Prescription For Success


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Write yourself a Prescription for Change™ today.

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Prescription For Success

  2. 2. PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS • A proven duplicable system • Anyone can master and duplicate the system • Learn it and teach it • Duplication is the key to success…
  3. 3. DUPLICATION • Everyone doing the same, successful activities • Allows you to quickly build a large organization that provides long-term residual income • Double-edged sword. Everything duplicates – what you do and don’t do • The speed of the leader is the speed of the team
  4. 4. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH • Would you rather have $1 million right now or would you take a penny that doubles in value everyday for the next 30 days?
  5. 5. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH • Would you rather have $1 million right now or would you take a penny that doubles in value everyday for the next 30 days?
  6. 6. CIRCLE OF SUCCESS 1) Work with your Sponsor 2) Focus on Prescription for Success 3) Take daily action 4) As new Consultants join your team, teach them to do the same
  8. 8. GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST • During Enrollment • First 48 Hours • First Week • First Month
  10. 10. ENROLL AS A CONSULTANT • 25% savings on all products • Opportunity to earn Retail Profit, Commissions, and Executive Payout • Eligible to participate in exciting bonus and incentive programs • Complete online or paper application process • Sign up for Direct Deposit
  11. 11. CHOOSE A BUSINESS KIT Along with our Business Portfolio, we have convenient kits • Leadership Express Kit – Everything you need to go fast! – Your price: $695 • Jumpstart Kit – Just enough to get you started. – Your price: $395 Talk to your Sponsor about the simple 2x2 system that can help you earn back the cost of your kit in your first 30 days in business *The only purchase required to become a Consultant is the $45.00 Business Portfolio (optional for residents of North Dakota).
  12. 12. ENROLL IN CONSULTANT AUTO-SHIP* Qualification: Conveniently meet your monthly Sales Volume (SV) Duplication: Create the foundation for stable, long- term income Celebration: Enjoy discounts, complimentary products, and business success *Enrollment in Consultant Auto-Ship Program is optional and not required to become a Consultant.
  13. 13. CONNECT ONLINE • Rodan + Fields URL • Personal Website Service (PWS) • Consultant Portal • Insider Scoop • Weekly Training Webinars • RF Mall
  14. 14. FIRST 48 HOURS
  15. 15. DEVELOP YOUR REASON WHY • You decided to start a Rodan + Fields business for a reason • Imagine what a successful business will do for your life and your family’s future • Answer the following questions to develop your Reason Why and review with you Sponsor:
  16. 16. DEVELOP YOUR REASON WHY • What do I want my business to provide me/my family? • Why is this important to me? • What challenges will I have to overcome? • Whose help and support do I need? • How much do I want to earn per month? • How soon do I want that income? • How many hours a week will I commit to my business?
  17. 17. BUILD YOUR BUSINESS IMAGE • You attract what you are and who you are • Use the products: – Create your testimonial • Learn about the products: – Keep it simple – Features and benefits – Share stories
  18. 18. RF CONNECTION • One-of-a-kind service: exclusive and unique – Dermatological Nurses and highly trained professionals – Conveniently accessible by email and phone – Direct link for product and skincare questions • Product training: calls, webinars, newsletters • In support of the Solution Tool – In-depth skin questionnaire that gives you a customized skincare routine • Mary Radford, RN -
  19. 19. FIRST WEEK
  20. 20. IDENTIFY THE RIGHT PEOPLE • Rodan + Fields Buisness System gives you the ability to expand and multiply your efforts • You create teams of people who duplicate the same buisness model, the same system • You earn commissions on volume created by the people that you sponsor and the volume created by their teams and downline network
  21. 21. INVEST IN THE RIGHT PEOPLE • Start by identifying the people you want to join your Executive Team • It’s your company. Think like a CEO • Sponsor people who: – Are quality individuals – Align with your business goals – Will make a commitment • Don’t settle…choose your team
  22. 22. SET UP YOUR HOURS OF OPERATION • One of the most important first steps is to work with your Sponsor and schedule consistent Hours of Operation – Identify number of hours a week you will commit – Highlight on weekly calendar the times you are available – Communicate your Hours of Operation and set hours when you are available for your team
  25. 25. SET UP YOUR SYSTEM OF OPERATION • Your System of Operation is the combination of: – Hours of Operation – Four Critical Activities • Work with your Sponsor and schedule time for these activities
  27. 27. RED TIME VS. GREEN TIME • Red Time: – Busy work – Off hours • Green Time: – 4 Critical Activities – Activities that grow your business • Hang up the phone! Don’t waste valuable GREEN time on the phone having RED time conversations
  28. 28. CREATE YOUR CONTACT LIST • You are looking for Executive Leadership • We all start with the fear of rejection (the ‘NO’) • DO NOT PREJUDGE • Review memory jogger to create a large list • Work your list with your Sponsor • Successful Consultants work a ongoing list of names
  29. 29. CONTACT LIST Who to Include – Who NOT to Include
  30. 30. WORK YOUR CONTACT LIST • Creating and maintaining the Value Proposition – Acknowledge how unique, valuable, and exceptional they are – Give value to the business by mentioning how you have teamed up with the Doctors who created Proactiv® Solution – Confirm commitment to develop an Executive Team
  31. 31. PROSPECTING LANGUAGE Creating & Maintaining the Value Proposition “[Name], first of all, I’d like to congratulate you because I’ve always considered you an exceptional person who [positive trait i.e., works hard, has a positive attitude…]” OR “[Name], I’d like to begin by saying how much I respect you and how I consider you to be an exceptional person who [positive trait i.e., works hard, has a positive attitude…]”
  32. 32. PROSPECTING LANGUAGE “The reason for my call is that I’ve teamed up with the creators of Proactiv® Solution, one of the fastest and strongest growing companies today that is expanding into [city, region i.e., the Detroit area, the Hispanic Market…]”
  33. 33. PROSPECTING LANGUAGE “I am building my Executive Team and I immediately thought of you because I am seeking and interviewing quality people that I can trust.” “I would like to spend a few minutes with you [or interview you] to see if this is a fit and if you have an interest in being part of my team.”
  34. 34. WHAT IS IT? “The company is Rodan + Fields. I’ve teamed up with the Doctors who created Proactiv® Solution. You’re welcome to visit my personal website,” “But I want you to understand I am calling because I’m looking for quality people I can trust to join my Executive Team.” “I’m not calling about the products or the company, I’m building my Executive Team and thought of you because… (return to the Value Proposition – why you called them)”
  35. 35. REFERRAL LANGUAGE If there is no interest… ask for a referral “[Name], I appreciate your time today. As I mentioned earlier, my business is growing rapidly and it’s urgent for me to bring together my Executive Team.” “Who do you know? I’m searching for quality people like you.”
  36. 36. REFERRAL PHILOSOPHY • If you have given significant value to both the person you called (why you chose them) and to your business needs, (your desire to develop an Executive Team) it is very probable you will get a referral. • If your value proposition was based on the product or an invitation to a “Business Opp. Meeting” - they will not give you a referral. In their mind they associate ‘Product w/ Selling’ and ‘Bus Opp. w/Pyramid Scheme’
  37. 37. CONTACT LIST The Appointment or Referral
  38. 38. CONTACT LIST Referral’s Referral
  39. 39. PROSPECTING • If there is interest… schedule the Interview • NEVER - “When it is convenient for you”… • Two options for Date & Time – During lunch time – After work in the early evening • If the times you propose are not convenient for them, make the appointment for the following week
  40. 40. PROSPECTING • Try to never give the impression that you are willing to change your schedule to accommodate him/her – You DESTROY the PERCEPTION OF VALUE
  41. 41. THE INTERVIEW (20%)
  42. 42. THE INTERVIEW LANGUAGE • The interview should be between 15-30 minutes • Four Components of the Interview 1. Value Proposition 2. The Commitment 3. Review your business goals 4. Identify mutual alignment
  43. 43. VALUE PROPOSITION • Remind them why you are interested in them. Reinforce why they are unique or special. Share why you think they would be a terrific addition to your Executive Team. “[Name], [Value Proposition].” “[Name], I’ve always admired your [positive trait i.e., professionalism, experience, attitude…]
  44. 44. THE COMMITMENT “[Name], the people I’m looking for have at least 10 hours a week to commit to their business.” “Together, we will establish your Hours of Operation and I will train you on a System of Operation to work within those hours.”
  45. 45. THE COMMITMENT • Review what you are looking for and what you expect “I will train you for 30 days and at the end of that period, you will be able to run your own organization.”
  46. 46. REVIEW YOUR BUSINESS GOALS “My goals are to establish a strong presence here in [city, region i.e., Southern California, Rhode Island...], but I am also looking for leadership to support our national growth and ultimately, our international expansion.”
  47. 47. IDENTIFY MUTUAL ALIGNMENT “How do you see yourself fitting into this strategy?” “What are your goals for the next 3-5 years?” “As part of my Executive Team what contributions do you feel that you would bring into the business? “It’s really important to me that we are aligned as you are going to play an integral role on my Executive Team.”
  48. 48. IF NO INTEREST…ASK FOR REFERRAL “[Name], I appreciate your time today. I mentioned that my business is growing rapidly and I need to fill these positions on my Executive Team. Who do you know who might be the right fit?” • Offer the opportunity to save on Rodan + Fields products as a Preferred Customer. Use marketing and sales aids to identify interest in the products.
  49. 49. IF THEY HAVE POTENTIAL… “[Name], I believe you would be a great addition to my Executive Team. I feel very good about the possibility of us working together. However, I have some other interviews scheduled.” “Please allow me a couple of days to meet with these individuals and make a decision. I am very excited about the possibility of working together.”
  50. 50. IF THEY ARE A PERFECT FIT… Call within 24-48 hours “[Name], I want to congratulate you! Out of the people I’ve interviewed, I believe you’d be a great addition to my Executive Team. I am very excited to be working with you. When can we get started?”
  51. 51. TRAININGS • Commit to a 30 Day Program • Your first 30 days in business are the most important • Focus on mastering the Prescription for Success • Pace and speed duplicate so don’t delay • Take action quickly • Teach your team to do the same
  52. 52. INITIAL TRAINING SESSION • Schedule an initial 1-2 hours training session • This can be done in person or long distance by phone • Recommend they have their day-timer, calendars, initial list, etc. • Review the fundamentals…
  53. 53. INITIAL TRAINING SESSION • Review the Value Proposition: express your enthusiasm to have them on your Executive Team • Review their Reason Why: remind them of their immediate and long range goals • Work through Getting Started Checklist
  54. 54. INITIAL TRAINING SESSION • Explain the importance of the Contact List and help them create their list • Identify Hours of Operation and highlight on their calendar • Establish their System of Operation and schedule the 4 Critical Activities • Teach the Power of 2x2 • Review Prospecting Language • Begin making prospecting calls together
  55. 55. WEEKLY TRAINING • As part of the System of Operation, you have identified weekly training time: • Assist your new Consultant on their initial calls: – Demonstrate how to establish the Value Proposition – Review how to handle “What is it?” Keep the focus on giving value to the prospect / individual and how they are looking for quality people to build their Executive Team
  56. 56. WEEKLY TRAINING • Work their list with them until they are comfortable with their own style and script • Listen to their prospecting calls…praise them for all the things they are doing right and coach them in areas where they struggle
  57. 57. WEEKLY TRAINING • Coach the Interview: – Invite them to join you on a prospect interview so that they can observe how to conduct an interview – Coach them how to be quick, to the point, assertive yet inviting, setting expectations and maintaining the Value Proposition
  58. 58. ONGOING TRAINING • Develop leaders who can run their own organizations • Work closely with your leaders (up to 5) every month • Coach the strategies and skills that develop leadership: – Use Prescription for Success to reinforce the system – Invite your trained/established leaders to work together – Have your trained/established leaders share their success with the system…stories are the most powerful way to coach
  59. 59. MEETINGS/EVENTS (10%)
  60. 60. WEEKLY MEETINGS • As part of the System of Operation, you scheduled time for meetings/events • Two of the more popular are: – Business Presentations – See the Light Events
  61. 61. BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS • Establish a location where you can hold meetings the same day of the week, every week. • Present the Rodan + Fields Business Presentation – Remember, keep it simple. When you remove the ‘Fear of the Presentation’ it translates into quicker involvement and action • Present the 3 Modules in the Rodan + Fields Business System DVD • Keep the meeting to 45 - 60 minutes
  63. 63. SEE THE LIGHT EVENTS • Perfect way to launch your business • Spot Light creates interest and sales • Fun, simple, duplicable • Creates both product sales and business recruitment
  64. 64. ALWAYS BUILD TO THE NEXT EVENT • Consistent meetings are the driving force of all successful businesses • Build towards: – Consistent and growing local meetings – Set the Pace Trainings – Corporate Events
  65. 65. FIRST MONTH
  66. 66. FOCUS ON THE POWER OF 2X2 • Enroll 2 new Consultants every 30 days • Teach them to do the same • Maintain this activity for a 6 month period: – Enjoy the opportunity to reach LVEC – Accelerate Your Earnings and earn back the cost of your Business Kit in your first 30 days
  67. 67. PROMOTE IN LEADERSHIP TITLE • Advancing through the leadership titles ensures you are continually recruiting and developing leaders…two proven activities for success • Work with your Sponsor to promote in title, and teach your team to do the same • As your Executive Team grows, so does your ability to maximize the compensation plan
  68. 68. KEEP PROSPECTING • Identifying the right people for your Executive Team is priority #1 • Consistency is the key • Use the system, work your contact list and keep prospecting • Successful leaders understand the importance of, and never stop…prospecting, recruiting and developing new leaders
  72. 72. RF MALL • Your one-stop-shop for business support tools • • Customizable business cards, address labels, brochures, catalogs, DVDs, apparel, and more…
  73. 73. THREE-WAY CALLING • Allows you to get into action and build your business while you learn • Use the experience of your Sponsor • Perfect way to share stories and provide great customer service • Provides information so that your prospect can make an educated decision
  74. 74. THREE-WAY CALLING • Develops your language skills and knowledge • Effective use of your time • Respects your prospects’ time • Highly duplicatable • Magic of third party validation
  75. 75. PACKAGED STORIES • Product story • Business story • Knowing you stories is a fundamental skill • Learn other people’s stories • Facts tell…stories sell!
  76. 76. PRODUCT STORIES • Express yourself like you are talking to a friend • Mention issues and results you achieved • Keep it between 30 and 60 seconds • Professionals practice and memorize
  77. 77. BUSINESS STORIES • Follow the same guidelines as your product story • Talk about the factors that motivated you to become a Consultant • Start with your Reason Why • Share what you expect to achieve
  79. 79. PC LANGUAGE “I can sell it to you retail, but I have a better option. Most of my customers become what we call a Preferred Customer. As a Preferred Customer, you not only save 10% off the retail price, you get to take advantage of our FREE shipping program. This program is so popular because your products are delivered to you conveniently, every 2 months, for as long as you choose, and Rodan + Fields pays the shipping and handling. My customers love this.”
  80. 80. REFERRAL LANGUAGE - CUSTOMERS “[Name], I’m so happy you love your [product name(s)].” “Like most of my Preferred Customers, I’m sure you have friends who would love the same results. Who do you know who would enjoy [product name(s)]?” “I’ve built my business on referrals.”
  81. 81. TAKE CONTROL OF THE LEAD The only real lead is one in which YOU have the contact information: “[Name], the best way for me to share the information is to contact them directly. Please tell them that you’ll have your friend, [your name] call. Then just send me their name and contact information. I’d really appreciate it.”
  83. 83. 3-FOOT RULE • Naturally engage people in conversation • Sincerely listen and focus on their needs • You will usually get the opportunity to share your Rodan + Fields story
  84. 84. NETWORKING GROUPS • Meet weekly • Variety of professionals • Develops your social and networking skills • Look for Business Network International (BNI), Leads Club, or LeTip • Call your local Chamber of Commerce
  85. 85. SOCIAL NETWORKING • Social networking through sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and others can help you prospect all over the world • Create a profile and use the features (wall posts, video sharing, status updates...) to build your business • Go to your profile once a day for 15 minutes to make any updates and then get back to undistracted work
  87. 87. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT • You can program yourself for success • Commit to being a student • Find time every day “For things to change, you’ve got to change.” -Jim Rohn
  88. 88. BE THE LEADER YOU’RE LOOKING FOR • Follow the system • Be coachable • Be open to new ideas • Take action every day • Dream BIG