Teach Using Technology in MFL Classroom


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Links to sites, videos and activity worksheets for using the internet in the MFL classroom

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Teach Using Technology in MFL Classroom

  1. 1. Shauna NéroFrench Immersion (Français Langue et Sciences Humaines), Core French andSpanish teacher at École Kwantlen Park Secondary, SD36@MmeNerommenero.edublogs.orgmmenero.wordpress.comUsing Technology in the Spanish and FrenchClassroomLink to this presentation:
  2. 2. Video: PAY ATTENTION
  3. 3. Why do I use technology in class?To increase student engagementTo empower the digital native student with using what theyknow (technology)To encourage students to use technology as a tool forlearningTo give choices to students through a variety of apps canappeal to different learning stylesAllows for differentiated learning so thatstudents of all levels can be successful
  4. 4. Ultimately it is the learner who learns,and the new applications certainly placemore power in their hands, albeit thatthey are still in need of support with howto use these in educational contexts.(Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age, Sharpe et al 2010)
  5. 5. LANGUAGE TEACHERS ON TWITTER TALK ABOUT THEIREXPERIENCE WITH TECHNOLOGY!@rolat We integrate technology to encourage recording conversations for oralcommunication & explaining Students thinking orally on all subjects@msewen uses them for student success and ease of use. He recently used iPaddictation for a student who cannot write (a great example of empowering thestudent)@whitmore_c uses them to record themselves before doing a presentation inFSL, they work on their pronunciation before having to present. They love it.@beverleybunker Have done blogging with my grade 7 late frimm kids…it’sbeen a great experience!
  6. 6. Nathalie Roy (@NathalieR71):« To engage a student, itis important to remembernot to « overload »becaue not all studentslike using technology tolearn. » Translated by a Tweet sentto me Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012
  7. 7. Useful sites andonline activitiesfor the secondlanguagelearner
  8. 8. Videos to introduce students tolearning a new language
  9. 9. Students can text or send answers online toopen-ended or multiple choice questionsFree account is limited to 40answers, but unlimited number ofsurveysPOLL EVERYWHERE:Another way to « listen »and communicate
  10. 10. Students can practisetheir pronunciation usingthis fun and interactivewebsite. Play withFrancophone accents!francophones!Text to Speech website: playingwith Avatars
  11. 11. In my Spanish class last semester, somestudents used the iPads and the applicationPuppetPals HD Director’s Cut to cut outcharacters and « play » with them to talkin scenes from a Hispanic region.See my blog for examples of thisproject:http://mmenero.wordpress.com/espanol/LA FAMILIAMODERNAVIAJENOpportunity to assess the language thatthey acquired and their cultural knowledgeat once.More importantly, I was able to assess theiroral production as it gave me the chance tolisten and listen again to how they were ableto pronounce the words that they hadlearned all semester.
  12. 12.  Examples of Voicethreadprojects by A.I.M. teacherSylvia Duckworth(@sylviaduckworth) Only 3 free projects for each account, withthe iPad use the app Pix N TellVoicethread: developing oral production
  13. 13. Use this site tocommunicate whatstudents havelearned. Create avisual Word Cloud toincite discussion inclass.Wordle
  14. 14. Ideal for reviewing vocabulary: oral and writtenJeopardy: http://www.superteachertools.com/jeopardy/
  15. 15.  Use the language they know to discuss thecontent Teach idiomatic expressionsFrench short filmsLes courts-métragesLa leyenda de estan payaros + worksheetShort filmsJ’attendrai le suivant
  16. 16. Teaching to their interests:Using Disney and Astérix toolsHave students plan a tripUse their ressources in thetarget languages!
  17. 17. ÊTRE: Use the song “Au bal masqué”Adjectifs Worksheet(normally sold on TPT) Activity Worksheets(normally sold on TPT)
  18. 18. Beginner’s Spanish?Some vids to introduce the language to yourstudents!“Military” soundingalphabetEl alfabeto“Buenos días, tarde ynoche”
  19. 19. Commercials: Entrepreneurs en Herbe(food unit)Activity sheet(normally sold on TPT)YouTube playlist
  20. 20. FrançaisEspañolPART 1: Research online worksheetPART 2: Worksheetfor oral/listening activity
  21. 21. Kidblog (or surreyschools.ca):Making their language use authentic
  22. 22.  Teacher worksheets depending onDELF levels (A1-B2) Teach using the French culture This site was the inspiration for myAlors on danse projectFiches: Activité et description du projetCritères du projetTV 5 Monde:a great website for Core French teachers
  23. 23. Pick a region and the activities which go with it(Débutant, Intermédiaire, Avancé)Ça bouge au Canada
  24. 24. Conte-moi100 Québecois quiont fait le 20esiècleIl était 1820…Il était unehistoire…Le musée virtueldu CanadaLe muséed’OrsayTeaching about the Francophone WorldHere are some of my favourite sites:
  25. 25. A great selectionof activities andsites by theme forthe Core FrenchteacherOnline resources:Sylvia Duckworth’s blog for FSL(@sylviaduckworth)
  26. 26.  Sunny Earth Academy playlist Commercials in Spanish (doc added withvideos and teacher explanations) Senor Jordan’s videos (explanation ofgrammar, interactive and interesting bylevel) Latin Grammys (you would have to find theartists on YouTube since the US blocks us)Spanish videos
  27. 27.  Ressources vues sur Twitter Les clips vidéo de Mme Nero Bandes annonces francophones Là où je t’emmenerai (clips de TF1) La musique de la Francophonie Clips sur l’apprentissage (en français) Forvo: autre site de prononciation (suggested by @Traciepod) Paige Kee’s French Teacher Pinterest Board French Teachering Pinterest BoardOther online resources to browse for yourclasses:
  28. 28. Share links easily! BITLY : reduce the lengthof a URLCopy and paste the link tocreate a direct link to the siteReduces mistakes bystudents = less waste ofclass timeUseful Sites for the LanguageLearner and Teacher
  29. 29. Windows AltCodesMac Option CodesAccents online and in Word
  30. 30. My blog for Exceptional Student WorkAnnie Reichhoff’sClassroom Site:Activities and examples ofexceptional student work(@MmeReichhoff)Share digital work online!
  31. 31. Créateur de flashcod(in French)And in the classroom usingQR codesGeneradorQR-code
  32. 32. I know that this is a lot to take in!  I am here to share my experiences and provide you with ideas. If you want to try 1-2 of these sites oractivities, and you need support, pleasecontact me at nero_s@surreyschools.ca
  33. 33. Merci y gracias for sharing with me today!
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