Local Reviews: We Reap What We Sow


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FindLaw SEO Coordinator Matt Gregory shares how to get and manage local business reviews at MnSearch's Search Snippets: Local SEO event.

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Local Reviews: We Reap What We Sow

  1. 1. We Reap What We SowLocalReviews
  2. 2. Fun Facts Fox
  3. 3. Agenda Why Reviews Are Important How To Efficiently Funnel Reviews Where To Direct Your Customers How To Effectively Manage Reviews
  4. 4. Review & Reputation Statistics 72% of consumers trust online reviews asmuch as personal recommendations 52% of consumers are more likely to use alocal business if they have positive reviews Just 28% of consumers cite location and/orprice as the main decision making factor
  5. 5. …But Getting Reviews Is Difficult!5 Won’t Happen Overnight We Reap What WeSow ‘Bake It’ Into MarketingStrategy If product/service isgreat, customers willfeel compelled to talkabout it
  6. 6. …But Getting Reviews Is Difficult! Speak To TheInteraction Was the businesshelpful? Did they providebeneficial answers? Did they setappropriateexpectations?Total of 72 reviews for ‘Los Angeles DUIAttorney’
  7. 7. Efficiently Funnel Reviews Be aware of reviewguidelines for eachdirectory Use for evil and violatereview guidelinesDO DO NOT Remediate ‘Poor’feedback as soon aspossible Build a diverseportfolio of reviewson separateplatforms Ignore ‘Poor’feedback Direct all users toleave reviews onone single locallisting
  8. 8. Efficiently Funnel Reviews (cont.) Create a ‘FeedbackPage’ on the website Add a contact form to thepage Ensure the form has afield that measuresexperience Excellent Poor
  9. 9. Efficiently Funnel Reviews (cont.) If Excellent Was Chosen: Re-direct the user to a page that provides visibilityto your local listings
  10. 10. Efficiently Funnel Reviews (cont.) If Poor Was Chosen: Re-direct the user to a “Thank You” page Contact the client directly to remediate thesituation Allows business to handle negative reviews ‘in-house’
  11. 11. Where should my customers leave reviews? Varies Between Each Industry Important To Be On: Google+ Local Yelp Industry-Specific review sites Utilize GetListed.orgs ‘Best US CitationSources tool Category City
  12. 12. How Do I Manage Poor Online Reviews? Poor Reviews ≠ End of the World1. Address Complaint with the Customer Privately Heated Emotions Try reaching out via telephone, email, or socialmedia2. Respond Publicly Shows potential clients that we listen
  13. 13. Feel Free To Connect LinkedIn Google+ Twitter @m_j_gregory www.localseoupdate.com
  14. 14. Q&A
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