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High School Chemistry lesson on Periodic Table

High School Chemistry lesson on Periodic Table

Published in Education
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  • 1. The Key to Chemistry Prepared by: Mayleen Piolo-Malagamba MSU Wao Click to continue
  • 2. Objectives: • Students will learn the history of the early attempts in the classification of the elements. • Students will know the scientists involved in the arrangement of elements in the periodic table. • Students will identify the parts/features of the periodic table. Click to continue
  • 3. Just a check. . . Gro up the pic ture s into yo ur pre fe rre d c ate g o ry e xample : things I like, things I do not like Write yo ur ans we r o n a pie c e o f pape r. Yo u are g ive n 15 minute s o nly to do the ac tivity . Click me if you are ready
  • 4. Where Do I Belong? Click to continue
  • 5. The Evolution of the Periodic Table 1789 1808 1828 1829 1863 1864 1869 1869 1894 <<<Click me to continue 1913
  • 6. Antoine Lavoisier Click me wrote the first extensive list of elements containing 33 elements distinguished between metals and nonmetals
  • 7. John Dalton Click me set up a table of elements according to their relative atomic weights
  • 8. Jacob Berzelius Click me developed a table of atomic weights introduced letters to symbolize elements
  • 9. Johann W. Dobereiner Click me classified the existing elements into group of three’s - TRIADS
  • 10. De Chancourtois Click me grouped the elements in a spiral order divided by a vertical line based on increasing atomic weights
  • 11. John Newlands Click me • arranged the known elements in order of atomic weights and observed similarities between the first and ninth elements, the second and tenth elements etc. • proposed the 'Law of Octaves'
  • 12. Lothar Meyer Click me • compiled a Periodic Table of 56 elements based on the periodicity of properties such as molar volume when arranged in order of atomic weight.
  • 13. Dmitri Mendeleev Click me • arranged the elements in the order of increasing atomic mass (Periodic Table)
  • 14. William Ramsay Click me • discovered the Noble Gases.
  • 15. Henry Mosely Click me • determined the atomic number of each of the elements. • modified the 'Periodic Law' to read that the properties of the elements vary periodically with their atomic numbers.
  • 16. <<<Click me to view the periodic table Click me to view the features of the periodic table >>>
  • 17. Click here to take the exam >>>
  • 18. Assignment Use the periodic table to identify each of the following sets of elements as part of a group or a period of elements. If the set does not represent a group or a period, write none. a. C, Si, Ge b. Li, Be, B c. P, As, Sb d. O, S, Se e. Ag, Cd, Sn
  • 19. References: Phoenix (You and the Natural World Series) Chemistry; Mendoza and Religioso DIWA Companion cd (Science) www.wikepedia.org www.elementsdatabase.com www.ausetube.com