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Article Writing

  1. 1. ARTICLES RecyclingGuidelines Recycling is a process whereby waste products such as glass, paper and 1. Articles can be divided into a few types. There are articles for school plastic are broken down and made into magazines, brochures, newsletters and newspaper. Using a definition new products. In our country, recycling 2. Articles are usually short and to the point. is not a new thing. However, a lot still 3. Language used in articles must be simple. has to be done to make it a common 4. Read the question given carefully. Understand the short notes given. practice in every household. 5. When you have understood the notes given, expand these notes. 6. You may use your own ideas to make the article more interesting. Examination Blues However, make sure that the facts are correct and up-to-date. In recent years, there has been a 7. Know who you are writing for. This allows you to write with your readers worrying trend of teenage suicide. in mind. Using a general Although it happens more in countries 8. Arrange your points in paragraphs. Each main idea should have some statement like Japan and China, the problem exists supporting ideas. Make sure your composition has the following parts: in our country. One of the reasons for this is examination. i. Introduction - It takes only one paragraph and must be interesting enough to capture the reader’s attention. It should contain the main ii. Body idea of as well as the direction of your composition - This is the most important part of your composition. It - Here are a few ways you may begin your composition: contains the points that support your main idea as contained Methods Examples in the introduction. - The points must be divided into different paragraphs. Each Say No To Cigarettes paragraph will have the same structure. Statistics show that a startling 39% of - Begin each paragraph with a main point followed by an the Malaysian population smoke. Of this elaboration and examples. number, about one third is youths - Example: Using startling facts below the age of 21. If these numbers TOPIC SENTENCE are anything to go by, then smoking is a serious problem that needs to be Accidents on the road occur mainly nipped in the bud. because of the carelessness of drivers. Many of us are not fully focused when driving. If we lose concentration, even We Are What We Eat Supporting for a split second, we might lose control Do you realise that three out of every details of our vehicles and cause an accident. ten people on earth are obese? Obesity For example, a call on our mobile phone today is considered one of the major or children at the back of the car who Using questions health problems in the country. Unless are disruptive, can cause us to lose our we control what we eat, soon, the concentration when we are driving. number of obese people in the country will increase to an even more alarming Example figure.
  2. 2. - It is not enough to be able to write supporting details for the - Here are some ways to conclude topic sentence. To help readers follow your line of thought, the sentences in your paragraphs must be connected so that Methods Examples your paragraph will stand as one unit. In other words, your ideas must be unified and coherent. For this purpose, you can Road accidents use different connectors. Therefore, we can see that accidents are caused not only by faulty cars, but Summarise your Types of Connectors Examples also by poor road conditions as well as main points careless drivers. Something must be also; and; as well as; done to reduce the number of accidents besides; furthermore; on the road. To show addition moreover; in addition; in the same way Road accidents The number of fatalities on the road will for example; for instance; increase every year because of the To give example such as; for one thing; Call for action increase in vehicles on the road. in this way; by doing so Therefore, the government must come up with some measures to prevent this from happening. as a result; therefore; To show result/conclusion consequently; so; in; conclusion; thus The Plights of the Tiger However, all is not lost. If we all work together, putting aside our differences, Express your hopes in spite of this; but; then one day, we may hope that the To show contrast on the other hand; tigers of the wild will be free to roam yet; on the contrary the jungles again. first, second, third…..; next The Plight of the Tiger To show sequence Much can be learnt from this. For one, then; after this; before that End with a moral prevention is better than cure. If we value work together to protect the natural habitat of tigers, they will once again rightfully be the king of the jungle.iii. Conclusion - This part is like a summary of your composition. It must 9. Give your article a suitable title reassert your main idea on the topic. However, do not re- write it exactly. You may also end your essay by describing 10. Read through to make sure you have no careless mistakes in spelling, your feelings about the topic. grammar and punctuation.
  3. 3. MODEL PMR QUESTION MODEL ANSWERStudy the poster below and answer the question that follows. Tips to maintain a healthy brain Introduce the The brain is the most important part of our body. We use Tips to maintain a healthy brain topic the brain to function every day, think and solve problems. Just like your hearing and vision, your brain changes as your age. The Alzheimer’s Association recommends the following tips to keep your Giving reasons Here are some tips to maintain a healthy brain. First of all, ‘thinker’ healthy. in sequence we can stay mentally alert by participating in problem-solving activities that stimulate the brain. One such activity to stimulate Stay mentally alert (1st point the brain is by solving crossword puzzles or Sudoku, the latest Participate in problem –solving activities that stimulate the with craze that just uses numbers from one to nine. Solving puzzles brain elaboration) such as these keeps us mentally alert. Pump – up with exercise Physical exercise increase the amount of blood flowing to the Adding further Another tip to maintain a healthy brain is to exercise. We brain and stimulates the growth of new brain cells must exercise at least 30 minutes every day or three times per information week. Doing physical exercise such as jogging increases the Remain socially involved (2nd point with amount of blood flowing to the brain. This stimulates the Add small changes to your life that will keep you curious and elaboration) growth of new brain cells. Hence, exercising helps to maintain a involved. You can join a club or take a class healthy brain. Choose healthy foods Eat dark-skinned fruit and vegetables as they are high in To add further Other than exercising, another tip to maintain a healthy antioxidants. Reduce your intake of food high in fat and information brain is to remain socially involved. You can join a club, take a cholesterol. class or enrol in society so that you are always on the move and (3rd point with there are small changes in your life. Being active or a volunteer elaboration) and learning a new skill are ways of maintaining a healthy brain.Write an article for your school newsletter providing tips on maintaining ahealthy brain Adding final Lastly, to maintain a healthy brain, we should choose andWhen writing your article: information eat healthy food such as vegetables and fruit. Eating dark- skinned fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidant is You may use all the notes (4th point with good for the brain. We should also reduce the intake of food Elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting elaboration) high in fat and cholesterol. add any other relevant information make sure it is not less than 120 words Concluding an These are the tips to maintain a healthy brain. Stay healthy argument and stay smartly!