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What You Can Learn About Assessment for Learning from Twitter
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What You Can Learn About Assessment for Learning from Twitter


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A presentation for educators to see how much they can learn about assessment for learning (formative assessment) from Twitter.

A presentation for educators to see how much they can learn about assessment for learning (formative assessment) from Twitter.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. If you were on Twitter…
    Compiled by:
    Image credits:
  • 2. You wouldn’t have missed these Tweets about:
    Assessment for Learning
    Formative Assessment!
  • 3. This presentation has been created for educators to understand the power behind using Twitter as a pedagogical tool.
    Professional development has evolved; teachers can collaborate all over the world on topics which interest them directly.
    If you are not using Twitter, hopefully this presentation (and that of @sylviaduckworthwill help you change yourmind). If you are interested in Formative Assessment, COPY & PASTE the people listed on the followingslide. The success of Twitter for Teachers is all about learning from like-minded educators!
    Warmest regards,
  • 4. #
    This presentation has been made possible by the collaboration and Tweets of the following educators :
    @MsFrenchTeach, @informed_edu, @sylviaduckworth,
    @missnoor28, @mrsebiology
    as well as the Tweets and RTs of these educators
    (and 4 Moms who share a dream ):
    @MrWejr, @georgeabbottbc, @GraemeCampbell, @kimberdray, @eLearningMC@agarridodiez, @johnkleeman, @questionmark, @DreamBelieveDo, @Ilotimo, @mjgormans,@caileycraw, @cae_ace, @dr_dmd,@lsfraser, @msreneescience, @mel1017,@OurClassroomCDN, @UMAKADIFF, @MakeaFuture, @davidwees, @chrkennedy, @4moms1dream ,
    Image credits:
  • 5. My presentation was inspired by the Google Doc presentation created by @sylviaduckworth
    Click here to be directed to her presentation
  • 6. Dear Educator,
    If you had been on Twitter recently, you might have found:
    1. BC Personalized Learning Guide
    Tweeted by: @georgeabbottbc
    Retweeted by: @GraemeCampbell
  • 7. #A4Learn
    2. Applications of Formative Assessment |
    Mr. Gonzalez's Classroom
    Tweeted by: @MrWejr
  • 8. #A4Learn
    3. 3 Educators Discuss Personalized Learning Part 2
    @4moms1dream ft@davidwees@chrkennedy
    Tweeted by: @MrWejr
    Re-tweeted by: @kimberdray
  • 9. #A4Learn
    4. Assessment for Learning Tools
    Tweeted by: @agarridodiez
  • 10. 5. Informal Assessment Strategies
    Tweeted by: @mrsebiology
    Retweeted by: @eLearningMCand @tcash
  • 11. #A4Learn
    6. Moments of Contingency: How Black and William conceptualize formative assessment
    Tweeted by: @johnkleeman
    Re-tweeted by: @questionmark
  • 12. 7. Interview About How an AB District is Moving Away from Grades
    Tweeted by: @MrWejr
  • 13. #A4Learn
    8. Here's what happens when you put the math vocab into Wordle. Shows the keywords appearing!
    Tweeted by: @DreamBelieveDo
    Re-tweeted by: @informed_edu
  • 14. #A4Learn
    9. Using Google Docs in the Classroom
    Tweeted by: @Ilotimo
    Retweeted by: @msfrenchteach
  • 15. #A4Learn
    10. “Math is not Linear” PREZI presentation
    by Alison Blank
    Tweeted by: @informed_edu
  • 16. #A4Learn
    11. Gapminder…An Amazing Website For All Curricula.. Promotes Inquiry And Divergent Thinking
    Tweeted by: @mjgormans
    Re-tweeted by: @informed_edu
  • 17. #A4Learn
    12. Livebinder on ePortfolios
    Tweeted by: @kbkonnected
    Re-tweeted by: @sylviaduckworth
  • 18. #A4Learn
    13. Using ePortfolios in class
    Tweeted by: @CASLS_NFLRC
    Re-tweeted by: @sylviaduckworthand @dr_dmd
  • 19. #A4Learn
    14. Great Wiki on ePortfolios
    (and a bunch of other great teaching tools)
    Tweeted by: @sylviaduckworthand @mrsebiology
  • 20. #A4Learn
    15. A Google site for making ePortfolios (Googlios)
    Tweeted by: @sylviaduckworth
  • 21. #A4Learn
    16. A high school website which suggests formative assessment techniques
    Tweeted by: @mrsebiology
  • 22. #A4Learn
    17. Reproducibles and overview of the book Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading (R. Marzano)
    Tweeted by: @mrsebiology
  • 23. #A4Learn
    18. A blog about Formative Assessment strategies
    Tweeted by: @mrsebiology
  • 24. #A4Learn
    19. Canada Education article:
    Unleashing the Promise of Assessment for Learning
    Tweeted by: @caileycrawand @cae_ace
    Retweeted by: @mrsebiologyand @lsfraser
  • 25. #A4Learn
    20. Reading Graphic Organizers and Printables
    Tweeted by:  @msreneescience
    Re-tweeted by: @mrsebiology
  • 26. #A4Learn
    21. How to use flipsnack to create interactive student portfolios
    Tweeted by: @mrsebiology
  • 27. #A4Learn
    22. A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods (AFL for Science teachers)
    Tweeted by:  @mel1017
    Re-tweeted by: @mrsebiology
  • 28. #A4Learn
    23. A blog about Illustrating Student Learning
    Tweeted by:  @OurClassroomCDN
    Re-tweeted by: @mrsebiology
  • 29. #A4Learn
    24. Blog “All Things Assessment” on descriptive feedback that inspires
    Tweeted by:  @UMAKADIFF
  • 30. #A4Learn
    25. Blog “Heart of Education”:
    Relating formative assessment to real life experiences
    Tweeted by:  @UMAKADIFF
    Re-tweeted by: @MrWejr and @MmeNero
  • 31. #A4Learn
    25. Slideshare Presentation: Assessment in the 21st-Cenutry
    Tweeted by:  @MmeNero
    Re-tweeted by: @MakeaFuture
  • 32. @missnoor28 has suggestedsomegreat sites for new teachers to Twitter:
    A YouTube video about Twitter for Teachers
    An Educator’s Guide to Twitter 
    Twitter Handbook for Teachers
  • 33. Now it’s up to you to learn to fly on Twitter!
    Share and learn about other Assessment for Learning strategies which will be tweeted…you don’t want to miss out on anymore!
    Any questions or comments?
    Tweet me @MmeNero