.
    19. 19. Goals Goals are everything. The most important thing – don’t forget micro-conversions! Anything you want people to do (follow you on Twitter, click on Facebook, download a PDF) is a potential goal. Getting you to 1% with… +Goals done right +Multi-channel Funnels +Ecommerce Analytics
    20. 20. Welcome to the 1%.Now it’s your turn.Tag, you’re it. @DanAntonson Lead Analyst @SMCpros