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A look at advanced Retargeting strategies and tactics for e-commerce and other website types. Presented by Craig Boyte of FRWD at the MnSearch March 2013 event.

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  • Consumer “your about to run out” “a new catalog is coming” “final day of conference” Data What can we learn Architect for insight Architect for future
  • Consumer “you’re about to run out” “a new catalog is coming” “final day of conference” Data What can we learn Architect for insight Architect for future
  • Advanced Retargeting - Craig Boyte

    1. 1. Advanced Retargeting Craig Boyte Associate Media Director FRWD i612 Vice President: Sponsorships @Craigboy3/28/2013 1
    2. 2. Introduction: Navigation What We’re Going To CoverHow to think about retargetingWhy retargetingBasicsFour advanced tacticsDMP/DSP vs. hiring a vendorGeneral things to remember
    3. 3. Introduction: Navigation Mindset Consumer centricity Data centricityWhat value are you providing What can you learn to your customers From your customers
    4. 4. Introduction: Navigation Why RetargetingSome facts90 to 95+ percent of visitors who browse a retailers site do not complete a transaction intheir visitRetargeted consumers are nearly 70% more likely to complete a purchase as comparedto a non-retargeted consumers*Retargeted customers spend, on average, 50% more than those served with non-targeted banner ads**Retargeting study by Criteo 2011
    5. 5. Introduction: Navigation The BasicsYou know this part already Retargeting: Putting your message in front of lost prospects to get them back
    6. 6. Introduction: Navigation
    7. 7. Introduction: Navigation Can I Do More? Sequential retargeting Search retargeting Social retargeting Dynamic retargeting
    8. 8. Introduction: Navigation Sequential RetargetingSequential retargeting
    9. 9. Introduction: Navigation Sequential Retargeting Tell a storyReminder/Introductory Value Proposition Closing/Sales Offer Message Message Message Use sequential messaging to move people down the sales funnel
    10. 10. Introduction: Navigation Sequential RetargetingSequential retargeting is also way of testing both value propositions and price points First impression Second impression Third impression Fourth impression Fifth impression Value Proposition Value Proposition Value Proposition Value Proposition Value Proposition One One One Two Two Value Proposition Price Point One Price Point One Price Point Two Price Point Two Two Sixth impression Seventh impression Eighth impression Ninth impression Tenth impression
    11. 11. Introduction: Navigation Search RetargetingSearch retargeting
    12. 12. Introduction: Navigation Search Retargeting What is search retargeting? Your Site Other site Place 3rd RetargetParty cookie
    13. 13. Introduction: Navigation Why Search Retargeting Site retargeting does not, and can not, increase prospects By definition site retargeting only hits people who already know who you are Search retargeting hits new prospective clients You can base your targeting at the keyword level much like a search campaignWarning Set expectations: You will have lower results with search retargeting compared to site retargeting
    14. 14. Introduction: Navigation Social RetargetingSocial retargeting
    15. 15. Introduction: Navigation Social RetargetingFacebook inventory is now available and use is growing quickly
    16. 16. Introduction: Navigation Social RetargetingEven with its growth, most still don’t use it
    17. 17. Introduction: Navigation Why Social Retargeting Facebook extends reach and costs less Facebook retargeting extends your reach: There has been found to be only an 8.3% crossover between web retargeting and the Facebook exchange* Facebook CPMs cost 82% less than standard web retargeting* Facebook CPCs are 70% lower than standard web retargeting* Starting yesterday (3/26) FB retargeting ads will also be shown in the news feed, not just on the right panel** Turn around times are extremely fast: You can hit someone on FB with an ad within minutes of them visiting your site Warning Click through rates are 40% lower than standard web retargetingSources:****
    18. 18. Introduction: Navigation Dynamic RetargetingDynamic retargeting
    19. 19. Introduction: Navigation Dynamic RetargetingDynamically populate ads with the product the customer was looking at
    20. 20. Introduction: Navigation Why Dynamic Retargeting Dynamic Ads Simply Work Better Personalized retargeted ads perform 6X better than generic banners* Personalized retargeting ads perform 4X better than basic retargeted ads* Dynamic Facebook ads had a 43% higher CTR than static FB ads** Dynamic Facebook ad conversions happened 30% faster than static FB ads** Dynamic Facebook ads had 1/3 the CPA of static FB ads** Warning Dynamic ads can cost more to serve and sometimes there is a set up fee*Retargeting study by Criteo 2011**Triggit Facebook retargeting study 2012
    21. 21. Introduction: Navigation DSP/DMPShould You Use A DSP/DMP
    22. 22. Introduction: Navigation DSP / DMP Vs. Vendor This is a big topic… but here is the short versionOutside publisher Self Service DMP/DSP• Easy to implement • A little trickier to implement• More expensive media • Cheaper inventory • Vendor marks up exchange inventory • No markup of exchange inventory• Vendor controls all data • Direct control of all data • They can then sell your data • Audience data controlled in DMP• Managed service • Direct control of inventory• Limited control of inventory • Deeper audience understanding• Limited over improvements • All data, segmentation and taxonomy of• Much easier to do very advanced tactics audience data is done by you • No learning curve for setup • Can have a steep learning curve for advanced• “Set it and forget it” tactics • Requires ongoing maintenance FRWD Proprietary & Confidential
    23. 23. Introduction: Navigation The Players In This Space Who Are There are many different potential DSP/DMP partnersHere are a couple of links that can help you out: (paid report) FRWD Proprietary & Confidential
    24. 24. Introduction: NavigationShould You Use A DSP/DMP
    25. 25. Introduction: Navigation Wait… What?To RecapThink of retargeting from both a consumer standpoint and a data standpointUse sequential retargeting as a way to move consumers down the purchase funnel andas a testing lab for value propositions and special offersSearch retargeting is a way to increase your prospect poolSocial retargeting extends your reach efficientlyDynamic ads perform better and should be used if possibleThink about your needs when considering using a DSP or hiring an outside vendor
    26. 26. Huge Slide With Lots Of Stuff Introduction: NavigationOther things to keep in mindInvest in privacy education Legal, IT, marketing, account team…. Privacy center, OBA compliance and ad serving partnerIt can take time: You can’t just turn in onForecast performance Timing: Site traffic (25k-100k cookies) = could take 5 months to cume Sales volume: 90 days+ sales volumeSet performance expectations Higher CTR and Conversion but lower volumeEnsure cookie life 30+Map the site (tagging IA similar to content IA)Segment your visitors, everyone is not equalMake sure you have a frequency cap in placeCreative editorial calendar…and budgetPlan for it to work (consider a DSP and DMP solution for long haul, creative refreshes)Plan for someone to break itHave a plan for complaintsAlways A/B test with creativePre-determine the length of time for view through conversionsMake sure you have a washout code in place after someone converts
    27. 27. Introduction: Navigation QuestionsThank youCraig Boyte:Associate Director, Mediacraig.boyte@frwdco.comi612 Vice President: Sponsorships@Craigboy