Setting up your iPad classroom: tips for teachers

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Learning from my mistakes: descriptive tips useful for integrating the iPads into your classroom

Learning from my mistakes: descriptive tips useful for integrating the iPads into your classroom

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  • 1. Setting up your iPad classroom Shauna Néro Twitter ID: @MmeNero Email: Blog: 1 Image was created using my words to describe the iPad uses in the classroom added into “Word Collage” app Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 2. WHO AM I? French Immersion, FSL & Spanish TEACHER Mother of a 3 year old... a future BC public school student Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 3. WHY THE iPAD? iPad picture has words added into it using the app “WordFoto” Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 4. Video: “Rationale for the iPad classroom” Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 5. GUIDING QUESTION: How can we use the iPad to encourage collaboration and use formative assessment strategies to enhance student understanding of the learning objectives? Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 6. 6 getting organised Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 7. Using your school’s Calendar •Teachers can sign up for classroom use and all others can access that information •Organizes the use of iPads so that everyone is aware who used the iPad in the same day •Communicate what apps you plan to use ex. [P2 Nero Evernote, Book Creator)] GroupWise tutorial for using the Calendar functions Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 8. Learning from my mistakes: practical knowledge • Give each student the same iPad number for the whole year (even if they are doing group work, choose one student's iPad number in the group) and record this on a class list • Put a responsible student in charge, ask him/her to distribute the iPads when necessary and collect them. Do not let any student leave the classroom untilYOU have checked that all have been returned. Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 9. Setting up an iPad contract Click on this link to find a sample you can download as a doc •Hold your students accountable for their use •Sets the tone that iPads are tools for learning •Necessary for the respectful use for all shared classes •Reduces the amount of problems you could encounter Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 10. Create a classroom Dropbox account 1. Create a gmail account (ex. 2. Write the name of your account and the password on the board 3. Set up a Dropbox account at 4. Have students send their projects to the class Dropbox account (write the directions on the board or have them keep a hard copy in their binders) Here is a link to a document that I use as a reference for marking projects : Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 11. Dropbox • When projects are completed, have students send them to the class Dropbox account. • This will avoid LOTS of your time being spent trying to track down projects. • A virtual space for you to keep all of the projects that you would want to keep and share over the years. • Many apps (like Book Creator) have a share to Dropbox link 11 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 12. Getting to know the iPad • Do not assume that they know how to use an iPad (this was my first and biggest mistake) • Give students a "Scavenger hunt" activity for them to learn the basic uses (taking pictures, saving pictures to Photos, surfing the internet on Safari, turning it on/off, the use of the "Home" button) • Let them have fun for a class or two in order to acquaint themselves with it, those students who have used an iPad before become the leaders Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 13. Share a Google Docs list with the terms that they need to know Home button: enables you to leave an app at any time Safari: the access to the internet (search engine) Finder-search engine: swipe to the left after the home screen to the Magnifying Glass page to type in the name of an app to find its location Swiping: the act of moving between pages (turning pages on the iPad) Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 14. 14 important HOW-TOs Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 15. Let’s learn together! Screen Capture: hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time Saving your iPad’s battery life: double-click on the home button and delete the apps Saving images in Safari: click and hold the image (some are copyrighted and will not work) then push “Save Image” or “Copy” Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 16. Keyboards for French Immersion schools In SETTINGS, click on... “General” “Keyboard” “Keyboards” “Add new keyboard” Click on the world to interchange between keyboards Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 17. or the Bitly app: a teacher’s best friend http:// www.thelongestdomainnameintheworldandthensomeandthensomemoreandmo Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 18. 100 iPad Tips and Tricks Apple’s iPad User Guide Some online texts to help you out Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 19. 19 apps for the engaged learner Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 20. Book Creator Have students publish their own books! Instead of your typical writing assignment, have students use the same criteria but complete their work by creating an e-pub book that swipes! Example: Les aventures de Mei-Ling by Francis A and Hannah (students can even record themselves reading their stories) (FRAL 10, 2012) 20 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 21. Comic Life Students can create their own comic strips using the app. Hint: Have students finish it off by using "Screen capture" and saving the images into Photos. Then copy and paste them into Book Creator to make their comics into an e-pub book. Example: One Direction Visitent la France by Kiana R and Daman (FSL 8, 2012) 21 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 22. • Pixton is a great website for students to use to create online comics. They can change their character's expressions and their gestures. • I would suggest doing the same and "Screen capture" the pages and paste them into Book Creator. Example: Mi amigo de Canada by Adam W and Nitesh D (Spanish 9, 2012) 22 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 23. Puppet Pals HD Director's Cut • Create films using their dialogues and scripts • Students must create/find characters which represent their respectful personalities • Students must include scenery which represents the content of their dialogue/stories. • Have students create a plan before using Puppet Pals (who are their characters, what are their physical/ personality traits, how many backgrounds will they need and what are their details) • WHY DIRECTOR's CUT? Students can't find their own characters in the free version, limited space 23 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 24. 24 Students use Puppet Pals to create their own characters and backgrounds for their Book Creator books (integration of two apps to complete their project) Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 25. iMovie • In order for Puppet Pals to become a movie, all "Saved Shows" need to be exported into Photos and then saved in order in iMovie. iMovie is a great tool for making videos of: • Students showing how they have learned a lesson • Students becoming teachers by explaining concepts their own way • Recording and presenting skits or music videos of their own songs/ raps Share movies to Camera Roll, iTunes or class private YouTube account. 25 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 26. Doodle Buddy • Doodle Buddy is a great tool for playing Pictionary in class, students can draw directly onto the iPad so that other groups can guess • Any words or quotes that need to go into iMovie should be created in Doodle Buddy and then added to Photos • A great tool for creating any doodles or drawings that students want to add to their stories 26 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 27. Recording Apps • The Voice Memos app is an easy way to add your recordings to iTunes • Dragon Dictation helps students who have difficulty writing and dictates what they want to express on paper (sometimes it makes mistakes though, a headset is recommended) 27 Voice Memos are an integral part of my podcast project in the language classroom. See my blog to understand how. Read from page 13 of "Inquiring Minds Learn to Read and Write" by Wilhelm, Wilhelm & Boas, 2009 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 28. Review: Using Book Creator for Carousel Activity 28 Recently, in order to review for a unit test on Le Petit Prince, I had students work on a theme, character or scene in Book Creator (they were pre-loaded onto the iPads, students did not know what they got until they started) This project: • Ensured that students discussed the elements of the book as a group, helping each other out. • Made students think about themes and develop their answers together. • Look for quotes and explain them in their own words. • Ask a question that was to be answered by another group about the topic. • Each group had to complete two topics and continue from another group, by answering the question asked. Examples: Le Petit Prince and Le thème de la vanité et la beauté Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 29. Digital Portfolio: Book Creator/Show Me/Evernote • Have students create a digital portfolio for them to explain what they are proud of, what they have learned, what they need to improve on and establish goals. • Great for showing at Parent- Teacher conferences, students can explain in their own words. • Challenging for some to get away from "I got a perfect mark, that's why I am proud" rather than explain the learning behind getting that perfect mark. Example: Tesla K 29 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 30. 30 Google Docs: a love letter via Youtube Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 31. Google Drive A place for students to share their documents in order to collaborate together. Peer editing so that teacher can go and restore previous versions to see what suggestions or changes have been made. Show example: 31 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 32. 32 Revision History is a Teacher's Best Friend! Example: Alors on dort by Shimmy L, Matthew L and Morgan A Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 33. Apps that I have not used yet, but plan on it at sometime... 33 Monday, 26 August, 13
  • 34. 34 Inspiring Others with their Work Just like displaying excellent student examples in the classroom, it's important to share digital work as well. Wall in my classroom with QR code links that work A blog for their work Monday, 26 August, 13